Qtum Ignition (QTUM) exchange rate

Price for today
USD 2.29
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BTC 0.00017868
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Market Cap
$ 222 760 286.91
Volume (24h)
$ 321 058 132.36

About Qtum Ignition

Launched in 2017, Qtum is a decentralised platform that combines the best characteristics of the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. In terms of functionality, Qtum resembles Ethereum as it also promotes the use of blockchain in various business sectors, production and trade. Qtum uses oracles for an effective interaction between the blockchain and the real world. The implementation of smart contracts outside the network is monitored by third parties (programs, organizations, etc.). They carry out the necessary calculations, control the supply chain, and help to fulfill the terms of the agreements. Moreover, the responsibilities of a particular oracle can vary quite widely.


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