Basic Attention Token (BAT) exchange rate

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USD 0.21
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BTC 0.00001632
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Market Cap
$ 318 828 869.09
Volume (24h)
$ 371 958 407.62

About Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token was introduced in 2-17 by its CEO Brendan Eich (co-founder of several global companies, such as Mozilla). BAT is an Ethereum-backed open-source project which facilitates decentralised advertisement exchange.  The platform aims to eliminate scam and ambiguity in the advertising sector. The bitcoin focuses on accurate pricing clients’ consideration within the BAT system. User behavior is tracked with the help of the Brave browser, and those who post content get a equivalent reward in the BAT tokens. The BAT projects strives to build a system that will not let third-party trackers to trace your presence on the Web. If one decides to see advertisement, they will be compensated with BAT and see only those ads that are formed from their activity at the browser level.


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