Margin trading

Method of trading using leverage: money provided by third parties, widely used in cryptocurrency trading. Can be both extremely profitable and dangerous, especially in markets with high volatility like the cryptocurrency market. Margin trading basically amplifies the results of any trade conducted, increasing both profits and losses.

Market cap

A short for "market capitalization," basically a combined value of all the stocks and shares belonging to an enterprise. Can be calculated by multiplying the price of a stock by the overall amount of shares. Generally is used to determine how "big" the company is. 

Market order

A market order is the simplest set of instructions specifically created for purchase or sale of assets, used for immediate conduction of operation at current market price, regardless of other conditions. It is mostly used when the necessity of conducting the operation is more important than waiting for an optimal price.


It is an extra unique information that should be included when sending a Stellar Lumens transaction. The Memo has to be included with all XLM deposits to Godex.

Merkle tree

An interconnected set of nodes in "form" of a tree with "leaves" containing data blocks cryptographic hash. This "hash tree" serves for verification of big data structures content and amounts to a combination of hash list and chains.


It is an additional tag representing a combination of letters and digits shorter than a wallet. It is required for XEM transactions. Always ensure to include the correct Message before sending your XEM deposit.


Just as the name implies, microtransaction is a transaction with a relatively small value; this kind of transaction can often be seen in video games monetization systems. 


It's a process of obtaining cryptocurrency via the verification of cryptocurrency blocks and their introduction into the blockchain. The process of mining serves as a backbone for all the transactions conducted using a particular cryptocurrency because miners provide their computing power for blockchain verification purposes.

Mining algorithm

The mining algorithm is a hash function used in mining programs to mine cryptocurrencies. There are several kinds of mining algorithms, such as SHA-256, Scrypt, and CryptoNight.

Mining contract

Nowadays, mining takes a heavy toll on miner's hardware and requires a lot of computing power. A mining contract is an agreement of sorts that allows individual miners to make use of remote hardware farms for certain payments. This concept makes mining affordable for mining enthusiasts without access to powerful hardware.

Mining pool

A mining pool is a result of the cooperation of numerous miners. They share their computing power via network and split the reward in accordance with the level of contribution an individual miner makes to the common effort. The proof-of-work concept is used to distribute the reward fairly.

Mining rig

A mining rig is a pre-built set of hardware components dedicated explicitly to cryptocurrency mining. It usually consists of multiple heavy-duty GPUs linked together.


Minting is a process of handling information on the creation of new blocks in the blockchain and storing this information. It includes verifying transactions and receiving new coins as a reward for users.

Mixing service

Mixing services are a way of increasing anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions. By default, all the transactions are stored in the blockchain and can be publicly visible, because any person could trace it back to the original transmitter. The process of tumbling streams of cryptocurrency makes identification harder.

Mobile wallet

A mobile wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet stored on your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet as an app. Mobile cryptocurrency wallets usually have the same functionality as wallets dedicated to desktops.


Bitcoin is frequently mislabeled as an ‘anonymous’ currency, which is not quite correct. Monero (XMR), on the other hand, is a cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy – using the ring signature technology, XMR is ‘secure, private and untraceable’.

Money laundering

A process of removing connections between illegal activities and the funds obtained from it. In the cryptocurrency world, it is often connected with mixing and tumbling services, which is why they are illegal in some jurisdictions.


"Mooning" is a term describing the rate and speed of an upward price change. It originates from the "Going to the moon" expression, meaning that the price is changing with the speed of a flying rocket.