Harmony (ONE) exchange rate

Price for today

0,012 USD -0,56%

0,00000040 BTC -0,56%

Market Cap
156,259,230 $
Volume 24h
8,368,161 $
  • Name: Harmony

  • Symbol: ONE

  • Circulating supply: 13 442 393 000 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Cmc rank: 160

  • Volume 24h: 8 368 161 $

  • Percent change 1h: 0,01 %

  • Percent change 24h: -0,56 %

  • Percent Change 7d: -0,6 %

About Harmony

Harmony (ONE) is a new project that was created to increase the scalability of the blockchain. The platform runs on the token that allows users to participate in the development of the ecosystem. In addition, it serves as a mechanism for payment for various actions. 

It is expected that within the protocol, the token will perform the following 3 functions:

  • Protocol management which gives the right to vote for token holders;
  • Payment for storage and transactions;
  • Use as DPoS stake. Bet holders receive a reward for forming blocks and a share of transaction fees.

On the Harmony basis you can build different types of decentralized applications and trading systems that require high decentralization and bandwidth. Games, exchanges, AI sites are just the examples of potential usage.

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What Is Harmony (ONE)?

This page will introduce you to one of the most promising cryptocurrencies on the market — the Harmony ONE crypto. Read this thorough overview of the Harmony blockchain project and discover how to exchange ONE. 

If you ever wondered about Harmony One, its advantages, and the opportunities it presents in the growing DeFi ecosystem, you’ve come to the right place. 

Harmony is a smart contract-capable blockchain project that was released through an IEO on Binance in 2019. The team managed to raise $18 million, setting it up for success since its early days. 

In a nutshell, Harmony tries to find the sweet spot between decentralization and scalability. The team attempts to achieve this perfect balance through a technology called sharding, allowing them to create a transaction block in mere seconds. 

More importantly, while the Harmony project focuses on transaction speeds, it does this without sacrificing security or decentralization. To this end, it uses a modified proof of stake consensus mechanism called EPoS that allows hundreds of simultaneous validator nodes. Consequently, the ecosystem provides a viable staking economy for investors wishing to stake ONE crypto tokens. 

Harmony is also compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This could allow developers to easily migrate and enjoy faster, energy-efficient, and cheap transactions and create bridges between different blockchains. The ONE token is used to pay for transaction fees on the network, as well as staking on validator nodes for securing the Harmony blockchain. 

Harmony Price Index

The Harmony ONE cryptocurrency experienced a price surge shortly after it was released in 2019. This coincided with the market’s short-lived bull run during that period, where many coins experienced consequential rallies. 

The bear market that followed pushed ONE tokens to new all-time lows. Even IEO investors were at a loss at that time. The Harmony price reached lower than it was originally sold for during the crowdfunding event. 

That said, the ONE price chart showed another price surge during the DeFi craze in 2020. However, this is nothing compared to the price rally that began in early 2021. ONE tokens made 2000% gains and reached a new all-time high at this point. 

An interesting observation is that Harmony price tends to go up with the increase of adoption of the platform. For instance, its integration with SushiSwap has triggered another bull run. This means that investors should be on the lookout for such developments. They can try and predict similar price movements and proceed to buy Harmony accordingly. 

Circulation of Harmony

Harmony is a proof-of-stake token, where a certain number of ONE will be introduced in circulation on a regular basis. As such, Harmony presents no mining capability. 

Worth noting is that 34.9% of the total supply was sold during two different launchpad events. The team has kept 16.9% of the total supply. 

Both the maximum and circulating supply of Harmony tokens are essential when trying to estimate the real value of Harmony to USD. Once all the tokens are in circulation, the scarcity of ONE will increase. 

As the Harmony blockchain encounters success, exchanging ONE tokens will be in great demand. Consequently, the combination of scarcity and increased demand should make the Harmony price USD go up significantly in the future.  

Ways of Buying ONE

There are multiple ways of buying ONE tokens on the internet. The most reliable is by exchanging it for another cryptocurrency. If you are wondering where you can proceed with a  ONE exchange of this type, look no further than this page. 

On Godex, you will get the best ONE converter, as it will allow you to exchange ONE for 300+ different cryptocurrencies. This is a unique feature, as most services will only offer the BTC or USDT trading pairs. 

Moreover, our Harmony exchange is one of the easiest to use. You can complete the process in just a couple of clicks. There’s no need to create a user account or go through a complicated KYC procedure. Before you convert ONE, simply select the cryptocurrency you wish to swap for Harmony, provide your wallet address, and complete your ONE exchange by following the instructions on your screen. 

This will allow you to maintain your privacy at all times and keep you safe from malicious individuals. 

Other options to buy ONE include: 

  • centralized exchanges, where you need to go through lengthy ID verification procedures. 
  • Decentralized exchanges, which severely limit the choice of cryptos you can swap for ONE.


How Does ONE Work?

Harmony is a smart contract protocol that is both extremely decentralized and efficient at the same time. This means that developers can create decentralized applications for the DeFi ecosystem using low gas fees (0.000000001 ONE) and very fast transaction times (2 seconds). 

The ONE protocol implements a sharding system that allows limitless addition of validators, which enhances the scaling of the network. Moreover, updates are done in an organic way, allowing the network to remain operational 100% of the time. 

Another feature of the Harmony blockchain is that it provides cross-shard communication. Thus, developers can create interoperable blockchains across different ecosystems by using the high security and scaling features of the original protocol.

How Many Harmony (ONE) Coins Are There in Circulation?

At the moment of writing, there are 10.5 billion ONE tokens in circulation out of 12.6 billion. Every year, another 441 million tokens will be released to the market until the maximum is reached. If the current release schedule is respected, the full amount of ONE tokens should be available to investors by January 2027. 

How to Exchange Harmony (ONE)?

Before you proceed with a ONE exchange, you should always assess the market sentiment and fundamentals of the token. To achieve this, study the Harmony project thoroughly and try to understand its goals, as well as its pros and cons.  

Additionally, you should learn some technical analysis that might help you find the best moment to enter or exit the market and maximize your profits. And because cryptocurrencies are so volatile, make sure you understand the risks of investing in digital assets. 

Finally, you should always look for a fast and reliable exchange to buy or swap ONE tokens. Godex should be your go-to platform. It provides full anonymity, enhanced security, and ease of use. In addition to popular trading pairs, you can find hundreds of less-common cryptocurrencies to swap for ONE, like SHIB or DOGE. 

Here’s how to exchange ONE on Godex: 

  • Choose the crypto you wish to swap for ONE in the left drop-down menu and provide the desired amount.
  • Paste your wallet address where you want to receive your ONE tokens.
  • Sign the transaction with your wallet app.

Notice that you don’t even have to create an account. Just fill in the transaction details, and you are good to go. Simple and efficient!

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