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  • Name: Voyager Token

  • Symbol: BQX

  • Circulating supply: 278 482 210 $

  • Max supply: 279 387 970 $

  • Cmc rank: 120

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about Voyager Token

The Ethos project originates from the Bitquence platform. It focuses at building a secure, open and transparent financial architecture available for everyone. Ethos online wallet is the backbone of the project which enables users to manage their digital assets from a one place. The Wallet is also a part of the innovative finance ecosystem called Ethos Bedrock.The platform will allow users to expand their investor portfolio, purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat money though Know Your Customer mechanism, manage historical information and access trading forecasts. BQX will empower everyone to apply platform instruments, receive rewards and pay necessary costs.

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Voyager Token (BQX) Exchange Rate

The cryptocurrency market is booming, there’s no doubt about it. As a result, centralized crypto exchanges have become financial institutions to be reckoned with. They are clearing billions of transactions every day, making incredible profits in the process. 

Yet, there’s one crypto trading app that goes against the current trend of charging transaction fees ‒ the Voyager exchange app. Below, we take a look at how this company is able to achieve a commission-free broker model and how the BQX token adds value to this service. 

What Is Voyager Token (BQX)?

The Voyager Token, known as both BQX and VGX on different exchanges, is the native token of the Voyager crypto brokerage service. It is used to reward the users through cashback, interest, and the Voyager Loyalty Program. 

Frequent traders are aware of how inconvenient and expensive trading fees can become in the long run. The Voyager crypto exchange provides a unique service by creating commission-free trades to its users. 

To achieve this, it uses something called the dynamic Smart Order Routing mechanism. It scans different cryptocurrency exchanges and takes advantage of price discrepancies. When it finds the best price available for the trader, it takes a tiny fraction of the difference as a trading fee. In a nutshell, the platform makes a commission only when it manages to find the best price in its brokerage system.  

A BQX coin investor enjoys multiple benefits by owning this cryptocurrency, including: 

  • Taking part in the Voyager Token Interest Program. BQX coin holders can simply deposit their tokens via the app and reap interests without locking their funds. The higher the amount of BQX, the higher the profit. 
  • Get cashback rewards ‒ for every dollar spent using a Voyager Debit card, there will be a reward in VGX as per one’s Reward Tier terms. 

Voyager Token Price Live Data

In the VGX token chart on this page, you can see the daily price action of this coin. The VGX stock price seems to have followed a steady bullish trend since mid-January 2021. 

However, after attempting to pass the 6.9USD  level on three different occasions, this positive momentum flipped into a continuous bearish trend. The VGX price has been declining ever since and is now (June 2021) trading around the $2.5 mark. 

How to Convert Voyager Token

Being decently popular among the crypto trader community, the BQX coin can be found on only a handful of cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, these usually only propose trading pairs to ETH or BTC, reducing your options considerably. 

Fortunately, Godex offers over 200 different trading pairs for the BQX crypto. Even better, you won’t have to create an account or log in before you can initiate a transaction. The reason behind this is that we value your privacy and data safety. 

Consequently, we do not collect any names, addresses, or identification documents on our servers. Just follow this simple procedure, and you will be able to convert the BQX cryptocurrency in no time. 

  • Step 1 - Choose BQX in the pull-down menu and type in the number of tokens that you wish to convert. 
  • Step 2 - Select your receiving currency and wait for the calculator to show you how much of that token you will be getting. 
  • Step 3 - Enter the receiving crypto wallet address and initiate the exchange. 

Once your payment is verified, you should receive your assets directly at your personal address. Keep in mind that transaction times can vary depending on the saturation of the blockchain you are using. Consequently, it could take up to 30 minutes before you see your coins arrive in your wallet. 

Can You Mine Voyager Token?

Like many native tokens, Voyager Token is already 100% premined. So, if you wish to obtain BQX, you will need to buy them on an exchange. And if you are wondering where you can get them, look no further ‒ you are already here!


How Does Voyager Token Work?

The voyager token is used within the Voyager trading platform, giving the possibility to profit from interest rates, depending on the amount of VGX on your account. 

Additionally, it will allow users to get cashback rewards on trades and card purchases.

Thanks to its Smart Order Routing, users can get the best prices, higher levels of liquidity while trading on multiple platforms.

What Makes Voyager Token Unique?

The first feature that makes Voyager stand out from the crowd is that the platform uses a commission-free model for their trades. With the proprietary technology for matching orders across different crypto exchanges, you will always get the most advantageous price for your crypto trades. 

Other exchanges offer interest on savings when you deposit tokens in the exchange wallet. However, only Voyager gives you increased yields just by holding a certain amount of their tokens.

Moreover, you do not have to lock your funds for a fixed amount of time. As long as you have the minimum required for the payout to initialize, your profits will add up to your existing funds and compound to bring increased yields next time around. You can withdraw your holdings from Voyager while saving up to 30% on withdrawal fees.  

How Many Voyager Token (BQX) Coins Are There in Circulation?

There are 222,295,208+ VGX in circulation, which is 100% of the max supply of this cryptocurrency. The market cap is  $454,828,294.

Is Voyager Token (BQX) a Good Investment?

The last 4 months have not been kind to the BQX crypto. While the VGX price spiked at the end of February, it seems to have already reached its peak. Ever since the beginning of March 2021, the BQX price has been steadily declining. 

With that said, the team behind Voyager is still working on upcoming updates. For instance, the trading platform should release physical debit cards that can be linked to the Voyager wallet. These should provide cashbacks on purchases, and users staking VGX will get additional perks, such as referral rewards and savings on cash withdrawals.  

The BQX cryptocurrency should see some increased interest as the Voyager exchange plans to expand its operations in Europe. Consequently, CryptoCoinSociety has quite a bullish price prediction for BQX coin, placing the BQX coin price at $13.28 in 2025. 

DigitalCoinPrice also remains positive in their opinion of the cryptocurrency, predicting a price of $3.6 by the end of 2022. 

All in all, even though price action seems to be in a slump, in the long term, we can expect the BQX crypto to increase in value considerably. 

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