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About Waxp

  • Name: Waxp

  • Symbol: WAX

  • Circulating supply: 2 274 226 700 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Cmc rank: 150

  • Volume 24h: 6 019 452 $

  • Percent change 1h: -0,17 %

  • Percent change 24h: 0,82 %

  • Percent Change 7d: 7,2 %

About Ethereum

  • Name: Ethereum

  • Symbol: ETH

  • Circulating supply: 122 373 870 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Cmc rank: 2

  • Volume 24h: 5 263 615 500 $

  • Percent change 1h: 0,11 %

  • Percent change 24h: 1,4 %

  • Percent Change 7d: 0,33 %

WAX to ETH Calculator

Today, you will learn one of the most streamlined ways to turn WAX to ETH. WAX stands for World Asset Exchange and claims to be one of the best blockchains for minting and exchanging NFT tokens. 

Ethereum is the second-most valued cryptocurrency on the market. It’s used in dozens of different sectors, including DeFi, NFTs, supply chain, gaming, and payment networks. 

Our WAX to ETH converter is a great tool if you want to compare these tokens’ prices. It’s extremely easy to use and quite convenient, as the WAX to ETH trading pair isn’t easily found on the internet. Here’s how it works: 

  • On the left side of the calculator, you have one field labeled “You Send.” This is the cryptocurrency you will be selling, in our case WAX. Select it from the drop-down menu.
  • The right side is labeled “You Get” – the cryptocurrency that you will be buying. Choose ETH here.
  • You can use the button with the circular arrow in the middle to change the direction of the conversion at any time. This way, you don’t have to reselect the coins each time.
  • Type in the desired WAX amount, and the converter will automatically display its value in ETH.

How to Convert WAX Protocol Token to Ethereum?

Executing a 1 WAX to ETH exchange effectively can be quite challenging these days as this market pair isn’t very popular. You will have trouble finding a platform that will be able to swap without having to go through an extra step by converting to USDT or BTC. 

Fortunately, on Godex, the process is entirely streamlined and allows you to convert WAX to ETH anonymously. 

Finding a reliable and fast exchange is important because cryptocurrency prices can fluctuate wildly in mere minutes. You might be losing out on profits if the exchange is slow with processing transactions. 

Historically, the WAX and ETH prices rarely correlate. This gives a lot of opportunities to make profits and get more ETH once the price of WAX skyrockets. 

Live WAX to ETH Price

Thanks to the integration of Tradingview tools, our visitors can check WAX to ETH prices and compare their performances live. Here’s a short guide on how to read this WAX to ETH chart:

  • The horizontal axis shows the timeline of the price action, whereas the vertical represents the price itself.
  • Each candle on the chart represents 1 day of price action.
  • Green candles are considered bullish and show a price increase.
  • Red candles are considered bearish and show a price decrease.
  • The thin line in the middle of each candle is called the wick. It represents the highest and lowest level the price has reached within the timeframe.
  • Finally, below the candles are the volume indicators. These show the number of coins that were exchanged on that day.

Convert WAX to ETH at The Best Rates

Godex.io provides you with some of the most convenient exchange rates on the market. Thanks to the aforementioned calculator, you can easily tell how much ETH you can get for your WAX. 

More importantly, this fixed rate includes the fees necessary for the exchange. Consequently, there are no surprises when you receive your ETH in your wallet – you get what you pay for. 

WAX Protocol Token to Ethereum Exchange Benefits

Convenient rates and streamlined user experience are just a sample of the benefits you will enjoy with Godex. Additional advantages over other platforms include: 

  • Anonymity. Godex doesn’t require a user account to proceed with your exchange. Ergo, you won’t be sharing any of your identity details or associating them with your blockchain information.
  • Speed. Our platform works 24/7 and we process transactions instantly as soon as they are validated on the blockchain.
  • Income opportunity. We offer an affiliate program that can net you 0.6% of each transaction executed by your referrals.

WAX to ETH Price Details

WAX’s performance was excellent at the beginning of the year. Starting at $0.03 in January, the price of 1 WAX token reached a yearly high of $0.33, an incredible 1000% increase. 

ETH was the token that jumpstarted the 2020 bull run. In 2021, its performance exceeded all expectations, as a single ETH token was worth around $4300 in May 2021, an all-time high for the cryptocurrency. 

Many factors can influence the prices of WAX and ETH. However, for WAX, the rising popularity of NFTs is an important factor to consider. Ethereum’s price, on the other hand, depends heavily on supply and demand, which can be influenced by protocol upgrades that impact transaction fees and speed.  

How WAX to ETH Calculator Works

The WAX to ETH calculator allows you to see the live price of a WAX token valued in ETH. Usually, to conduct this transaction, you would have to first convert WAX to USD, then USD to ETH. 

Godex fills this gap by providing a direct WAX to ETH conversion. It uses a simple and beginner-friendly user interface to compare these cryptocurrencies and give you an accurate price.

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How to Convert WAX to ETH?

Buying or selling cryptocurrencies can be tricky due to the high volatility of tokens. Their prices can fluctuate wildly due to a large number of factors. 
To get better at detecting these price movements, you should: 

  • Conduct fundamental analysis and learn about the technology, teams, and usability of these tokens.
  • Employ technical analysis on the WAX to ETH chart to find out trend breakout points and profitable market entries. 
  • Make sure you understand the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies, and never invest more than you are prepared to lose.

What Is WAX to ETH Exchange Pair?

WAX is the native token of the World Asset Exchange, a blockchain that was specifically designed to host NFTs. As such, it’s a great place to mint digital collectibles and deploy decentralized games. 

ETH is the second most popular crypto on the market and is used to pay transaction fees within its network. This smart contract blockchain is by far the most used platform for decentralized applications and the home to 90% of the whole DeFi market.

What Is the Limit for WAX to ETH Exchange?

There’s no upper limit on how much WAX to ETH tokens you can exchange on Godex. While other services might ask you for your ID once you want to swap more than $100 worth of WAX, this isn’t the case with our platform. You can keep your privacy and exchange as many WAX to ETH as you wish.