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How to Convert 1INCH to Polygon

Want to learn how to convert 1INCH to MATIC? Here, we're going around the main things you need to know before exchanging your 1INCH to MATIC tokens.

Polygon is a second-layer scaling solution that was introduced to the world in 2017. Most of you are aware of its native coin called MATIC. The coin raised $5.6 million during its initial offering in 2019.

1Inch is a Decentralized Exchange Aggregator (DEX) and Automated Market Maker (AMM). 1INCH exchange uses an advanced algorithm that searches over 30 different liquidity protocols to find the most efficient swap route for your order.

Both 1INCH and MATIC tokens are included on various exchanges. However, there are only a few platforms that can conduct a 1INCH to MATIC exchange. After reading this article, you will be able to convert 1Inch to Polygon tokens with ease.

Firstly, find a reliable 1INCH to MATIC calculator. A good calculator considers the most current coins' prices and shows you the exact amount of tokens you will receive.

Our calculator takes into account 1INCH and MATIC prices and transaction fees. After that, it automatically generates the number of MATIC tokens you will get based on the number of 1INCH coins you entered in the "You Send" field. 

Secondly, you have to have a wallet that supports both coins. You also need to ensure that you will be able to stake MATIC coins using that wallet. 

The best options would be non-custodial wallets (Trust Wallet and Atomic Wallet) and hardware wallets (MetaMask and Ledger). With those wallets, not only you'll be able to stake MATIC, but you will also have complete control of your private keys.

Lastly, you should find an exchange that is fast and safe. You don't have to look further than our 1INCH to MATIC converter. 

For the past three weeks, Polygon's price has been moving downhill. The same can be seen with 1Inch token, but its price is starting to gain its ground again. Now is a perfect time to buy the dip and cope yourself some MATIC.

Convert 1INCH to MATIC at the Best Rates

There is no need to undergo the Know Your Client (KYC) verification to begin swapping with Godex. You don't have to worry about the privacy of your data. 

Godex has one of the most up-to-date exchange rates on the market. Upon starting a 1INCH to MATIC exchange, our platform will fix the rate. It means you won't lose any money if the 1INCH price drops while the exchange is underway.

Are you planning to exchange your 1INCH to MATIC? Then what are you waiting for? Go to Godex and do it securely in a couple of clicks. 

1INCH to Polygon Exchange Benefits

The majority of exchanges don't have a 1INCH to MATIC converter. If you want to swap 1INCH tokens to MATIC, you should try Godex's 1Inch to Polygon exchange. 

With Godex, you can swiftly and securely exchange 1INCH and 300 other digital tokens. The exchange process is fast and takes from 5 to 30 minutes. Keep your ID info strictly to yourself and stop worrying about your privacy by exchanging at Godex. 

Polygon is the only robust scaling solution that supports EVM and allows sidechains to have their own security mechanism while also ensuring the interoperability of each chain. Here are the main reasons to stick with Polygon:

  • high transaction throughput (7,000 TPS);
  • block time of 2 seconds;
  • low-fidelity nodes (PoS nodes that can work in machines with minimum storage).

1INCH to MATIC Live Price

Live price charts are displayed right below the calculator. There are green and red columns on every chart called candles. They display price fluctuations for a certain period. If resistance levels are low and a coin is losing its value — the candle is red. If more people invest in a coin and its price rises — the candle is green.

You can change the style of the columns and their color as you wish. You can also change the period that each column represents. All this and other instruments are available at the gear-wheel menu in the top right corner of the chart.  

We keep the exchange process as transparent as possible. Before converting 1INCH to MATIC, we strongly suggest checking out coin prices displayed in the chart below.

1INCH to MATIC Conversation Table

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How to Compare 1INCH to MATIC?

There should be no ifs and buts when it comes to picking your asset of choice.  As an index of a coin's relevancy, you can look up things like its liquidity, average fees, type of consensus mechanism, and how many platforms support it. 

Will I be able to mine or stake the coin? What is the average transaction speed of the coin? — These are the questions you should be asking yourself upon investing in a certain asset. 

Always pay attention to the coin's market cap and trading volume. 1INCH' cap is $484,067,240 and 24-volume is $362,565,376. It means that this investment is volatile and has higher risks if we talk about long-term investments. On the other hand, MATIC has a much larger market cap ($7,449,617,768), and its 24-hour trading volume is $715,931,914. It shows that the coin is much more predictable can it would lose its value overnight.

1Inch doesn't charge fees for 1INCH transactions within the network. If you want to transfer 1INCH tokens on other platforms, it will cost you about $0.0053. MATIC's transaction fee is about $0.0045.

What Is the Limit for 1INCH to Polygon Exchange?

We don't have any limitations as far as the crypto exchange goes. No registration is needed, meaning you don't have to share your personal info with anyone to exchange tokens here. You can swap as many coins as you want, and you can do it on a 7/24 basis without any time restrictions.

What Is 1INCH to MATIC Exchange Pair?

1Inch is a liquidity provider and, for the most part, plays the role of DEX aggregator. It means you won't be able to stake or farm 1INCN coins.

Polygon runs on two principles — Plasma and Proof-of-Stake (PoS). This dual-consensus mechanism enables arbitrary state and specific state transitions, as well as staking of MATIC coins.

1Inch is known for its generosity. The company airdropped over 15 million 1INCH tokens to its community in 2020. The following year, the 1inch' team announced that they are planning to give away another 10 million 1INCH tokens. 

Don't miss out on the chance to reinvest into such a promising project as Polygon. The whole exchange process is automated and anonymous. No third party is involved. All you have to do is send us your MATIC wallet address and deposit your 1INCH tokens via a generated link.