A short name for Automobili Lamborghini, the Italian brand that manufactures sports cars and SUVs. They have entered the world of cryptocurrencies after introducing blockchain technologies to their supply operations. Blockchain helps to verify the authenticity of each vehicle sold.

Limit order

The limit order is a particular order type used in cryptocurrency trading. With it, anyone can make a purchase or a sale under the specified price or more profitably, but not worse. The fulfillment of this order can be triggered only in the case when the asset reaches the price specified, otherwise, it will stay inactive.


There is no exchange limit on Godex. Only the minimum amount of payment for your transaction to be included in the network.


A measure of how easy some particular assets can be bought or sold and therefore converted into other assets. High liquidity is considered a huge advantage.

Liquidity swap

A method of increasing overall liquidity; it usually involves using some of the assets with low liquidity as collateral to purchase some highly reliable stocks from an insurance company. The method is often used by organizations struggling with liquidity growth. 


Litecoin cryptocurrency is currently one of the most popular options on the market for those considering investment options. It was initially invented as a peer-to-peer payment option for fast global transactions. Now Litecoin is widely recognized as a valid bitcoin alternative.


Litecoin (LTC) was released in October 2011 by former Google employee Charles Lee as an alternative to Bitcoin. Just like BTC, LTC can be mined, used as currency and transferred for goods and services.