Phantasma (SOUL) exchange rate

Price for today

0,171 USD -1,35%

0,00001034 BTC -1,28%

Market Cap
18,405,611 $
Volume 24h
97,370 $
  • Name: Phantasma

  • Symbol: SOUL

  • Circulating supply: 107 691 970 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Cmc rank: 560

  • Volume 24h: 97 370 $

  • Percent change 1h: 0,66 %

  • Percent change 24h: -1,4 %

  • Percent Change 7d: -2 %

about Phantasma

Phantasma Protocol provides a revolutionary content allocation mechanism on blockchain and is designed to ensure privacy and confidentiality for customers. Phantasma verifies that decentralization has a high standard of transparency, increases the security of information between customers, and creates a protocol specifically designed to share all forms of data. The Phantasma team emphasizes that utilizing centralized platforms to share information creates various threats for private users and companies. What is more, the increasing dApps popularity creates an additional urge for secure and transparent data processing. Phantasma offers both a service for storing data and a system for communication with smart contracts. The final aim of the project is to ensure a high level of content protection within the dapps ecosystem.

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What is Phantasma (SOUL)?

Phantasma is an open-source blockchain-based carbon-neutral ecosystem that primarily targets gaming companies. Annually, their electricity consumption level equals that of an average household in America: ~52,500kWh, which is definitely a step up from eating up as much electricity as California or Iceland, as some other blockchain-based systems do. Now, let’s move to SOUL. 

Phantasma’s ecosystem operates on two tokens: KCAL and SOUL. SOUL is the system’s governance token — developers and users of the platform buy it to stake it, have a word in where the network is going to move, receive a segment of the platform’s decentralized storage, and buy NFT. Among NFTs people can buy for SOUL crypto, there is a whole artwork marketplace called Ghostmarket and Pavillion hub for NFT gaming. 

When users stake SOUL crypto, they create a block in the network — and, for their contribution, receive a certain percentage of transaction fees in KCALs (they call KCALs Energy, so keep them in mind when reading Phantasma’s whitepapers.) Both cryptos can be exchanged to other crypto assets or fiat on different platforms — Phantasma has different wallets for corresponding blockchain networks the most popular cryptocurrencies are mined on. 

The main idea behind Phantasma is to promote NFTs and eco-friendly blockchain. A platform has already been a basis for the development of multiple DApps and NFT-enhanced games, and they’ve already partnered with multiple artists and developers, providing them infrastructure, consulting, and development power to secure & streamline their operations. The platform supports 5,000 transactions per second and is available in eight programming languages. 

Phantasma Price Index

SOUL price remained very low through 2020 and part of 2021. It was not until March 2021 that it hit record highs, but then again performed badly from April to September. Since September, though, the SOUL price chart has recovered. 

Circulation of Phantasma 

The max supply of SOUL coins is about 103M coins. Phantasma’s developers plan to increase this number up to 100M to split additional tokens between developers who are willing to contribute to the platform. Recently, the token — and the platform behind it — even hit the top 10 of LunarCrush: they’re topping the coin market in terms of publicity. 

Ways of Buying SOUL

One of the best ways to buy Phantasma is by going to Godex. Godex’s chief advantage is its anonymity. Users do not have to register an account; instead, they go onto the website, enter their wallet address, and start exchanging. Godex’s only disadvantage is that it does not allow fiat transactions — so no phantasma to usd. SOUL exchange works only with other cryptos. 

Other services allow fiat transactions with different Phantasma price usd, but they do not have Godex’s anonymity. Instead, they have KYC requirements that force you to provide identifying documents. Because exchange platforms are often hacked and hackers could find out a lot about you just by using your email, using a Godex SOUL converter is more secure. 


How Does SOUL Work?

The platform requires users to stake SOUL rather than hold it in a wallet. When SOUL is staked, users receive Energy, which enables them to use the platform’s apps and play NFT games in the partners’ marketplaces and hubs. 

How Many Phantasma (SOUL) Coins Are There In Circulation?

The quantity of coins increases and decreases because of mining and coin burning, as mentioned earlier. Currently, there are 103,033,489.00 coins in circulation. 

The circulating supply is the number of coins that exist. Total supply is the number of coins in circulation in addition to the mined coins that aren’t on the market. The maximum supply is the total number of coins that will ever exist.

How to Exchange Phantasma (SOUL)?

To exchange SOUL on Godex, take the following steps:

  • Pick a currency pair from other 300 coins and tokens
  • Enter your wallet address and convert SOUL
  • Wait 30 minutes for the trade to complete. The Phantasma exchange rate is locked during that time.

The funds will be deposited when the trade is finished.

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