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  • Name: GuildFi

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About GuildFi

GuildFi (GF) revolutionizes guilds, linking players, games, and investors in a Web3-based metaverse hub. It's a nexus for gamers seeking seamless experiences across games and guilds, empowering them with interoperable rewards and ranks. The Gaming Center kickstarts journeys into the Metaverse, while specialized Zones like Guild, NFT, and Tools Zones drive value creation. GuildFi's vision extends beyond gaming; it's about fostering a thriving, interconnected ecosystem where every player's effort counts. GF token, an ERC-20 on Ethereum, fuels this vision, governing GuildFi's dynamics and rewarding contributors. GuildFi, spearheaded by Jarindr Thitadilaka, is poised to redefine guild experiences and Metaverse interactions for gamers globally.

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What is GuildFi?

GuildFi is quite popular token among traders, ordinary users and investors who acquire it for long-term gain. Accordinglyowners can use GF for daily payments, trading and stake.

What is GF price today?

As of the 12.07.2024, 1 GF can be acquired for 0.00000000. Check out our GF price chart to see how its value has changed lately.

Where can I buy GuildFi?

GuildFi cryptocurrency can be bought on one of the many reliable exchanges such as Godex. When choosing an exchange to get GF, always take into account its fame.

Where is GF kept?

There are various places and methods to save GF. To save a large number of tokens, hardware-type wallets such as Ledger and Trezor are appropriate. If you plan to use GF for trading or paying everyday expenses, then a hot wallet (mobile or desktop) would be the proper option. When choosing a wallet, take into account its defensive features and usability.


How to change GuildFi ?

Go to the exchange page on Godex.io.

If you want to exchange GF to  another cryptocurrency, then:

  • select the “send” Coin and the number you want to exchange in the left window. And in the right “get” window, pick the coin you want to take. Enter the address of your wallet where coins will be sent and click the button “exchange”.
  • Next, you will take a wallet where you should to send the conditioned number of exchanged coins. You should to convert the conditioned number of GuildFi there.
  • After confirming the sending, the exchange process will start. At the time of the swap Godex.io freezes the exchange ratio.
  • After completing the transaction and accepting the coins to your wallet, you will take information about the exchanging prosess.

You may also exchange any crypto coin for the GuildFi . But you may not to buy GF for USD or exchange GuildFi to USD.

What will be the commission for buying GF ?

Godex allows the lowest possible trade fees to assure that your transactions are not only fast, safe, and anonymous, but also as profitable as feasible.

How Can You Convert GuildFi ?

The easiest and fastest approach to trade a coin is to make an coverting on the platform Godex.io. You don’t need  to register and confirm your identity. You can simply go to the site and trade the  GuildFi for 1 of the 300+ other coins.

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