What is Godex?

Godex.io is online cryptocurrency exchange service, which will provide you with incognito, safe and fast cryptocurrency swaps. You can choose from more than 300 coins, and we are constantly expanding this list. Godex does not require any personal data, no accounts or registrations. There is no exchange limits. Only minimum amount of payment for your transaction to be included in the network. Fully automatic exchange system with no place for human factor error. 24/7 support. Our managers are always ready to help you and answer your questions. Best affiliate program with 0.005 BTC welcome bonus and up to 0.6% revenue share.

How does Godex work?

To provide you with the best on-the-fly exchange experience, Godex system in real time tracks best rates on platforms like Bitfinex, HITBtc, Binance and many other partners. We’ve made the exchange process as simple and fast as can be.

Why trust us?

Godex developers are brilliant specialists with extensive experience in the field of blockchain. We are working everyday to improve the processes of cryptocurrency exchange. To make an exchange with us, you do not need to provide any personal information, as Godex stands for the original idea of incognito in the cryptocurrency world.

  • Godex servers are under reliable protection.
  • Using strong security protocols
  • To avoid interception of information, the SSL certificate is used
  • The Godex service is protected from DDoS attacks.
  • Partnership with the most reliable trading platforms.

Do I need to create an account or register?

Using the Godex platform is as simple as possible and it does not require any registration or account creation. But if you want to become our affiliate partner and start earning easily with us, we offer a simple registration to access affiliate links, user’s balance, widgets and many more. See Affiliate Program.

How quick can we process your order?

The execution time of exchange usually varies from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on how quickly the transaction will be confirmed by the network and the new block will be formed in the blockchain network. Different coins require different confirmation times, and if some coin needs more confirmations, we notify the user of possible delays before they send us the coins. Once the coins arrive to our wallet, the exchange itself usually takes just a few minutes. In case of large volumes (more than 1 btc), the processing time may be a little longer.

How do I receive exchanged coins?

Once you have decided what cryptocurrency you want to receive as a result of the exchange, you must have a place where it can be stored. There are official wallets for each coin, or multi-currency wallet applications. Each currency requires its own wallet address - a unique valid identifier that serves as a virtual location where the cryptocurrency can be sent. For example: 0x7fd44ba08d7ee76da0aff7cmj5f07125ac10caa5.

Where can I get a wallet address?

To get your own cryptocurrency address we recommend visiting the site of the currency you are going to buy. Usually creators of the coin develop official wallet for this, or recommends trusted one. We highly recommend to use only trusted services in order to avoid losing your funds.

The destination address

The destination address is a unique wallet address to which Godex.io sends the cryptocurrency after the exchange of coins. This wallet address must be valid for the currency you want to get. For example, exchanging ETC to XRP requires recipient address to be the address of the XRP coin.

Can I cancel a transaction?

After transaction is included in block, it cannot be recalled or changed by anyone, this is one of main features of blockchain. So please check carefully the data you entered before you make the exchange.

Transaction hash

Each new transaction made by users in the blockchain has its own unique ID code that is assigned to the operation and will be stored in all subsequent new blocks. Using this ID (see also 'TX id') you can view the details of this transfer in a network and to authenticate transactions.

Godex Order ID

This is a unique identifier for a specific exchange assigned by Godex. It looks like this: #5bcfrd01e65ed

When does my exchange have a fixed rate?

A fixed rate exchange allows to perform an exchange with the exact rate which is displayed to the client in the moment of a exchange creation. When the transaction is created, we fix the exchange rate to protect you from price fluctuations. Fixation remains if the funds arrive within 30 minutes after the transaction is created.

Why may received amount be different from the initial one?

Processing your order takes time. During the transaction, you need to consider the variability of the exchange rate. It is necessary to understand, that the final conversion amount which will be transferred to you, is equivalent to the current exchange rate at the time of the exchange, which may differ from the initially stated, both upwards and downwards.

Minimum amounts

There are no upper limits for cryptocurrency exchanges on Godex. But in order to transfer coins from one address to another, blockchain requires to pay so called Miner Fee, so Godex.io has a minimal transaction volume to cover it.

What are additional ID’s (Destination Tag, Memo, Payment ID, Message)

In the exchange of some currencies we may ask you to not only send coins using provided address, but also specify an additional ID. The Additional ID is used by some currencies for transaction processing and identifying the transaction (Payment ID for Monero, Destination Tag for Ripple, Memo for Steem and Stellar, and Message for XEM). When Godex provide you with additional ID, it is very important to send coins using this ID, otherwise funds may be lost. Please be careful!

Why do we ask for your email?

Our chat window may ask you for your email address. Providing your email is not necessary at all, but it helps us to contact you as soon as possible in case of any issues related to the exchange.

What users data can Godex keep?

As we stand for absolute privacy, we erase all transaction data from our servers within a week. We only keep some data as long as is necessary to provide a necessary level of support for our users (for example, when refunds is needed or some problems take place). This data include e-mail (if provided by the user), tx hash and address.

How to earn profit with Godex?

You can become our affiliate partner and start earning up to 0.6% of total transactions volume. 0.005 BTC as a welcome bonus for registration! See this
detailed guide