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About Bitcoin

  • Name: Bitcoin

  • Symbol: BTC

  • Circulating supply: 0 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Price: 63 245,867 $

  • Volume 24h: 1.507 B $

  • Market Cap: 1.222 T $

  • Percent change 24h: 1,1 %

About XRP

  • Name: XRP

  • Symbol: XRP

  • Circulating supply: 0 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Price: 0,49651333 $

  • Volume 24h: 121.803 M $

  • Market Cap: 23.981 B $

  • Percent change 24h: 1,1 %

BTC to XRP Calculator  

Do you think it’s time to sell your Bitcoin and buy XRP instead? Perhaps you own some XRP and want to become part of the BTC elite. Exchanging these two cryptos has never been as easy as with the advanced BTC to XRP calculator.  

Godex.io is a comprehensive DEX. These three magic words are an abbreviation for a decentralized exchange. There are plenty of benefits that come with this type of crypto platform, and we’ll explain them later, but let’s focus on the practical part first — the BTC to XRP exchange.

To convert BTC to XRP, you need to learn to use the calculator on this page. This will help you in your journey to swap BTC to XRP and hopefully benefit from your endeavor.

Select BTC in the dropdown menu to the left and XRP to the right. These two might be pre-selected for you.

How to Convert BTC to XRP?  

Once the two cryptos are selected, you just need to state how much you’re willing to trade. There are two ways to do it.

  1. Enter BTC amount
  2. Enter XRP amount

In the first case, you need to enter the figure indicating how much Bitcoin you are willing to sell (or send, as it’s termed on Godex). If you’re looking to trade 1 BTC to XRP, just input “1” to the left.

In case you decide to enter the amount of XRP, indicate how much you want to obtain since we’re buying XRP using BTC in this example.

Godex.io’s BTC to XRP converter can quickly help you change what you’re buying or selling. There’s a small swap button in the middle that will make XRP the selling crypto, moving your BTC to the right field.

Live BTC to XRP Price  

What exactly is BTC to XRP price? It usually indicates how much BTC is worth in XRP and the other way around. It’s basically a BTC to XRP exchange rate, and Godex.io is there to help you calculate it with minimum effort.

Once you learn how our BTC to XRP converter works, you are ready to trade.

The process of exchanging BTC to XRP might be easy, but usually, it is only a part of a bigger trading strategy. Therefore, you’ll probably want to learn more about the recent price changes for BTC and XRP. That’s why you should also check out the BTC to XRP chart under the converter.

  • Circulating supply

Circulating supply of Bitcoin is 0 BTC coins and a maximum supply of 0 BTC coins, whereas Ripple has a circulating supply of 0 XRP and a maximum supply of 0 XRP coins.

  • Trading volume

The daily trading volume of Bitcoin is 1507437143.022295000000, whereas the volume of Ripple is 121803089.117566570000 per day.

  • Percentage price change

The Bitcoin rate has changed by 0 over the past 24 hours, and by [Percent_change_7d_1] over the last week. 

The rate of Ripple has changed by 0 over the past 24 hours, and by [Percent_change_7d_2] over the last week.

Exchanging the cryptocurrency pair BTC to XRP: transaction fees and procedure 

A transaction fee is charged during BTC to XRP exchange, buying or selling, or transferring a certain amount of cryptocurrency between the wallets or exchanges.

To understand how some networks manage to charge lower fees than others, you need to understand consensus mechanisms. The bottom line is this: choose a Godex platform in order to exchange Bitcoin to Ripple faster and at an affordable price.

Having used Godex.io automatic exchange platform services once, you will come back again and again. The procedure is highly transparent and easy to comprehend. There are no requirements for users` self-identification. When you start Bitcoin to Ripple exchange, you have to just select this exchange pair, indicate the number of BTC coins for exchange, send them to the platform deposit address and get your XRP coins back to your correct XRP address. 

Best rates for swapping BTC to XRP  

Once you know how to convert BTC to XRP, you’ll be able to enjoy doing this at the best rates. Godex.io has always been one step ahead of the industry, offering competitive fees for all trading pairs.

BTC to XRP Exchange Benefits  

There are three main benefits of using Godex.io to convert BTC to XRP.

  • Unlimited trading — There are no maximum limits on how much you can trade, so feel free to exchange as much BTC and XRP as you want;
  • No registration — Decentralized platforms don’t require registration, so you’ll not leave any sensitive data on the site. The only thing you’ll have to provide is your wallet address;
  • Fixed rates — Once the calculator shows you the price, and you proceed with the swap, you’ll receive as much money as you expect, even if the price changes in the meantime.

BTC to XRP — What’s the Current Price of These Two Currencies?  

Bitcoin, as well as Ripple, are both very popular but also very volatile cryptocurrencies, so it’s difficult to talk about any price details of the two since prices fluctuate big time. Therefore, we encourage you to check the prices manually by using the powerful BTC to XRP converter on this page.

How BTC to XRP Calculator Works  

To use the calculator, simply choose one crypto on the left (for selling) and the other on the right (for buying). Enter the amount in one of the fields, and the calculator will fill in the other with the latest price.

There are 200+ digital currencies to select from on Godex.io, paving the way for plenty of trading pairs.

Do I need to get verified to swap BTC to XRP? 

You are searching where to do an anonymous trade in cryptocurrency with no verification procedures? Then Godex.io is one of the best services among anonymous trading places with no KYC and AML. Everything is as anonymous as the nature of virtual assets themselves.

What is the minimum BTC/XRP pair exchange amount?  

There is no binding validation of accounting records and restrictions on the withdrawal of funds with Godex.io.

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Why Godex.io is the best place to convert BTC to XRP?

Godex.io is one of the speediest and the most highly reputable crypto exchanges, which is heavily used by traders in the crypto space. Godex.io is a rich-functional, convenient, and reliable cryptocurrency exchange, that does not require verification, fixes the conversion rate at the time of the transaction, and helps you save money.  You can change BTC to XRP as safely and freely as possible without any risks and make purchases without hidden fees and high commissions.

What is a BTC/XRP exchange pair?

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the world. XRP is within the top 10. You can exchange them as part of your trading strategy to make a profit. The two of them make one trading pair. You can create plenty of other trading pairs by selecting different cryptos on Godex.io. 

How to compare BTC and XRP?

Use Godex.io’s state-of-the-art calculating tool and enter the amount of one crypto to learn its worth in the other crypto.

What is the limit for BTC to XRP exchange?

Godex.io doesn’t impose maximum limits — trade as much as you want. However, there are minimum limits, which are around 0.005 BTC ( in XRP’s equivalent). 

Convert coins easy and fast!

With our fast, reliable, and simple converter, you can easily get coins at a good rate.