RUNE to BTC Exchange


About THORChain

  • Name THORChain

  • Symbol RUNE

  • Circulating supply 330 688 060 $

  • Max supply 500 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank 54

  • Volume 24h 81 560 529 $

  • Percent change 1h 1,5 %

  • Percent change 24h -3,8 %

  • Percent Change 7d -9,4 %

About Bitcoin

  • Name Bitcoin

  • Symbol BTC

  • Circulating supply 19 045 437 $

  • Max supply 21 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank 1

  • Volume 24h 27 335 083 000 $

  • Percent change 1h 0,4 %

  • Percent change 24h -2,8 %

  • Percent Change 7d 0,16 %

  • History

    1 RUNE to BTC


RUNE to BTC Calculator

Today we will talk a bit about an exchange pair “RUNE to BTC”. We will explain the essence of both cryptocurrencies, their unique features, current prices, and exchange rates. You’ll learn how to convert one to another. 

In the beginning, let’s briefly recall some general information about elements of the RUNE to Bitcoin cryptocurrency’s pair.

RUNE token is a vital element of THORChain network platform. This decentralized network operates as a liquidity pool, and lets traders sell, buy or exchange cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. RUNE is an element of almost any transaction,which traders can use during the transaction to get profit. 

BitCoin doesn’t require a long introduction. This cryptocurrency is familiar to every Internet user. Even those who have never heard about cryptocurrencies, know about BitCoin. Launched in 2015, this currency has become an example of a “long-term investment” definition. The main feature of this cryptocurrency is its independence from any governmental agencies, banks, and other intermediaries, which makes the transactions hidden from any third parties.

Before the conversion of RUNE to Bitcoin occurs, we use a crypto calculator. In order to convert crypto, such steps need to be completed:

  1. Select the coins;
  2. Specify the amount;
  3. Check the recipient's address and order details;
  4. Click the Exchange button.

That is as easy as ABC! Start diversifying your portfolio today.

How to Convert THORChain to Bitcoin?

As mentioned before, THORChain is a platform designed to quickly buy, sell, or exchange crypto assets. A trader can invest in different financial projects there. Still, to complete these operations, a grand number of RUNEs is required.

To complete a quick and effortless exchange of RUNE to BTC, use an exchange platform with acceptable exchange rates and quick transactions. Godex advanced algorithms will find the best deal possible and complete it in several minutes without the trader's participation.

Live RUNE to BTC Price

The current price of one RUNE coin is $9 (as of June 18), one BitCoin costs $37610 (as of June 18). Prices of these cryptocurrencies are affected by a set of factors, such as internal and external. We will look through some bright examples of both groups of factors a bit further. 

Here, any user can view price changes “live”.

Convert RUNE to BTC at the Best Rates

To calculate the exchange rate, Godex algorithms analyze sets of information, based on internal and external factors. Internal factors are all connected to the changes within the cryptocurrency’s system. For example, the change in demand, the maximum supply of the coin, and the trading volume. External factors are all the events, which happen outside of the cryptocurrency. Those are changes in countries policies, economic or social events, etc.

The recent development of THORChain or the latest policy change in El Salvador, both of these internal and external events led to an increase of RUNE and Bitcoin prices respectively.

Here we present all real-time data and a RUNE to BTC converter to complete any exchange quickly.   

THORChain to Bitcoin Exchange Benefits

The exchange process is considered a beneficial one for many reasons. One of the main of them - the possibility for all people to get what they want without any extra losses. When a trader requires BitCoin but has RUNEs, why not convert RUNE to BTC? This process is fast, effortless and useful. When one trader completes a RUNE to Bitcoin exchange, another one does the opposite. And both of these traders benefit from this.

RUNE to BTC Price Details

The current prices of both of these cryptocurrencies are already mentioned above. Still, check the website regularly, because the modern crypto market has a tendency to be pretty unstable. 

Currently, both RUNE and BitCoin are increasing their price after the grand market drop in May 2021. 

On June 18, the current number of circulating RUNE coins is 233.836.800, which is 46% of the maximum supply possible for this coin. At the same time, almost 90% of BitCoins are already mined and circulating on the market.

How RUNE to BTC Calculator Works

The crypto calculator is one of the vital elements of any exchange. It helps traders calculate the number of coins required for exchange in several seconds and clicks. To do this, the calculator's algorithm analyzes the current prices of both cryptocurrencies and their exchange rates. 

Use an automated RUNE to Bitcoin calculator today to check all possible deals and know exactly how many coins you need to complete one RUNE to Bitcoin transaction.

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How to convert THORChain to Bitcoin?

To convert one cryptocurrency to another, a trader needs to complete several quick steps, such as:

  • Select the cryptocurrencies (RUNE to BTC);
  • Select a number of coins to buy or sell;
  • Fill in the wallet address.

After this a trader can only wait till the end of the transaction. Normally it takes up to 10 minutes to complete. Then a trader can read a report, where all details of the transaction are provided.

What is THORChain to Bitcoin exchange pair?

Now, when we know how to convert RUNE to BTC, it is time to talk about how both of these cryptocurrencies are affected after each exchange. Surely, after every conversion of RUNE to BTC price for both changes.  

This exchange pair is a good opportunity for traders who wish to invest in BitCoin in the long run. Even now, it is not late, experts say. Mining RUNE is a good chance to not only use it within THORChain but also to earn money for future investments.

How to compare THORChain to Bitcoin?

Use our state-of-the-art calculator or refer to the trading charts below it to see how both of these cryptos trade against the US dollar.

What is the limit for RUNE to BTC exchange?

Sometimes exchanges may not be possible if the amount of coins bought or sold is too small. Talking about this exchange pair, the limit equals 14 RUNE or 0.0031 BTC.