DigitalBits (XDB) exchange rate

Price for today

0 USD -11,93%

0,00000001 BTC -11,93%

Market Cap
986,086 $
Volume 24h
464,798 $
  • Name: DigitalBits

  • Symbol: XDB

  • Circulating supply: 3 056 622 200 $

  • Max supply: 20 000 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 1 323

  • Volume 24h: 464 798 $

  • Percent change 1h: -0,36 %

  • Percent change 24h: -12 %

  • Percent Change 7d: 5,3 %

About DigitalBits

XDB is the DigitalBits blockchain token. DigitalBits is an enterprise-grade platform aimed at supporting brand currencies. Due to the tokenization capability and provided liquidity for digital assets, DigitalBits through its token will remove the friction faced by both manufacturers and consumers in the loyalty and bonus points industry. In general, the proprietary service currency serves three main functions: it protects the network through staking, facilitates cross-network transactions, and is used for fast and inexpensive chain transactions.

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What is DigitalBits?

DigitalBits is quite popular cryptocurrency among traders, ordinary users and investors who buy it for long-term accumulation. Correspondinglyholders can use XDB for daily payments, exchange and stake.

What is XDB price today?

As of the 03.03.2024, 1 XDB can be acquired for 0.00032261. Look at our XDB price chart to see how its value has changed these days.

Where can I buy DigitalBits?

DigitalBits cryptocurrency can be bought on one of the many trustworthy exchanges such as Godex. When selecting an exchange to purchase XDB, always take into account its name.

Where is XDB kept?

There are a few options and methods to keep XDB. To keep a large amount of cryptocurrency, hardware-type wallets such as Ledger and Trezor are appropriate. If you want to use XDB for trading or paying regular expenditures, then a hot wallet (mobile or desktop) would be the good option. When selecting a wallet, take into account its protective features and serviceability.


What is a XDB in simple terms ?

XDB is the ticker for DigitalBits, which is one of the digital currencies, the value of which is not pegged to another asset (for example, to the US dollar or oil). Since it is digital money, it has no tangible coins or notes like banknotes and is stored in specific crypto wallets. 

Is DigitalBits real money ?

DigitalBits, like any other regular cryptocurrency is a real payment means. DigitalBits can be interchanged for other crypto, and can also be used to pay for things or services. Like any other currency, it can both diminish and rise in price.

How to buy XDB ?

XDB is possible to buy with other crypto such as BTC or ETH. In addition to, you need to take care of creating a secure wallet where your new XDB coins will be saved.

Some exchanges might request you to register and be subjected to a complicated identity verification procedure in order to buy DigitalBits. But this is not the case with Godex, where you only need to send your cryptocurrency, for which you will buy XDB to the address generated by the website. 

After the required number of transaction confirmations is accomplished, you will gain your XDB coins.

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