Virgin Bitcoin

A Bitcoin that was just mined and yet to be used in transactions. 


A measure indicating the dispersion of returns when it comes to a certain security or market index. High volatility almost always means high risk of dealing with security. 


Any kind of medium, device, or program used to store data that allows tracking and defining the ownership of cryptocurrencies and their use such as receiving or spending. Cryptocurrency itself is "located" inside of the blockchain in a decentralized manner; the wallet is just a way to access it.


A document outlining the problem or question that is required to be solved by the project. Every cryptocurrency has its own whitepaper available for examination. 

Wire transfer

Transfer of digital money through a computer network. 

Zero confirmation transaction

A cryptocurrency exchange that is yet to be verified inside the blockchain. Delivering after a zero confirmation transaction can be risky.


A Bitcoin protocol extension aimed to increase anonymity of coin transfers that can normally be traced easily. Zerocoin utilizes separate cryptographic principles-built currency located within the Bitcoin blockchain.