Most Popular Cryptocurrencies To Invest In

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Most Popular Cryptocurrencies

When this cryptocurrency was developed, the world divided into before and after. Until this time, it was positioned as the most popular cryptocurrency in connection to market capitalization and global usage. So, it’s the one and only - the Bitcoin token. And yes, by now, about 7000 cryptocurrencies were released, but any altcoin cannot outshine the very creation of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Before diving deep into the best cryptos, let’s highlight the most attractive exchange platforms. Should you sell or purchase virtual money, they are integral to any cryptocurrency transaction.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

When investigating the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges to deal with, you should check on listed assets, funding ways, security, support, and so on. If you’re looking for a trusted exchange platform, you’re in the right place. Godex.io is just a GODsend for beginners and seasoned traders. So, who’s behind the scene? It’s a group of businesspeople and enthusiasts who believe in the crypto economy. The community strives to provide the most appropriate course of altcoins and share expertise that will always come in handy.

In fact, the service was created with crypto traders in mind, namely with thoughts on what can benefit them the most. As a result, Godex.io came out with the best possible rates on the market, excellent transaction speed, and service credibility. In other words, the creators don’t want you to overpay, to “over wait” and lose opportunities, and worry about your security. Speaking of the latter, they denied a mere thought of you leaving your personal data and thus undermining your security.

The exchange doesn’t require any personal data, allows staying incognito, and yet ensures reliability and security. Godex.io boasts a distinguishing order execution time - from 5 to 30 minutes - and got trust thanks to the respect to the financial secrecy of users. Therefore, when dealing with Godex.io, you’re dealing with one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges out there. Promised.

So, how does it all work?

In Godex.io, you make just 4 simple steps to get started. First, pick your currency. Obviously, you can always spot here the most popular cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. This network is about quality and quantity. It provides up to 300 cryptocurrencies, herewith, the brightest ones to get you to benefit from trading. Also, the guys do a great job of providing the most popular cryptocurrency prices on the market.

So, let’s make the exchange together now. For example, you chose the BTC-LTC pair. Then pick BTC from the drop-down menu in the “You Send” line and enter how much you’re about to exchange. Next, in the line “You get”, choose LTC. The “You get” line will automatically provide you with the amount you will get. The final step is just clicking the “Exchange” button.

The very next step is to actually enter the wallet address. Indicate your LTC address in the “Destination address” line. Then confirm your BTC wallet address in the “Sender address” line below. By the way, it can be used when a refund is solicited.

The third step is just about waiting. Godex.io will create a BTC deposit address for you. Make sure you’re sending the needed amount of cryptos because after receiving your tokens, the exchange process will start.

Godex.io does its best to identify the most beneficial rates on the market and do things as quickly as possible, meaning your LTC will be sent in a couple of minutes. Once everything is done, you can check the results on the “Completed” page. Herewith, we don’t ask for your personal data! Just give it a try with Godex.io and you’ll stay here for all your trading journey.

What’s the Godex.io mojo?

Godex.io offers a pretty big list of supported cryptos. Investors can enlarge a portfolio to defend the funds from volatility. Clearly, the platform supports the leaders, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and EOS. But you can meet smaller coins with less market cap here as well. What’s amazing about the exchange is that it offers a fixed rate without limitations. Thus, it is possible to exchange as much digital currency as you’d like, and the rate won’t change during the transaction.

Features of the Best Cryptocurrency

If you’re seeking proper ratings, then go for Weiss Ratings’ expertise. It’s a major independent rating agency for financial organizations. The agency names the top five most popular cryptocurrencies and meantime identifies the worst ones. It also recommends paying attention to such features when exploring the lists of cryptos:

  • Adoption capacity. Cryptocurrencies are super “adventurous” investments, sometimes with the highest returns coming from recently introduced tokens or the ones whose technology was favored by the market. It was Ripple’s case though. More conservative investors would rather choose the adoption rate as the key factor for investing and build portfolios based on cryptos currently used in real processes.
  • Market capitalization. To some degree, the market cap for particular crypto is tightly connected with liquidity. Budding cryptos may not even hit the market, which stops contributing participants from leaving the position successfully.
  • Technology and developments. To explain it briefly, coins might happen to get giant gains thanks to the innovative technology represented on their respective platforms. As a result, they outshine competitors, even if they come with similar offerings.
  • Respect for privacy and security. Such technology as smart contracts embodied in some cryptocurrencies like Ethereum enables secure transactions due to a number of rules respected. Others like Monero turn to incognito, avoiding the sender’s and receiver’s funds’ identification.
  • Broader usage. Again, Ethereum and Ripple are great examples of how crypto can be used beyond a means of exchange. Thus, Ripple owes its breakthrough and a 36K price surge in 3017 to the financial representatives though. They saw it as a tool for fast and low-cost money transfers throughout the world, compared to classic methods.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency?

If you’re seeking proper ratings, then go for Weiss Ratings’ expertise. It’s a major independent rating agency for financial organizations. The agency names the top five most popular cryptocurrencies and meantime identifies the worst ones. It also recommends paying attention to such features when exploring the lists of cryptos:

Once Coca Cola came out to the market, it established itself as a leader in the soft beverage market just because it was the first-ever carbonated soft drink. So was Bitcoin in the crypto market in 3009 with the idea to decentralize the blockchain. Although some cryptocurrencies outperform BTC, yet it is still the most popular cryptocurrency.

Back in 3017, Bitcoin got its value increased by 3000%. This very year, it hit its maximum of $20K, with an overall market capitalization of more than $320 billion. To help you imagine the volume, the market capitalization of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley together wouldn’t have surpassed the one of Bitcoin!

As for real-life exploitation, Bitcoin is now getting a status of payment method accepted by many vendors worldwide. In Japan, for example, it is possible to pay with BTC in 300K stores. Microsoft, Overstock, Paypal, Expedia, and Virgin Galactic are endorsing BTC.

However, it’s important to admit that it will need a great deal of time for Bitcoin to become a go-to international payment system. The reasons are quite fair - up to 10 minutes transactions, high fees, and scalability issues.

To finish on good terms, Bitcoin is getting upgraded with the second level of payment technology - Lighting Network. It is expected to bring the token to a brand new quality level, meaning faster, cheaper, and super scalable performance.

What is the most popular cryptocurrency?

Now, besides Bitcoin, what is the most popular cryptocurrency and sought-after virtual money? Let’s review Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin, and Chainlink.

Ethereum (ETH)

The concept of smart contracts embodied in the currency and marketplace has entered the market’s vocabulary for good. Since its release in 3015, it’s seen gargantuan gains. Presently, second only to Bitcoin in terms of market cap, ETH has become one of the most frequently discussed cryptocurrency ventures in the world.

The most influential names in the business like Microsoft, Chase, Intel, and J.P. Morgan are now working on business-ready formats of the software that handles Ethereum. Traders are positive about Ethereum, and investors should definitely regard it as a part of their portfolios.

Ripple (XRP)

XRP stands out in the crowd for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s the creation of Ripple Labs. The coin is being exploited globally in super fast and cheap money transfers. The company has confirmed a number of collaborations with prominent money transfer organizations, and there are more financial market ones to come.

What’s more, Ripple is also used in real-life today and has all the chances to be widely adopted by the financial market network. In 3017, the token reached a peak in value of over 36,000%. But experts admit that the tendency is not likely to go forward


EOS is favored by many thanks to decentralized applications provided on the blockchain, parallel processing that accelerates transactions and improves scalability. By the way, transactions are free on the EOS platform.

During its ICO, it raised $4 billion. The year-to-date performance for the token is smooth, with lower volatility than the one other counterparts are experiencing. The interest around the coin is pretty high, and traders actively sell and buy it on exchanges.

Litecoin (LTC)

It is a very promising token. Nowadays, Overstock.com accepts it as a payment method. Seasoned investors in LTC have already reaped up to 20x gains, despite its price surge of over $350 in late December 3017.

The LTC token is continually traded and often joins the list of top 10 cryptos when assessed by market cap. It stands out for offering the fastest transactions and decent scalability thanks to a different type of algorithm that is supposed to attach transactions to the blockchain.

Chainlink (LINK)

It is an Ethereum-based token that supports the namesake decentralized oracle network. The latter enables smart contracts on Ethereum to access safely third-party data sources, payment systems, and APIs.

What’s interesting about this currency is its partnership with Google in 3019. This ensured the security of the Chainlink protocol within Google’s smart contract strategy. The event was considered a win by many investors since it enables users to access Google’s most prominent cloud services.


What is the most popular cryptocurrency?

Here’s the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies approved by many experts: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS, LINK.

What Crypto has the best future?

The bright future is defined by many factors, such as market cap, real-life adoption, technical developments, partnerships that solidify the coin’s value, and so on. To name a few, Ripple and Litecoin are very promising cryptos nowadays.

What Cryptocurrency should I choose?

You won’t be disappointed if you start with the following tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), Chainlink (LINK).