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About Ethereum

  • Name Ethereum

  • Symbol ETH

  • Circulating supply 118 589 010 $

  • Max supply 0 $

  • Cmc rank 2

  • Volume 24h 19 220 848 000 $

  • Percent change 1h -0,46 %

  • Percent change 24h 1,41 %

  • Percent Change 7d 14.03 %

About Bitcoin

  • Name Bitcoin

  • Symbol BTC

  • Circulating supply 18 889 906 $

  • Max supply 21 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank 1

  • Volume 24h 32 178 674 000 $

  • Percent change 1h -0,39 %

  • Percent change 24h 0,51 %

  • Percent Change 7d 4.97 %

  • History

    1 ETH to BTC


ETH to BTC calculator

How to Convert ETH to BTC?

How to convert ETH to BTC? Using Godex services the procedure is elementary:

  1. On the Godex Home Page you can see the converter with the 2 fields, where the left one for the coin you want to sell and the right one for the coin you want to buy, respectively. Specify how much ETH to BTC are subject to exchange and see the outcome which appears automatically on the screen.
  2. Specify the correct BTC wallet address in the relevant sector of the converter, then we recommend you to make the final data check and only after to click the “Exchange” button.
  3. For the beginning of the conversion, transfer the ETH amount you have prepared to sell to a deposit address which Godex generates automatically and wait for the verification from Godex in the form of the transaction ID.
  4. Beneficial exchange with Godex means that from the moment of the order creation till the end of the operation the ETH to BTC rate remains fixed.
  5. Check your BTC wallet in a couple of minutes to see the received BTC amount along with the order details and information on its duration.

Live ETH to BTC Price

Godex brings forth the live tracking of Ethereum Bitcoin rate changes. See here Ethereum to Bitcoin actual closing rates . With Godex you may find the actual Ehtereum  Bitcoin volume.

Convert ETH to BTC at the Best Rates

The conversion process with Godex takes into account the best rates of reputable and top-ranked  platforms such as Bitfinex, HITBtc, Binance. Godex has an advantage working with 200+ various altcoins which list is available on the company website as well as 4,0000+ trade pairs. Godex.io exchange service does not have any exchange limits and requirements for private data or record-keeping of its users. Customers are secured from the market fluctuations applying the exchange rate that will not get changed in the processing of transactions.

ETH BTC Exchange Benefits

  • According to the ratings in the recognized surveys, Godex is one of the best crypto exchange services on the market nowadays, working with any amounts, without limits. For regular and especially large customers, there is a special affiliate programme that helps save money.
  • Godex guarantees maximum protection of private information and anonymousness in the network.
  • Godex does not work with third parties, does not use incomprehensible exchange schemes and hidden fees and ensures transparency of transactions.
  • Qualified Godex.io support line is available 24\7.

ETH to BTC Price Details

If you want to proceed with ETH to BTC conversion, fill in the quantity for conversion and  please use the service of inbuilt Godex calculator,which quickly displays the BTC amount you are going to purchase.

For your information  please see the maximum exchange rate   and the minimum exchange rate. For the purpose of ensuring the optimal rate for the customers  Godex interacts with top reliable crypto exchanges in order to bring forth the relevant trading features along with exchange rate comparisons. 

How ETH to BTC calculator works

ETH to BTC calculator is a simple utility that converts the value of ETH amount into an equal amount of BTC.

Why then to use the online calculator on the Godex platform? The answer is  the following:

  • To get the current ETH to BTC price without unnecessary delays, without checking yourself;
  • In order to make quick decisions when converting Ether and Bitcoins and transactions with them;
  • In order to have an accurate idea of ​​the value of your assets simultaneously in ETH and BTC.

If some time has passed since the entry, the calculation can be repeated at the new current rate, simply by reloading the page. When the entered data is changed, the ETH to BTC converter displays automatically the best rate which is tracked on the reputable partners` platforms.

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How to convert Ethereum to Bitcoin ?

Ethereum to Bitcoinalongwith over 300+ cryptocurrencies are ever existing for an interchange with Godex.

The dropdowns of both right/left brimare displayed to the demanded Ethereum/Bitcoin crypto pair on the display appropriately. Just point out the number for Ethereum  to Bitcoin transducerand the numeratorwill automatically highlight Bitcoin number you are going to get, fill up your Bitcoin superscription in the “Destination” area. Before pressing the “Exchange” key you have to scrutinize regardfully all the data on the interchange pair you areintending to transfer.

At the finish of the act of exchanging ETH to BTC you will utterly get the sequential details what comprise the time you spent on the full exchanging act.

If you still have mechanical problems with interchange Ethereum for Bitcoin, we propose to contact the helping duty by clicking the “Support” key and we will try to assistyou with the solving of the issue. We proposeall users to learn our FAQ section.

What is Ethereum and Bitcoin exchange pair ?

In generic, you should always pick the ensuing up-and-coming pairs such as ETH to or vice versa BTC, you will in no circumstances be in the red, because these coins will also increase for sure. These coins are the base tools for acting and are always opportune, and even if their charge drops, they will multiplycharge extra in the nearest hereafter.

And yet if they do not buy back, the charge goes downward, then you will have this crypto coin. There is nothing wrong with that, in the finishthey will all increaseup. You just want to wait and be patient. The base thing is to view at the coin , where it is now, and the price movement chart for it. Due to the global market ETH and BTC are well-known crypto coins, and they lay down the TOP pair of the crypto commerce being registered on many exchanges, and having the highest market volume.

How to compare Ethereum and Bitcoin ?

Both the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks get their whole cryptocurrencies.

ETH can be readily bought with regular money via cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers, exchange platforms, and even technical ATMs that sell ETH.

BTC can be bought on exchanges, brokers, and trade platforms.

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin can be with safety and instantly move anywhere in the world with internet entry for a little or no cost.

Ethereum go into a long way as a way of payment, we have in mind. These days, we can forward digital currency instantly , pay for things with it, and contribute with more retailers, restaurants and service providers who are currently accepting both ETH and BTC.

What is the limit for Ethereum to Bitcoin exchange ?

Ours users have to not register or abandon any personal info. This letthem to help with identification and fiscaltheft.

Godex as a client-oriented exchanger has set no limits for the transaction volumetric capacity or figure of any transactions twenty-four hours or any other specified age. You can trading absolutely any total.