Dai (DAI) exchange rate

Price for today
USD 1.00
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BTC 0.00007764
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Market Cap
$ 938 795 084.52
Volume (24h)
$ 77 142 743.32

About Dai

Multi-collateral DAI (DAI) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency launched in November 2019 by the CEO of MakerDAO Foundation Rune Christensen. With a major focus on privacy, decentralisation and non-discriminative character, this price-stable altcoin offers great accessibility and financial freedom to produce DAI coins on users’ own terms. MakerDAO algorithms automatically control the DAI price. To date, DAI has remained stable for two years with slight fluctuations from a one dollar price peg. MakerDAO recently upgraded its system to include a DAI savings rate, where DAI owners can block their DAIs in the Oasis MakerDAO app for interest.


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