This is how much Godex affiliate program members can receive from each affiliate transaction. In addition, there is a welcome bonus of 0.005 BTC. Join now!


Blockchain technology operates 24 hrs and 7 days in a week. Unlike traditional banking systems where you have to wait for the next working day to have your transaction approved, Godex works seven days a week and is ready to help you at any time.

Affiliate Dashboard

By registering in Godex affiliate program, you also get the ability to view your own transactions in the Personal Dashboard section.

Affiliate Program

Godex does not require any registration or account creation. But if you want to start earning, we offer a simple registration to access affiliate links, user’s balance, widgets and many more. Check Affiliate Program.


Inspired by the original idea of cryptocurrency, we believe that anonymity is an inalienable right of our users. No registration or providing personal data on Godex.


All exchanges are carried out automatically, with powerful software systems developed by our engineers. For the best experience, it is recommended to send the same amount that was specified when creating the exchange.

Best rates

Godex system in real time tracks best rates on platforms like Bitfinex, HITBtc, Binance and many other partners to provide best exchange rates for you in one place.


The original cryptocurrency and the one that started it all, Bitcoin (BTC) was created and released in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous figure. Bitcoin has the biggest market cap.

Catch them all

You can make easy exchanges between more than 200 coins available on the site. And you can even offer your own coin for listing through the Add Coin section. 


Different coins require different amount of confirmations, and if some coin needs more confirmations, we notify the user of possible delays before they send us the coins.


Dash (short for ‘digital cash’) is a cryptocurrency with a strong focus on both privacy (using anonymization technology) and speed (of transaction). It was rebranded from Darkcoin as an attempt to stop being associated with the ‘dark web’.

Destination tag

It is an extra piece of information required for certain Ripple wallets. The Destination Tag has to be included with all Ripple (XRP) deposits to Godex. Always ensure to include the correct Tag before sending your XRP deposit.


Dogecoin was originally made as a ‘joke currency’ but have since garnered a real following.This cryptocurrency (released in December 2013 by programmer Billy Markus) is now frequently used to tip users in forums. Favored by Shiba-Inus worldwide.


We will be glad if you provide us with your email. It  is not necessary at all, but it helps us to contact you as soon as possible in case of any issues related to the exchange.


Ether (ETH) is the cryptocurrency for Ethereum, a decentralised platform that can execute peer-to-peer ‘smart contacts’.
Ethereum technology can be used to run decentralised applications.

Extra ID

Some coins will require a message/payment/tag/memo.  This means you must send the coins to the address we provide and attach this message/payment/tag/memo to the deposit. Please be careful!

Fixed rate

Godex performs exchanges with the exact rate which is displayed to the client in the moment of an exchange creation. This  protects our customers from undesirable consequences of price fluctuations.


Gas is a unit that measures the amount of computational effort that it will take to execute certain operations. Every single operation that takes part in Ethereum network takes some amount of gas. Be sure that there is enough Gas for transaction processing when sending coins like ETH, OMG and GNT.

Genesis block

The first Bitcoin’s block is Genesis block, which was mined on January 3, 2009, at 18:15:05 UTC

Godex tx id

This is a unique identifier for a specific exchange assigned by Godex. Please provide it if you need help from or support team.