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Market Cap
36,969,204,846 $
Volume 24h
1,418,682,813 $
  • Name: XRP

  • Symbol: XRP

  • Circulating supply: 52 693 851 000 $

  • Max supply: 100 000 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 5

  • Volume 24h: 1 418 682 800 $

  • Percent change 1h: 0,52 %

  • Percent change 24h: 0,44 %

  • Percent Change 7d: -0,92 %

About XRP

On the peak of cryptocurrencies boom, XRP appeared as the faster, cheaper, and scalable asset in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. Its competitive benefit was the declared easiness of the cross-border payments. 

Now it positions as the most accurate cryptocurrency and keeps the high place in the rates. Some analytics have the bullish forecasts for XRP in 2020 considering it as the cryptocurrency with the strongest potential.

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What Is Ripple (XRP)?

Let's break some rumours, Ripple isn’t completely the same as XRP cryptocurrency.  XRP is a coin and Ripple is the cryptocurrency. Ripple is used to make payments digitally using secure blockchain technology. 

Ripple was invented by Chris Larsen and Jed McCalebis in San Francisco, California, in 2012. XRP coin was invented in 2012, but the stable release of the coin was on 15/05/2018. Ripple owns RippleNet and works on the blockchain XRP ledger. XRP Ledger is open source and based on the consensus of servers that validate transactions and manage crypto tokens. Ripple conducts polls to verify the legitimacy of transactions. Platforms and currencies on the RippleNet network are interconnected. Platforms and currencies on the RippleNet network are linked. 

We can say that Ripple is also a company whilst Bitcoin is an economy. Since you don’t have complete decentralization, Ripple is perfect for those with trust issues. XRP transactions are confirmed within seconds and more than half of the total supply is held by RippleLabs, the company that developed Ripple.

The advancement of technology has drastically increased the speed and ease at which information moves globally. The transition from letters to email was a huge achievement, but new money exchange channels such as Ripple’s blockchain have only recently been introduced due to people being wary of technology influencing their savings and many not finding a secure enough method to transfer funds.

Ripple Price Index

RippleNet provides fast money transfers all over the world. This platform does not just accept XRP crypto as payment; any money may be used to make a transaction.

The value of XRP crypto is soaring in 2021 as a consortium of Japanese and South Korean banks are actively testing new technologies to speed up and lower the expenses of international cash transfers. Ripple's USD price can be followed on a XRP price chart that is influenced by a variety of factors, including: 

  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Competition
  • Project's technology

Since the supply of most coins is limited, a rise in demand drives up the price of Ripple. Clients are less inclined to pick a specific currency if there is higher competition, which might lead to a potential decrease in pricing. How do we tell?

It is crucial to look at a Ripple price chart to check out the volatility and price movements of long-term patterns, and even more so if you are looking to trade daily on a Ripple exchange. The charts can be found online on kriptomat.io or Kraker.com where you can select a time range and zoom in on price movements. Below the chart there is usually some general data and history of the coin. On the right side is technical data, such as max/min price, market cap and others.

Circulation of Ripple

Due to the fact that there is still some room for growth and the whole token supply has not yet been used in the market, Ripple’s price still has time to grow. 

The total crypto market value may be determined by multiplying the circulating supply by the current price. It's true that circulation may be lowered or boosted gradually. The two main factors that affect bitcoin prices are the burning of investor funds and mining.

  • Price goes up. The mining process that creates new coins every 10 minutes on average when a block of XRP is minted
  • Price goes down. Coin burns are occurrences that permanently remove coins from circulation.

American Express, Moneygram International, and Santander use Ripple as a payment network. Bitcoin handles around three transactions per second, whilst Ripple handles 1500/s. Now, VISA does 50000 transactions/s and RippleLabs says that Ripple can be scaled to that number as well.

Just by 2018, over 100 banks signed up for Ripple. This only enhances the argument that not all banks can fit on a blockchain network. Furthemore, many more banks signed up and started using Ripple, including AMEX and Santander.

Ways of Buying XRP

So, how can one buy Ripple? You may exchange XRP through the Godex, XRP exchange service by exchanging cryptocurrencies, which are converted from another currency like USD or EUR. All transactions on Godex XRP exchange let you convert XRP completely anonymously. There is a set, relatively low transaction fee. Finally, you can make an infinite number of trades with it.

Due to legal debates with the SEC, Ripple deposits and trading was banned from Coinbase but you can still withdraw and access the currency from your Coinbase wallet. 

You can exchange XRP even with internet banks like Revolut and N26, as well as traditional banks that offer crypto investments and Ripple to usd transfers, but you have higher fees associated with the more familiar XRP exchange services.

Paxos connects cryptocurrencies with Paypal and other payment transfer services. It is secure, reliable, fast, and it is programmable, as it has easy-to-use APIs. You can see Ripple price USD exchanges as well.


How does XRP work?

As an alternative to other digital currencies and current currency payment networks like SWIFT, Ripple designed XRP as a quick, cheap, and scalable solution.

Ripple allows transfers or crypto, fiat or any other type of currency. You don’t need approval from the founders(RippleLabs) which makes it completely independent and perfect for banks. They get increased security, a better infrastructure and a greater scope of access to units of payment.

As part of the worldwide XRP community, Ripple actively participates in the maintenance of the RippleNet registry. Transactions on the XRP Ledger are processed typically every 3-5 seconds by independent validator nodes or whenever they reach consensus on the sequence and legitimacy of XRP transactions. 

This isn't the same as Bitcoin's proof-of-work mining (BTC). A Ripple price validator can be anyone who wants to be one. Currently, Ripple price is on the list, as well as colleges, financial institutions, and others.

xCurrent, the core Ripple product, enables rapid and easy cross-border payments. xVia, the company's newest product, is from Ripple. Similar to xCurrent, but with the added ability to send money from payment providers and businesses alike, xVia is a new protocol. 

Banks operating in emerging areas will benefit from increased liquidity thanks to xRapid. Some financial institutions are wary about utilizing this product since it relies on the volatile XRP cryptocurrency.

How Many Ripple (XRP) Coins Are There In Circulation?

Ripple (XRP) was by far the best performer in 2017, with a 36,000% increase in price. This is compared to the 1,000% growth of bitcoin and the 9,000% growth of ether. Ethereum came in second by market cap!

The revolutionary blockchain payment network/its technologies are used by over 100 banks, and it provides increased scalability, faster speed, more stability, and cheaper costs.  If widespread acceptance occurs in 2021, expect the price to level off.

How to exchange Ripple ?

XRP to BTC/ETH/USD conversion works by first picking your preferred XRP exchange rate, whether it's fixed or floating, but it's far superior to floating in terms of stability. After that, you'll need to provide your wallet address and provide the bitcoin you need to complete the transfer. Once you've done this, your XRP will be converted and your coins will be in your wallet in no time!

At Godex, the sky's the limit; One can convert XRP anonymously without the need for registration or other personal information. The XRP converter does not impose any restrictions on the number of transactions that can be performed. There is no minimum or maximum exchange amount when using the XRP converter. All you have to do now is use the Godex exchange's crypto-exchange service!

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