Dent (DENT) exchange rate

Price for today

0,001 USD 2,31%

0,00000003 BTC 2,31%

Market Cap
74,435,855 $
Volume 24h
2,595,900 $
  • Name: Dent

  • Symbol: DENT

  • Circulating supply: 99 007 791 000 $

  • Max supply: 0 $

  • Cmc rank: 293

  • Volume 24h: 2 595 900 $

  • Percent change 1h: -0,22 %

  • Percent change 24h: 2,3 %

  • Percent Change 7d: 5,8 %

About Dent

Dent is an Ethereum-based open-source mobile data exchange that enables users to buy, sell and easily share mobile data through an auction mechanism. Ethereum smart contracts are used as data packages that users can purchase with platform’s native token DENT. Founded by Tero Katajainen in 2017, the project’s key goal is to allow users to buy, sell and donate mobile data through the Ethereum blockchain. The project has a potential to influence the future of mobile service providers and make mobile data more secure and available. DENT Voice feature offers customers to call any phone number without apps or registrations. 

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What Is Dent?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are thought to be the best investments, but other coins and tokens are worth keeping in your portfolio as well. DENT is a token that can help mobile users get coverage anywhere in the globe. This feature gives it a lot of growth potential. Our guide tells you where to buy Dent coin and everything you need to know about this token and its price outlook. 

Dent coin was created by DENT Wireless Ltd. Its target audience is mobile phone users. First, people who use DENT can connect with each other using blockchain technology to share their unused mobile data. Secondly, the DENT network will help avoid roaming charges while traveling around the world or having to buy local SIM cards. 

Dent Coin Price Live Data

Dent coin price data is displayed on our live candlestick price chart. The markings in green indicate a bull market (price rise), and the red ‒ a bear market (price decline). The top margin shows the highs and lows for each day of its existence, while the right-hand margin shows the price. 

The price was pretty stable in 2020 ($0.0002) when in February 2021, the crypto market boomed. In April, the price skyrocketed to $0.022, and then it started gradually decreasing to $0.003 (with some small spike at the end of April). 

How to Convert Dent Coin

The top cryptocurrencies people use to make exchanges with DENT coin are: 

  • Bitcoin
  • Monero
  • Ethereum
  • Theta
  • Litecoin

To make an exchange, use our site’s converter to choose the currencies, and the Dent coin price will be calculated automatically. Type in the final wallet address, initiate the exchange, and wait for the deposit. Be sure to carefully check the exchange details, such as the wallet address and amount, before starting the transaction. Exchanges cannot be canceled or changed once initiated, because this is how blockchain works.

Godex has several advantages that give it the edge over other similar services. We do not require users to create an account. To make an exchange, all you have to do is enter your wallet address. You do not have to provide us with any of your personal information. 

The execution time for trades varies from five to thirty minutes, depending on how quickly it takes to create a new entry on the token’s blockchain. During that time, the exchange rate remains locked. Therefore, you will not have to worry about it changing in the middle of a transaction. Thus, our users can maximize their profits without worrying about price fluctuations. 

Our other chief benefit is some of the strongest security protocols on the market. The advantage of having an anonymous exchange is that hackers cannot steal our clients' personal information. Additionally, we use SSL certificates for data encryption; our servers are fully protected, and the site is safeguarded from DDoS attacks. 

Can You Mine Dent?

Mining is when someone uses the processing power of a computer to confirm cryptocurrency transactions. Miners are rewarded for successful verifications with one unit or part of a unit of cryptocurrency. DENT is pre-mined; thus, it can only be purchased on exchanges like Godex. 


How Does Dent Work?

The DENT ecosystem is blockchain-based. Users can connect with each other and buy/sell/donate unused mobile data. DENT is the medium of exchange by which the data is purchased and sold.

There are three components of the token and its platform. First, there is the Mobile Data Marketplace where the data on sale is displayed, and the Exchange is where the data is bought, sold, or donated. Finally, there are DENT mobile applications, where these marketplaces and exchanges can be accessed. 

The platform allows user-to-user data transactions, peer-to-peer international data package transfers when someone is roaming, and initial data offerings by telecompanies. DENT profits by collecting revenue from fees and commissions on initial data offerings. 

What Makes Dent Unique?

DENT is unique for several reasons. First, it is the world’s first, if only, digital and global operator that allows mobile users to use data anywhere in the world. Secondly, their token gives users instant access to telecompany carriers all over the world. Wherever someone is located, they can use their phones, so long as they have DENT and a mobile connection. Finally, the buying process is automated so that buyers can get the most affordable deals in their respective regions. These features give users an advantage in finding ways to use mobile data at the most affordable prices. 

How Many Dent Tokens Are There in Circulation?

As of June 15, 2021, there are 98,2 billion DENT coils in circulation out of a total supply of 100 billion. The high amount of tokens in circulation means that there is plenty of room for it to increase in value over the years significantly. 

Is Dent a Good Investment?

Recent DENT coin news gives reasons for optimism as well as caution. On the optimistic side, mobile usage is as high as ever, as is international travel. Whenever Covid-19 travel restrictions ease, more people will go abroad. Many of them will want to use their phones in other countries without buying SIM cards, purchasing a new plan, or paying roaming charges. DENT offers these people a way to avoid these extra charges and SIM cards. If customers find it an efficient service and its popularity rises, its stock will increase. 

On the other hand, DENT has taken quite a beating, falling from $0.022 to 0.003 over two months. It is undoubtedly in a bear market. However, David Henderson, a stock analyst, noted earlier in June in his Dent coin price prediction published in The Street, the token would show “signs of bear fatigue,” as he put it, at around the 200-day Simple Moving Average. So, now is the best time to buy if you want to start investing. 

There are reasons to be cautious, though. Now that the dollar is expected to strengthen over the next year to year and a half, people could find US treasury bonds a more attractive investment, causing them to put their money there instead of in tokens like DENT. As a result, 2021 and the first half of 2022 could be a rough year for coins and tokens. But they will go up again, making them an excellent long-term sleeper investment. 

What is encouraging about DENT is its usefulness for providing mobile coverage. Regardless of what the economy is doing, there will always be some demand for this token.

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