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Tools for our users: Widget and API

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  • API


This little handy tool will perfectly fit your site and start making profit for you. Just place a source code to your web page. And you can even customize the style of the widget and buttons to your liking!


Our API is an effective and convenient way to empower your service with Godex instant exchange features. You can easily integrate the system of cryptocurrency exchange anywhere without any hassle.

Cryptocurrency affiliate program from Godex.io

If you make cryptocurrency exchanges and are looking for ways to make your transfers even more profitable, then sign up for the Godex affiliate program and get even more benefits.

If you have a website, personal blog or social network page with an audience, you can offer them your referral link and receive a commission from those exchange transactions that they will make in the future.

Registration in the partner network is very simple. Learn what benefits you get by using it.

How cryptocurrency affiliate programs work

An affiliate program is a partnership agreement between the service or platform that provides the service and the user who will promote the service. And you, as a user, can make good money on this.

Imagine: the service needs customers who will use it. They can spend money on advertising to attract new users. Or they can offer customers to promote their services among their acquaintances / friends / audience for payment.

You attract new users to the company, who get acquainted with their service and start using it. They pays you for this in various ways: a one-time check or a percentage of the orders or transactions of people you have brought.

In the second case, you get a constant cash flow that works without your participation, as long as the users you told about this service use it.

The Godex partner program is built in this way. You share your referral link with your audience, users click on it, make an exchange, and you get a percentage of it. Let's look at all the advantages of our affiliate program.

Benefits from our crypto affiliate program

Godex.io offers one of the best affiliate programs in the crypto world. Several weighty reasons serve as proof of this.

First, you get a "welcome" bonus to your account immediately after registration, as well as receive up to 0.6% of the transaction amount of the clients you attract. And you get this bonus all the time, without time limits, unlike many other crypto exchange affiliate programs.

List of important benefits of our program:

  • Use one or more different types of affiliation – for services, for wallets, for rate trackers, and for coins. Choose the most appropriate option for your business!
  • Choose the adjustable, well-designed widgets or white-label API with the detailed certification.
  • Enjoy a 24\7 dedicated support line for the affiliates. Our support technicians will help to solve any issue related to the partner program.
  • Turn your traffic to the profit – there is no limit for the number of attracted newcomers, their exchanges deal, transfers, and other activities. Invite as many new users as you can.
  • Withdraw the revenues whenever you want – it is a fast and easy option, and you can calculate your earning on the Godex site.
  • Recommend the seamless crypto-exchange service to your friends and get their gratitude.

Advantages of cryptocurrency affiliate program

The cryptocurrency referral program is beneficial to all participants in the process, which makes participation in it not only profitable, but also very useful.

  • For a company or service, this is a great opportunity to get new users by paying their partners who will bring them. The company does not need to do anything except pay a small commission to those people who advertise their services.
  • For a user who has registered in the affiliate program, this is the easiest, most profitable and fastest way to create savings in Bitcoin. That is, to receive permanent bonuses for the transactions of friends and all users who came to the site through his link in Bitcoin, which, as you know, shows an unprecedented growth in recent months. Imagine how much our partners who have been with us for several months have earned. Also, you don't need any start-up capital. You can start earning cryptocurrency without investing.
  • For the user, this is also a plus, since first, he learns about a reliable service through recommendations. And also, they can personally register for the affiliate program and also start making money on it.
  • Promotion of crypto services in general has a positive impact on the entire crypto world, the demand for cryptocurrencies, which together leads to their growth and strengthening.

Crypto Affiliate Offers And Payouts

The Crypto affiliate program gives you the opportunity to easily start earning coins without investing. All you need is to register in the partner program, choose the format of placing a personal offer for your audience, track the number of users in your personal account and the profit you received from their transactions.

What tools can you use to attract an audience: whitelabel API with detailed documentation, buttons and Widgets on your site, or a referral link.

You may not even have a website or a promoted page in social networks. Share the link with your friends to receive permanent bonuses in Bitcoin for their exchange transactions.

In your personal account, you can easily track all the payments that you receive. You can receive up to 0.6% from each transfer of users you have brought. Not counting the one-time welcome bonus of 0.005 BTC.

You can withdraw funds to your wallet at any time.

Our best crypto affiliate programs

Godex can offer the best favorable conditions for all our partners. We are ready to offer convenient formats of participation in the program both for businesses and for all users. You do not need to understand a complex system, personally track the people you have attracted, or go through a complex and long registration procedure.

Getting into the crypto referral program is very easy and fast. And Godex has already prepared several options for cooperation for you:

  • Do you want to put a Widget or buttons on your site? This is very easy to do through your personal account.
  • Do you want to attract people through a referral link? Create as many links as you want to keep track of the most effective source.

We have thought everything out for you – you can only recommend our reliable, secure service in a convenient way and make a profit.


What is a crypto affiliate?

Crypto affiliate network is a mutually beneficial cooperation between a crypto service and a user or company. They attract new customers to the service (through their website, personal recommendations, advertising, social networks), and the service pays them a reward for the first user brought in. The payment format can be different: a one-time payment or a percentage of the transactions made by the listed people.

How to join a crypto affiliate program?

It's very simple. To register for the affiliate program, go to the appropriate section on the website Godex.io . Register in a couple of clicks and get a welcome bonus of 0.005 BTC. Next, choose which format is convenient for you: create a referral link or place your widget on forums, sites and social networks or share it with your friends. Nothing complicated. Next, everyone who will come from you to Godex and make an exchange will bring you income: up to 0.06% from the completed transaction.

How to compare affiliate marketing and crypto affiliate programs?

These are exactly the same algorithms for finding new users. The best crypto referral programs is an implementation of affiliate marketing in the digital world of cryptocurrencies. And the only difference is that you get rewards in Bitcoin. The rate of which, by the way, is growing incredibly.

What is the limit for crypto affiliate programs?

With Godex, you don't have any earnings limits in the crypto referral program. You can get to the Moon and make it your source of permanent income. This allows you to add the network to the list of the best crypto-affiliate programs.