1inch (1INCH) exchange rate

Price for today

0,317 USD 1,17%

0,00001085 BTC 1,17%

Market Cap
325,274,509 $
Volume 24h
28,267,180 $
  • Name: 1inch

  • Symbol: 1INCH

  • Circulating supply: 1 027 491 300 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Cmc rank: 99

  • Volume 24h: 28 267 180 $

  • Percent change 1h: 0,05 %

  • Percent change 24h: 1,2 %

  • Percent Change 7d: 4,2 %

About 1inch

1inch is an aggregator of decentralized marketplaces that helps to execute large volume orders with low slippage. The protocol collects liquidity from DEX, using smart contract technology for this purpose, sharing one transaction between several exchanges, which let users optimize their transactions, rather than simply choosing the best price as other aggregators do. 1inch also does not impose any withdrawal fees, except for the network commission. In order to work with 1inch, you need to connect through the Ethereum wallet. 1inch allows you to trade ETH and ERC-20 tokens.

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What Is 1inch (1INCH)?

Let’s talk about 1INCH crypto — a token that governs the structure of 1inch, the first DeFi aggregator for crypto exchanges. 

The platform connects to your web3 wallet and uses an algorithm called 1inch Pathfinder that splits your order into different parts and swaps them through all platforms & exchanges — sometimes, several times — to offer you the best rates with the lowest transaction fees. 

Called “the Google for DEXes”, 1inch is a vital network for traders that wish to find the best prices for different cryptos and avoid juggling between dozens of different platforms and blockchains. 

Equipped with a Limit Order protocol provided by the platform, people use it to trade their assets at a price they set. 1inch charges no fees for depositing, trading, or transactions and provides services on various blockchains, which creates an environment that is very comfortable for traders. 

1inch Price History

Since 2020, 1INCH price has been following the general market movement ever since. After a huge rally at the beginning of the year, the 1INCH lost a lot of its value following the short-term block on the crypto markets created by the pandemic. Right now, it’s growing due to the platform’s recent integration with Exodus wallet. 

The price of the 1INCH price chart strongly correlates with the volume exchanged on various decentralized exchanges. So, as DEXes become more common, the platform’s popularity and the 1inch price USD should increase in parallel. 

Circulation of 1inch

The team behind the 1inch project wants to unlock the entirety of their 1.5 billion 1INCH crypto supply by December of 2024. 15% of these tokens will be distributed for grants and incentives for engineers to improve the platform, pay for audits — and be used as emergency funds. 

180 million tokens are already in circulation. 30% is owned by the platform's developers. New tokens are put in circulation as a reward to users that provide liquidity to the 1inch trading platform or stake their tokens to secure the network. (Or: recently, the 1inch team decided to refund their users gas fees with 1INCH coin.) 

Ways of Buying 1INCH

Lots of crypto exchanges list the 1INCH token and offer 1INCH to USD. You can buy 1inch tokens through a 1INCH converter that’s usually placed on the homepage of each platform. 1inch exchange on Godex is pretty straightforward: more than 300 cryptocurrencies are available for swapping, no registration is needed. 


How Does the 1INCH Network Work?

1inch is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that utilizes two special protocols — for aggregation and liquidity — to give you the best possible crypto deals from different platforms with the lowest transaction fees. It even lowers the gas fees via the CHI Gas Tokens and Infinite Unlock feature.

Liquidity protocol on the 1inch platform is a next-generation automated market maker (AMM) that helps liquidity providers find pools with good APYs and protects the platform from cyberattacks. The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governs the network. 

Sometimes, the team launches liquidity mining programs.

What Makes 1inch (1INCH) Coin Unique?

First of all, 1inch coin governs a decentralized platform that has recently become cross-platform, multi-currency, multi-wallet, and has the potential to grow to one of the most popular DEXes out there. 

Secondly, everyone who owns the platform’s assets can vote for the main setting and features in open-source protocols, built by a 1inch community, and participate in the network maintenance. They also have access to the platform’s features for more cost-effective & profitable crypto trading.

How to Exchange 1inch (1INCH)?

Before you buy tokens through a 1INCH exchange, study the current circulation rates and activity on the market. Cryptos are extremely volatile, and their price can fluctuate wildly. To exchange 1INCH on Godex, you have to have functional wallets for both currencies — for 1INCH, you can register it on the platform itself.

To convert 1INCH, simply choose it from the list. Then, choose the crypto you want to receive. Provide both wallet addresses, double-check, and click to exchange. You will remain anonymous as Godex doesn’t collect any KYC data. 

On Godex, you can exchange 1inch to and from different coins, including BTC, ETH, UNI, BNB, and many more.

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