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Who even made these limits? There are no exchange volume ceilings on Godex. You can easily swap as many coins as you desire.


How does Cryptocurrency exchange work?

There is nothing complicated about how a cryptocurrency exchange works. To be clear, it is similar to a standard currency exchange, where traders or anyone can sell and buy dollars for euros and Vice versa. A crypto exchange is the same service that provides a service for exchanging one cryptocurrency for another. IOTA to Monero, for example.

Godex.io is in the list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. The user does not need to register an account and leave their data. Other advantages Godex.io:

  • Absolute security of translation.
  • High transaction speed.
  • The most optimal cryptocurrency exchange rate that the service searches for you and fixes until the end of the exchange process.
  • No exchange limit.
  • More than 300 coins are available to users on the site.
  • You can join our beneficial affiliate program and start earning up to 0.6% of the total transaction volume.

Can you exchange Cryptocurrency for cash?

Our service does not provide for the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrency for cash and vice versa. We offer the best cryptocurrency exchange of virtual coins. On Godex.io you have access to 301 currencies.

How can I purchase Cryptocurrency?

On Godex.io, you can quickly make the exchange one of the 301 cryptocoins on the other. We have prepared clear instructions for you so that you can easily use our cryptocurrency exchange platform even for the first time. However, if you have any questions, you can always contact our support service.

Step 1: on the main page of the site Godex.io there is a form for selecting the exchange currency. Find XMR in the "you are sending" field, then enter the number of sous to exchange. In the "you receive" field, select XRP and click the "exchange" button.

Step 2: Enter your XRP address and check all the specified data and tap "exchange". Do you have a promo code? Enter it in the special field below the wallet address and click the "apply" button. Send the XMR amount that you specified for exchange to the address that the service will show you.

Step 3: As soon as we receive the specified number of Monero coins, Godex.io immediately starts the process of converting them to XRP.

Step 4: Godex.io quickly analyzes the market and finds the best cryptocurrency exchange rate, completes the process and sends funds to your wallet.

Step 5: At the end of the operation, you can see all the details of the exchange. Do you want to repeat the transaction? Just click the "Restart exchange" button.

How do I start a Cryptocurrency exchange?

First of all on the main page Godex.io you can choose which currency you want to exchange and for which one. For example, IOTA (MIOTA) to LTC (Litecoin). Accordingly, in the "you send" field you choose IOTA. Then on the right in the "you get" field you select LTC.

You should also enter how many IOTA you want to sell. After that, the service will show you how much LTC you will receive.

You can also first select the number of LTC that you want to receive. Then we will show you how many IOTA you will need to exchange.

Rest assured – we will fix the specified rate for the duration of the transaction.

What are Cryptocurrency Exchange Fees?

We can responsibly call ourselves a cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest fees. As a result of cryptocurrency exchange comparison we can say that Godex offers the lowest transfer fee and the most favorable exchange rate on the market – the algorithm searches for and stops at the most profitable option.

Do Godex Cryptocurrency Exchange require any personal data?

We care about the security of our users and transactions seriously. Therefore, you do not have to leave any personal data when using the service. You do not need to register on our service, leave your name, phone number, or create, for example, a personal account. This is one of the reasons why users consider Godex to be one of the best cryptocurrency exchange.

What coins are available in Cryptocurrency Exchange List?

With Godex, you can buy and sell any of the 301 cryptocurrencies. Godex.io provides fast and profitable exchange of Ripple, Bitcoin, IOTA, Monero, Ethereum, Zcash and many other popular coins.

You can view a list of all available currencies in the coin selection field or on the
Exchange rate page.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates

With Godex you can monitor live cryptocurrency exchange rates. Over 300 popular coins are available on our service. For real-time prices visit https://godex.io/exchange-rate. You can display 2 currency quotes: in USD or BTC. Use a convenient search or filter by an important indicator for you.

You can also track the top winner coins that have increased in price and the top loser coins that have lost the most in price over the past 24 hours.

We Got Most Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

Ensuring complete user and transaction security is first among our top priorities. In addition to the overall high level of security of blockchain technologies Godex.io refused to collect any user data:

  • we do not ask you to create an account,
  • we do not ask you to provide any of your data,
  • and we do not ask you to verify your personal profile.

Also, Godex servers are securely protected and technologies are constantly being improved. We use the strictest security protocols, and the SSL certificate eliminates the possibility of interception of information. Godex specialists also pay great attention to protection against DDoS attacks of any level.

All these security technologies provide Godex with its place in the top cryptocurrency exchanges.