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About Bitcoin

  • Name: Bitcoin

  • Symbol: BTC

  • Circulating supply: 19 217 475 $

  • Max supply: 21 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 1

  • Volume 24h: 17 900 844 000 $

  • Percent change 1h: -0,31 %

  • Percent change 24h: -0,02 %

  • Percent Change 7d: -0,81 %


  • Name: THETA

  • Symbol: THETA

  • Circulating supply: 1 000 000 000 $

  • Max supply: 1 000 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 45

  • Volume 24h: 18 363 748 $

  • Percent change 1h: -0,72 %

  • Percent change 24h: -0,56 %

  • Percent Change 7d: 2,2 %

BTC to THETA Calculator

Bitcoin has performed well over the last year and a half, but recent tumbles in value are pausing investors. If you’re looking to sell Bitcoin, Theta is a good option. It has performed well since January 2021 and has a lot of growth potential. You can use Godex to trade these coins anonymously and securely at the best rates. Below, we explain how the platform works. 

Using our calculator is effortless. All you have to do is: 

  • Select the exchange pair
  • Specify an amount to trade
  • Enter the addresses of the sender and recipient
  • Click the exchange button.

When you initiate the exchange, you get competitive rates, fast service, and many other benefits. 

How to Convert BTC to Theta

To use our platform, you will need a wallet and Bitcoin. Unfortunately, we do not allow a dollar to crypto exchange pair or vice versa. Our platform has other advantages other exchanges do not have:

  • Start trading without having to worry about Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements.
  • Enhanced security with SSL certificates and protected servers.
  • Fast transaction speed that takes five to thirty minutes to complete.
  • Users can participate in our affiliate program and get rewards for referring new customers,
  • Access to 200+ coins.
  • Reliable, responsive, and professional customer service.

Live BTC to THETA Price

Our customers can check the price details before they buy 1 BTC to Theta or any other cryptocurrency by checking the live option page. It displays all the pertinent information you need to know before initiating a trade, such as a candlestick BTC to Theta chart. The green lines indicate price increases, and the red lines indicate price decreases. The top margin shows important data like 24 hour highs, lows, opens, and closes. As of June 22nd, 2021, Bitcoin was trading at $32,700 per coin and Theta at $6.80 per coin. 

Many things can affect the value of cryptocurrency, but the central cause of price changes is supply and demand. If demand is high and there is a limited supply of coins, the price will be high. When demand drops and people start exchanging for fiat, the price falls accordingly. 

Convert BTC to THETA at the Best Rates

The reason why you can exchange crypto and tokens at the best rates is that we fix them. Once you start a transaction, the exchange rate does not change. This allows you to make more of a profit without worrying about price fluctuations. At Godex, you will always be able to use our BTC to Theta converter at the best rates. Additionally, our rates for Theta and Bitcoin are fixed. At Godex, you can always convert Bitcoin and Theta at the best rates. Waste no more minute in case you’re interested - convert NAV to BTC at the best rates now! 

Bitcoin to Theta Exchange Benefits

  • Secure Transactions: All activity on our site is protected by SSL certificates. Our site is also fully protected from DDoS attacks and ransomware.
  • Fast Transactions: Transactions take five to thirty minutes to complete.
  • Fixed Rates: We provide the most optimal exchange rates for our users by fixing the rates once the trade begins.
  • No Exchange Limits: Trade as much as you want without us stopping you.
  • 200+ Coins: In addition to Bitcoin and Theta, you can trade Ethereum, Doge, Tron, and other altcoins and tokens.
  • Affiliate Program: All users have the option of joining our affiliate program. You can earn up to 0.6 percent of total transaction volume.

BTC to THETA Price Details

Bitcoin is arguably the most well-known cryptocurrency in existence. It is not a stretch to say it is the face of cryptocurrency. 2020 saw the coin rise to record highs thanks to a perfect storm of social, political, and economic instability brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, the George Floyd riots, and the 2020 election dispute. But now that Covid, the riots, and the election are in the rearview mirror, the dollar has strengthened, and Bitcoin has fallen in value by tens of thousands of dollars. As of June 22nd, 2021, Bitcoin was trading at $32,700 per coin and Theta at $6.80 per coin. 

Theta is a blockchain video streaming service launched in the early spring of 2019. It is decentralized and aims to move content creators away from centralized platforms like YouTube. In that respect, it is similar to the Tron Network. The price was very low until recently, but in January 2021 the price shot up to record highs. The value has come down somewhat, but it could rebound at any time. 

How BTC to THETA Calculator Works

Everything works automatically on our website. You do not have to invest any effort to get crypto you need. Follow several simple steps:

  • Choose the Exchange Pair: Enter the basic currency amount into the “send” field and the quote currency in the “you get” field. The “you get” field will show the price for the basic currency.
  • Enter Wallet Address: Enter your wallet address and check carefully to make sure it is correct.
  • Wait for the Deposit: Click "exchange" and wait five to thirty minutes for the deposit. Wait times vary, depending on trade volume.
  • Collect Coins: When the trade is finished, you will be taken to a “completed” page that shows the trade’s details.

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How to convert Bitcoin to THETA?

The calculator automatically chooses the best rate by checking all available data about pricing. Afterward, you just follow the steps we pointed out:

  • Choose the exchange pair
  • Enter the amount to trade
  • Provide wallet addresses
  • Initiate the trade
  • Wait for the funds

It is a fast, simple, and reliable process.

What is the Bitcoin to Theta exchange pair?

An exchange pair is two currencies to be traded. There is a base currency (the first coin) and a quote currency (the second coin and price). 

How to compare Bitcoin to Theta?

We provide all the information you need to make a trade, including market cap, trade volume, 24 hour highs, and lows. 

What is the limit for BTC to THETA exchange?

Our site has no limits on exchanges. Trade as much as you want without fear of being locked out.