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About Helium

Helium strives to create a worldwide long fire network for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These are smart devices, such as door sensors, smart trackers, smart lamps  etc., which are located at a distance and cannot be connected to Wi-Fi. Instead they can be connected to the Helium longfire network which has a low frequency range that is peculiar to smart devices in particular.

Helium is designed for ordinary people who own and manage their own nodes. Node owners are rewarded with the platform's cryptocurrency, i.e. HNT which emission is capped at 223 million.

Helium network can be used for:

  • Pet tracking;
  • A smart city infrastructure or a smart city;
  • Scooter or bike tracking;
  • Smart pill bottles online.

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What Is Helium?

Helium is a project designed to connect wireless IoT devices so that they can interact with each other. HNT miners will probably consider swapping it for another cryptocurrency. Read on to find out where this can be done in the best possible way.

Helium is a blockchain-based decentralized network meant for IoT devices.

The HNT blockchain went live in July 2019. The potential of this project is huge. The developers want to connect IoT devices so that they can interact with each other. An example can be smart homes, but we can even talk about smart pet collars that send the data to owners, so they can find their missing four-legged friends. A fridge, TV, lamp, door, car — nearly everything can become “smart” and send signals within the network.

In this ecosystem, we have hotspots instead of nodes, which are run by users. Anyone can set up a node or purchase it and become a miner. The hotspots are a combination of wireless getaway and mining resources. Miners who run hotspots earn rewards in the form of HNT crypto — the native token of the network.

Helium's goal is to use less power and identify gaps in existing infrastructure. The data can be transferred over long distances, but it must be of a simpler nature. Lime Scooters, Airly, and Salesforce are one of the businesses that have already been using HNT technology. 

Helium Price Index

Helium’s price increased dramatically in early 2021, just like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also sky-rocketed in July since the network raised $111 million for a token sale. We can track the Helium price USD using our HNT price chart.

The supply, demand, competition, and technology of the project — all impact the coin value. Since most cryptocurrencies have a finite supply, rising demand directly leads to a price increase. If there is more competition, clients are less likely to choose a certain currency, resulting in a prospective price reduction.

Circulation of Helium

By multiplying the circulating supply by the current price of the cryptocurrency, we will get the market cap. Circulating supply refers to the number of coins that are available. Over time, the amount in circulation may decrease or increase. Among the aspects that generate price movements are coin burning and mining.

  • The majority of the time, investors burn coins in order to increase the cryptocurrency value. A certain amount of coins is sent to a wallet without private keys, so no one will access it. This way, there are fewer coins in circulation, and the price goes up. 
  • Users mine cryptocurrencies to make a profit. More coins will be circulating, thus dropping the price.

The circulating amount of Helium has been stable so far, with two major increases. One was when the nodes’ quantity reached 100,000, and the second one was during its token sale. 

As of now, the network covers 16,493 cities, 127 countries, more than 180,000 hotspots, and more than 60,000 hotspot owners.

Ways to Buy Helium

You can buy it on an HNT exchange by converting your digital funds. Godex is one of the available options. Being a decentralized platform, we don’t require our users to provide personal data (except for email), fill out lengthy forms, or verify their identities. Use our HNT converter and enjoy the best exchange fees. The process usually takes a few minutes.

Unlike on centralized exchange platforms, you will not be asked to upload your ID documents. Even registering an account is not obligatory. Sounds good? Then, follows the step-by-step instructions below:

  • visit Godex and open the converter.
  • Indicate the crypto pair and the amounts (one of the fields will be auto-updated.
  • Make sure you have created the wallet for Helium (or use the one that supports it).
  • Indicate the wallet address, wait up to 30 minutes, and read the report after the transaction is finished.

Another way to get HNT is a bit trickier. We have already mentioned it at the beginning of this post. Let’s go into details. Using hotspots, you can earn HNT tokens by mining and securing The People’s Network. Hotspots are small devices that provide wireless network coverage. The rewards differ depending on the type of work your hotspot performs. There are four levels with various distribution amounts:

  • Challengers — 0.9%
  • Proof-of-coverage — 5.02%
  • Witnesses — 20.08%
  • Network data transfer — 35%   

Of course, this option takes some time and effort to accumulate enough HNT. But still, it can be a sort of passive income, and you will be supporting the project, thus enabling it to grow.


How Does HNT Work?

Helium improves Internet of Things devices’ communication. Because the project follows the principle of decentralization, the developers named it "The People's Network" in the official documentation. 

Proof-of-coverage is the consensus model of Helium that is constantly monitoring hotspots that power the network to make sure they work from the stated location. 

Users pay transaction fees using another token called Data Credits — a utility token meant for internal purposes, such as hotspots adding, HNT crypto transactions, and location verification. To get more Data Credits, users must burn their HNT tokens.

How Many Helium (HNT) Coins Are There In Circulation?

There is a total and maximum supply of 223 million HNT. 

This means that the intrinsic value will be stable, and HNT will provide consistent rewards, incentivizing individuals to create network access points by using their devices as hotspots.

How to Exchange HNT?

To convert HNT crypto, you'll need a digital wallet, a secure internet connection, and a Helium exchange. 

We at Godex.io make exchanging cryptos a breeze. There is no need to register, and the conversion rate is fixed at the time of the transaction. To start the Helium to USD exchange procedure, you should:

  • select coins and indicate their amounts;
  • indicate your HNT wallet address;
  • wait for the funds to arrive in your wallet. 

HNT is commonly exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT.

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