Prices on cryptocurrencies and how they change with time.

Recovery phrase

Also called "seed phrase," "seed recovery phrase," or "backup seed phrase," this list of words stores all the necessary information used to recover Bitcoin funds on-chain. The seed phrase is often intended to be written down on paper, and wallet software that generates it will instruct the user to do so. 

Any third party getting access to the seed phrase will be able to take possession of the bitcoins, so it must be kept with utter thoroughness.

Recurrent rebilling

Recurring billing is a payment model that makes possible invoicing customers for companies on the basis of company specified schedule (i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.) It often involves a subscription mechanism, membership dues, and installment plan payments. 


A refund is a return of money to the person who paid them due to various reasons, including customer dissatisfaction or legal infringements.

Response time

A time period required for someone or something to produce a response to a stimulus.


XRP is a cryptocurrency of RippleNet that connects banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges to provide the way to send money globally. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset XRP to further reduce their costs and access new markets.


ROI stands for "Return on Investment": a ratio (or percentage) that reflects the profitability or positive result for a particular trade or investment. It is a simple instrument that generates an absolute ratio (e.g., 0.45) or a percentage (e.g., 45%). ROI can also be useful in comparing different types of investments or multiple trading operations.


RSI is an acronym for the "Relative Strength Index." It is a technical indicator used in financial market analysis, that can be used for trading of cryptocurrencies.

In essence, the stronger the price, the bigger the upward closures of the market in comparison to the downward closures. When the market is weak, exactly the opposite things happen.