Aave (AAVE) exchange rate

Price for today

64,345 USD -1,2%

0,00220498 BTC -1,2%

Market Cap
933,429,849 $
Volume 24h
162,790,424 $
  • Name: Aave

  • Symbol: AAVE

  • Circulating supply: 14 506 743 $

  • Max supply: 16 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 44

  • Volume 24h: 162 790 420 $

  • Percent change 1h: 0,31 %

  • Percent change 24h: -1,2 %

  • Percent Change 7d: -8,4 %

About Aave

Aave runs on the Ethereum blockchain with a matching mining algorithm. Chainlink acts as the oracle connecting smart contracts with the off-chain. Access to the source code of the project is open, and changes are made to the project by voting.

The main purpose of the platform is to work with cryptocurrency loans. Naturally, both parties to the transaction remain anonymous and do not exchange any personal data or documents. Usually, trust is secured with a blocked collateral in the deflationary LEND token. This means that the tokens used when paying commissions are burned. You can store LEND on any ERC-20 supported wallet.

One of the main advantages of Aave over other similar platforms is the provision of “flash loans”. Thanks to this, users have the opportunity to borrow virtual coins without collateral - provided that they are returned within a single transaction. If the borrowed money is not returned on time, then the transaction is simply canceled. Most often, loans of this kind are used in arbitrage transactions.

Aave uses its own ERC20 token, LEND, based on Ethereum, which provides holders with discounts.

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What Is Aave?

What is Aave? It’s a money market. For now, it’s the largest and the most prosperous one. But first things first, and we’re here to introduce you to the Aave realm and to how things work here. 

Integral to any present-time financial system are intermediaries that help other lend and borrow assets. Obliging allows giving full play to holdings, and lending enables someone’s secure return on their investment. The crypto wizards have seen opportunities in such services and rolled out money markets. This is how this venture came into the arena. 

Now, what is it and how can you benefit from it? So let’s get down to it.

It represents an Ethereum-enabled asset market, in which participants borrow and lend a broad range of digital ones like stablecoins and altcoins. Aave holders run the namesake protocol. To figure out what the Aave crypto is, first let’s get to know what its protocol is. 

Stani Kulechov with the band of developers issued ETHLend in an Initial Coin Offering in November 2017. The intent was to facilitate cryptocurrency lending and borrowing by placing load proposals and requests.

The proposal was new but the venture together with its coin was losing momentum and encountering the 2018 bear market. Founders couldn’t achieve more liquidity and the balance between loan requests and offers. Thus, during this 2-year bear market period, the ETHLend squad revamped its service and produced Aave at the beginning of 2020.

Now, a few words of how it all operates?

Users can get and settle loans from Aave immediately (“flash ones”). They do not suggest any prior collateral and are disbursed nearly straightaway. Flash loans include the conveniences of all blockchains, meaning that transactions are completed in condition if the network validates a batch of new ones (you probably know it as a block).

It takes time to add a novel one. On Ethereum, it’s about 12 seconds, while on Bitcoin - 10 minutes. To execute a flash loan, the system will need 13 seconds. Aave provides funds when asked for, but borrowers need to pay them and a 0.09% commission within a single block. If they fail with this, the whole procedure will be canceled, and no funds have ever been borrowed. Therefore, none from both - Aave and a borrower - have no risks.

Borrowers get more trading benefits or increase profits from other ventures built on Ethereum when using flash loans. They can even exchange cryptos automatically by using flash loans to create trading profits.

Purchasing Aave

You can purchase the Aave coin on the exchange that works with it. First, one should create an account. Normally, an exchange platform or broker avails a trading site where participants purchase and trade cryptos. Herewith, it charges you with fees for using it. 

There are many brokers out there - it all depends on your location and the types of cryptos you’re about to invest in. Consider the one that is super beneficial in terms of exchange rates and commissions and has a secure user experience on the platform. Simply put, make sure it doesn’t require any personal information and, in the meantime, comes with the best rates on the market. 

Once picking a trusted exchange platform, one can set up a crypto wallet to hold coins safely. This kind of wallet assigns an individual set of keys allowing to store the holdings off the exchange, decreasing this possibility of account hack attacks. The wallets might be hardware and software, each possessing exceptional advantages and inconveniences.  

To purchase the coin, one should place an order, which, in its turn, implies a few moves. First, selecting the order type. It defines the timeframe of the order execution and the commissions for each token. Next, deciding on the quantity of coins and surveying the most beneficial Aave price out there. When making an order, it’s important to specify the highest price one is ready to remunerate per coin as well as the quantity of tokens they are about to buy. 

Finally, the broker will fulfill the order by the user’s instructions. After all is done, they’ll get Aave currency in the wallet. 

Circulation of Aave

The distribution is related to the overall value ‘sealed’ on Aave since tokens are burned whenever the protocol collects fees. At ICO (November 2017), $16.2M was raised by marketing 1B Aave coins at $0.0162 rate each. In the meantime, 23% of this currency was assigned to its creators and project.

The Aave coin was built on the ERC-20 standard, and its nature is deflationary. If the DeFi protocol shortfall happens, staked coins will be exploited as collateral if there’s no other way.

In July 2020, founders shared their plan to arrange a token swap, meaning 1.3B coins in circulation will be replaced for brand new Aave cryptocurrency. The ratio is supposed to be 1:100. This will generate an overall supply of 16M Aave, where 3M will be kept in reserve.

Can You Mine Aave?

Before mining Aave, do your homework and find out if your setup is capable of generating any profit. The Aave price might be unstable and the competition plays a big deal in your chances of being successful. Considering the present-day price, analyze how much it will cost to install a mining rig. ASICs are known as the most convenient and powerful hardware for mining, yet they are pretty costly nowadays. 

Consult mining profitability charts that demonstrate how much US dollars you can obtain for 1 Mh/s of hash rate. They show the electricity expenses. The challenge grows as the crowd of miners grows and when the rush for a broader hash rate boosts. The latter means how much computing power a user is contributing to mining new blocks. In other words, it’s called “block time”.


How does Aave work?

To explain it accurately, let’s imagine lending pools. Its participants put funds they are about to lend. They are further gathered into a pool. It is possible to borrow from them once a loan request is placed. The coins might be sold or resent according to the lender’s wants. 

Aave provides two kinds of assets to accelerate this venture: aTokens and Aave tokens. The first type is produced to gather interest on deposits. Another token is a native one. 

Those having the AAve crypto stand out for multiple benefits. Borrowers, for example, are not charged with commissions when getting loans in tokens. In addition, borrowers exploiting the token as collateral receive decreased commissions.

Aave holders can further examine loans prior to making them available to the whole public in condition they pay a commission to Aave. Borrowers who place Aave as collateral may get a bit more.

How Many Aave Coins Are There In Circulation?

According to Yahoo Finance, the present-day currency supply constitutes 16,000,000 with 12,000+ in circulation. 

How Can You Convert Aave?

The simplest way to convert Aave to BTC is to trade this pair on an exchange you trust. Also, make sure it provides the latest exchange rate and Aave price logs. Godex.io, for example, provides the most accurate rate and historical ones, and you can convert with the one you think is the most beneficial. 

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