About Us

We are a team of industrialists who believe in the crypto economy. It doesn’t matter what course the bulls entered the market or the bulls sold, we always work, since our goal is to provide the service to crypto enthusiasts and share our expertise.

We created the service we had wanted to use ourselves: simple, fast, and reliable.

The development of Godex.io started from the business requirements gathering. Numerous surveys show that there are three main criteria that crypto traders check choosing the exchange service: rates, transaction speed, and service reliability.

Every client of the crypto exchange wants to get the money quickly and safely without overpaying. So, we, at Godex.io invested in the facility to make it meet the best client’s expectations.

Taking in attention to the nature of the crypto market, we rejected the idea of collecting and keeping the clients' personal information. In this way, our team pays respect to information subject to financial secrecy. Moreover, this policy decreases the risks related to hacker attacks and information leak: no sensitive information can be obtained from our platform.

What is Godex.io now?

Now Godex.io is one of the fastest exchange services on the market – order execution time varies from 5 to 30 minutes.

The time depends on the confirmation speed in a decentralized network: it takes longer for amounts of more than 1 BTC.

The service reliability is based on the modern security protocols and physical protection for the servers.

For the sophisticated crypto players, we offer more than 200 coins to exchange and no exchange limits.

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