CRO vs ADA compare


About CRO

  • Name: Cronos

  • Symbol: CRO

  • Circulating supply: 25 263 014 000 $

  • Max supply: 30 263 014 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 29

  • Volume 24h: 14 910 990 $

  • Percent change 1h: -0,008 %

  • Percent change 24h: -3,6 %

  • Percent Change 7d: -3,9 %

About ADA

  • Name: Cardano

  • Symbol: ADA

  • Circulating supply: 34 433 905 000 $

  • Max supply: 45 000 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 9

  • Volume 24h: 241 645 880 $

  • Percent change 1h: -0,017 %

  • Percent change 24h: -4 %

  • Percent Change 7d: -0,15 %

CRO vs ADA Comparison

The crypto market is a varied ecosystem with thousands of coins that can bring incredible profits. And two extremely popular cryptocurrencies are CRO vs ADA. To the neophyte, it can be challenging to see which one is more valuable than the other and which one has more potential. This article will help you choose between CRO or ADA by explaining the basics behind each cryptocurrency and their price fluctuations in the market. Also, it will help you see if a CRO to ADA exchange is a good idea.

CRO Overview 

CRO is the utility cryptocurrency of the Crypto.com exchange. It was launched at the end of 2018 to provide discounts for the users of its native cryptocurrency exchange. However, the number of use cases of the CRO token has increased throughout the years. Today, it’s also an essential element of the Cronos blockchain and is used to pay for transactions for deploying dApps and creating NFTs. 

The CRO cryptocurrency reached an all-time high of $0.96 in November 2021, and at the same time, entered the top 20 of cryptocurrencies by market cap. 

ADA Overview 

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain that uses its ADA cryptocurrency for securing the network. Founded in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is one of the most hyped-up projects in the blockchain space, trying to solve the trilemma by simultaneously becoming scalable, secure, and decentralized. The ADA cryptocurrency is essential in its smart contract ecosystem for deploying decentralized apps and transferring value. 

In September 2021, ADA reached an all-time high of $3.1 per token, following its announcement for smart contract integration into its ecosystem. 

Crypto.com Coin vs Cardano: Which Is Preferable?

So which one should you choose between CRO vs ADA? Well, the comparison between the Crypto.com coin vs Cardano might be a bit unfair. Both coins have very different use cases. 

Cardano has the advantage of being a stakeable coin. This means that you can lock your ADA and get access to a stream of passive income through interest. Additionally, the Cardano ecosystem is more fleshed out and its blockchain usage will keep growing, and henceforth the value of ADA should follow. 

Crypto.com, on the other hand, only recently launched its blockchain ecosystem. However, its CRO cryptocurrency can already be used for creating NFTs on the marketplace and receiving rebates on trading fees. Additionally, Crypto.com provides Visa credit cards linked to the users’ wallets, with CRO providing reduced transaction fees. 

A Quick Review of CRO vs ADA Live Price

To continue our Crypto.com coin vs Cardano comparison, let's have a quick look at their historical price action. CRO entered the markets at a modest $0.01 and quickly rose above $0.05 in 2019, during the market recovery that occurred in this period. The price fell to $0.03 during the COVID-19 crash in 2020 but has since been in a steady macro uptrend. By mid-2020 it had reached $0.15, and at the start of 2021, CRO was worth $0.23, before reaching its all-time high last November at $0.9. 

Cardano had its first bull run in 2018 when it reached $1.1 per token. The subsequent bear market brought ADA as low as $0.03. However, in 2021, Cardano experienced a strong revival as the price went from $0.15 in January 2021 to $3.1 in September 2021. 

CRO vs ADA: Conclusion

To conclude this CRO vs ADA comparison, we can declare that both coins have high potential, albeit very different use cases. They are also quite volatile and can bring in considerable profits (or losses) in short amounts of time. With all this in mind, you should have a better idea about which is the better investment between Crypto.com coin versus Cardano. 

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How to Compare CRO vs ADA?

Comparing CRO to ADA can be done through a wide variety of indicators. Here are some comparison points that could help you determine their real market value: 

  • Market liquidity and supply. Both tokens have a rather large maximum supply, with CRO just above 30 billion tokens and ADA being capped at 45 billion. 
  • Both cryptocurrencies are tokens, which means that CRO and ADA have added utility within their ecosystem. 
  • Both cryptos are issued on their proprietary blockchain. Crypto.com uses Tendermint, a BFT consensus mechanism with a couple of hundred transactions per second. Cardano on the other hand uses Ouroboros Proof of Stake, with 257 transactions per second. 

This should give you a good overview of their differences.

Why Is Cardano Coin More Expensive Than Crypto.com?

Cardano coin is more expensive than Crypto.com coin because of the high demand for its consensus mechanism. Hundreds of developers are already using its smart contract ecosystem to create scalable decentralized applications. So, in short, ADA is more expensive because of higher demand. 

Which Coin is More Profitable: CRO or ADA?

Both coins can be quite profitable. For comparison, CRO realized 1,400% gains from January to December 2021. In the same period, Cardano realized 1,800% gains, so they are quite close in their profit-making potential.