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About Bitcoin Cash

  • Name: Bitcoin Cash

  • Symbol: BCH

  • Circulating supply: 0 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Price: 532,9 $

  • Volume 24h: 72.428 M $

  • Market Cap: 13.547 B $

  • Percent change 24h: 2,8 %

About Bitcoin

  • Name: Bitcoin

  • Symbol: BTC

  • Circulating supply: 0 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Price: 66 527,437 $

  • Volume 24h: 1.641 B $

  • Market Cap: 1.346 T $

  • Percent change 24h: 0,51 %

BCH to BTC Calculator

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) are two well-established cryptocurrencies. As they are closely related, users often exchange the two against each other. If you need to buy Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash, use Godex.io. We make it incredibly simple to purchase cryptocurrencies as we list over 200 of them.

The first thing you will notice as a Godex user is that the setup is very straightforward compared to traditional crypto exchanges. The homepage features a BCH to BTC calculator that enables you to enter the value of BCH (or other currencies) and see how equates to BTC (or other currencies).

You won’t need a BCH to BTC chart. Instead, the calculator displays clearly the price of 1 BCH to BTC.

How to Convert BCH to BTC?

Once you have entered the amount of BCH you wish to trade for BTC, Godex will show you exactly how much BTC you will get in return for your BCH. If you’re happy with this swap, simply hit the Exchange button and it will direct you to the next step.

Live BCH to BTC Price

The price of BCH to BTC is calculated in real time, which means that you can take advantage of any ups or downs in the crypto market without losing out. Godex compares buy and sell rates across the board to ensure it remains the most competitive exchange.

Convert BCH to BTC at the Best Rates

Another great feature of Godex is that you will never be left scratching your head about how you have ended up with a figure that is less than expected. The Godex calculator is completely transparent and displays a figure that you will receive with no hidden fees.

BCH to BTC Exchange Benefits

The four main benefits of Godex as an exchange platform are:

  • Exchange rates that do not change during the transaction
  • Security features like inbuilt DDoS resistance
  • Anonymous transactions
  • Highly competitive rates for BCH to BTC

It is for these reasons that Godex is listed among the best Bitcoin exchanges.

BCH to BTC Price Details

When you use the BCH to BTC converter you will never be confused by the price details of either BCH or BTC. There are no complicated graphs to mislead you. You are simply given a headline rate that you can choose to accept or not. After accepting, the next step is to provide the crypto addresses and Godex does the rest.

How BCH to BTC Calculator Works

Once you have clicked the Exchange button on the BCH to BTC calculator, you will be asked to input a recipient address for your BTC and a sender address to pay for your BTC with BCH. Beyond that, Godex takes care of the process and typically a BCH to BTC transaction takes 30 minutes at most.


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How to convert Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin?

Visit the Godex homepage and type in the amount of BTC you want to buy with your BCH.

What is BCH and BTC exchange pair?

BCH and BTC are a common exchange pair because they are very similar currencies. There are, however, many other trading pairs on Godex as well.

How to compare BCH and BTC?

Both BCH and BTC have dedicated information provided by their respective foundations. You can check the differences there. In terms of price, you can use live USD charts provided by Godex.

What is the limit for BCH to BTC exchange?

Godex doesn’t have maximum limits on exchanges. Minimum limits are calculated in accordance with the price of a currency. You are notified of the minimum exchange amount when you use our calculator.

Convert coins easy and fast!

With our fast, reliable, and simple converter, you can easily get coins at a good rate.