TenXPay (PAY) exchange rate

Price for today

0,009 USD -1,88%

0,00000030 BTC -1,88%

Market Cap
1,782,028 $
Volume 24h
19,137 $
  • Name: TenXPay

  • Symbol: PAY

  • Circulating supply: 205 218 260 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Cmc rank: 1 186

  • Volume 24h: 19 137 $

  • Percent change 1h: 0,19 %

  • Percent change 24h: -1,9 %

  • Percent Change 7d: -4 %

About TenXPay

Founded in 2015 by Toby Hoenisch, TenX is a cryptocurrency payment service that integrates an online wallet, a physical debit card, a bank account, and access to ATM. The project aims to develop various financial instruments that simplify the use of cryptocurrencies in the "real world". With headquarters in Singapore, TenX offoers  advanced security mechanism based on smart contracts. TenX users automatically become owners of the DSS key which gives them a full control of your funds. Users can also modify security settings using smart contracts. For example, it is possible to change settings for daily limits, portfolio spending, withdrawal settings, etc.

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What Is TenxPay (PAY)?

As blockchain technology continues to gain popularity, cryptocurrencies like TenX are trying to ensure that people can easily spend their cryptocurrencies by connecting blockchain to traditional payment systems. 

Below, you will learn about the TenXPAY exchange, how to buy TenXPAY crypto, and how you can spend your coins using a physical or virtual TenX card.

TenX is a platform that creates a connection between blockchain assets and real-life payment platforms. 

The company prides itself in its goal to increase the usability of cryptocurrency and make sure that mainstream consumers slowly adopt it as a valid means of payment. Established mid-2015 in Singapore, TenX gradually rose to become one of the most recognized financial networks in the world. 

The TenX platform uses PAY, a token created off ERC-20. TenX PAY crypto serves as a security token of the platform. It offers a physical card and digital wallet for making purchases with crypto. Currently, Singapore is the only country where TenX is available.

TenX supports the following crypto options:

  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

The team continues working to make sure that the number of supported assets keeps growing.  

The three most notable features of TenX PAY crypto are:

  • Ease of access: You don't need to be a crypto expert to use TenX PAY. All you have to do is register, add funds to your wallet, and start purchasing. 
  • No hidden charges: Fees for every service are clearly outlined, and there are no additional charges you are not aware of.  
  • Decentralized security system: DSS ensures users are in control of their funds. 

TenXPay Price Index

During the initial coin offering, the price per token reached over $60 according to the TenX PAY price chart. But, as expected, right after that, the value of the token dropped drastically to $0.6, and it has continued to slowly decrease ever since.

There were no further price peaks after July 2017, and there has been no correlation between PAY price and the value of most popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Circulation of Ten XPay

Circulating supply refers to the number of cryptocurrency tokens or coins that are available to the public and are circulating in the crypto market. TenX PAY, for instance, is completely premined. The current circulation equals the total supply — 205,218,256 PAY. 

The ICO of TenX PAY was held in 2017, which raised over $80 million. The rest of the tokens entered the market gradually over the next four years.  

Ways of Buying PAY

As the token sale closed back in 2017, you cannot buy PAY from the platform directly. The only way to obtain TenX PAY is to swap other coins for it at specialized exchange services.  If you choose Godex to be your PAY converter, you are guaranteed to enjoy the safety, convenience, and efficiency of the platform.


How Does PAY Work?

The team at TenX strives to ensure that every blockchain asset can be spent without restrictions.  They make it possible with their built-in wallet and card that operate on the COMIT protocol for cross-blockchain payments. 

You can download the TenX wallet on your iOS or Android device. It supports such cryptocurrencies as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. 

You can also use the TenX card or app to carry out purchases. What is notable about this card is that your funds remain in crypto form until you make a transaction.

The DSS helps all users set rules on how they spend their money. You can decide to set limits on how much you withdraw and spend daily. You can also select the crypto coin that you want to use for your expenses as well as split the purchase between several coins. For instance, you can buy a product for 50% bitcoin and 50% litecoin. 

How Many TenXPay (PAY) Coins Are There in Circulation?

Most crypto coins and tokens have a maximum supply, a total supply, and a circulating supply. 

Total supply refers to the overall amount of coins that were already created. 

Circulating supply, on the other hand, is the current quantity of the already mined cryptocurrency that's in public use. 

Maximum supply refers to the largest quantity of coins that will exist. This includes coins that are yet to be created or mined. 

As for TenX PAY, it does not have a maximum supply. However, since all coins were mined at once in 2017, no new coins are to be issued in the future. There are 205,218,256 PAY coins in circulation today, and it is also the total supply of the token.

How to Exchange TenXPay (PAY)?

Before you exchange PAY, you should carefully study the tendencies of the TenXPay price USD and review expert price prognosis for the future. It is equally important to choose the right platform to convert PAY. If you operate with crypto only and do not need to convert TenXPAY to USD, you can use the Godex exchange service.

Here’s how to exchange PAY using Godex: 

  • Choose the currency you want to swap to PAY in the drop-down menu; then select PAY as the receiving currency.
  • Specify the amount of crypto you’d like to exchange in the “You Send” field or the amount of PAY you’d like to receive in the “You Get” field. The other field will be filled automatically.
  • Enter your wallet address. Make sure you double-check it before proceeding.
  • Deposit your coins to the provided address and wait for the coins to arrive.

Godex will do the rest of the work for you. The rates are fixed at the beginning of the transaction, so you get the same amount of coins you were promised. 

Transactions usually take 5-30 minutes. After you are done, you can make more transactions — there are no limits! Moreover, Godex has no cap on the amount of the transaction, which means you can swap as many coins as you need. And the cherry on top: you can do all of this completely anonymously as Godex does not require registration or any of your personal information. 

Start your PAY exchange now and experience the simple, fast, and reliable exchange process at Godex.

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