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1. Select the coins to exchange and specify the amount

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The floating rate option may result in a higher or lower amount of cryptocurrency than the initial amount, which is caused by the changing market price.

Convert all coins with best cryptocurrency converter

One of the first and most important decisions for a person who enters the crypto market as a trader or investor is to find and select the most suitable, profitable, secure and convenient crypto converter. And the speed of changes in the exchange rates of cryptocurrencies can scare even an experienced participant, so it is very important that the exchanger contains a convenient built-in calculator that will clearly show you how many selected coins you will receive for the number of tokens that you transfer.

Godex.io created the most convenient, fully automated, fast converter, with which you can change one of the more than 200 coins for another in a matter of seconds. All popular and promising tokens that may be of interest to you are presented. And their number is constantly updated. All new products that are of interest in the market quickly get into the list for exchange on our platform.

You do not need to track the exchange rates of different coins on other platforms or calculate what result you will get in exchange. You can simply choose and immediately get data on any of the coins, without wasting your time.

And then you can immediately make the exchange process. You only need to take a few simple steps, without registering and entering personal data, to get the coins that you have chosen to the specified wallet address.

Crypto exchange Godex is not only convenient, but also it is very safe and profitable. Here are some of its important advantages:

  • absolute incognito. The exchanger does not collect your data, you do not need to create an account or confirm your identity.
  • security. Your data is not collected, which means it will not leak anywhere. Godex is also constantly improving information security technologies to ensure that your funds are protected. There is no way that you will lose them.
  • no transfer limit. Exchange as many coins as you need.
  • Exchange rate. Godex provides the fastest possible transactions.
  • Low fees. You pay the minimum possible fees.
  • Course freeze. Godex freezes the exchange rate for the duration of the transaction, so that you get exactly the expected amount.
  • Affiliate program. You can register in it and receive additional bonuses for transfers.

How is Cryptocurrency Value Calculated?

If with fiat money, everything is quite clear – they are usually backed by gold or obligations and control of the Central Bank, then with cryptocurrencies, the story for users is a little more complicated. It seems that they are not backed up by anything and can not. After all, cryptocurrencies are not tied to gold or to any control systems, which is one of the positive features of digital currency. But this is not quite true.

What do we know about gold and diamonds? Why are they valued so highly?

  • Limited – there are not so many of them in the world, it is not easy to get them, and they are becoming less and less available.
  • Social status – jewelry was elevated to the rank of goods "not for everyone". And the universal desire to get them also supports their value.
  • Constancy – over time, you can take your gold and metals and exchange them for cash, which in turn can become worthless almost at any time.

What can we say about cryptocurrencies? Are they not backed up by anything? This is not the case at all. Each coin has its own concept of value. Let's take a look at some of them.

  • Everyone knows that Bitcoin will be issued with a limited number of coins. This is what makes it valuable, as not everyone will be able to get it. The limited resource gives it a powerful price incentive.
  • Ethereum is also limited in release, although with a large limit, but this is not the main reason for its value. It is given to Ethereum by the implementation of smart contracts.

Therefore, all cryptocurrencies that are beginning to grow and develop rapidly have confirmed their value. Over time, this may change if the development of their technologies has stopped, and users have lost interest as a result. However, this may eventually be fixed again.

Cryptocurrency calculator which saves your time

The development of technology makes our world more convenient and comfortable for people every day. Fortunately, now it is possible not to waste your time searching and calculating the exchange rate, especially with such an abundance of digital coins and the rate of change of the exchange rate, it would be impossible to monitor it without an automated system.

Godex offers a quick and convenient calculator with which you will need a few seconds to see the exchange rates and understand how many coins you will get for the amount of coins you want to exchange.

Cryptocurrency Price Converter

There are many specialized platforms that track and publish ratings, exchange rates, and market cap of different currencies. That is, you can enter the "Ethereum rate" in the search engine, click on any link, view all the data about the token, then find the Chainlink rate and find out how much you will get this currency, for example, for one Ethereum. And only then go to the exchanger. However, now this is an absolutely unnecessary stage, because a convenient cryptocurrency converter calculator is provided by Godex on the exchange page.

It is so simple that it is intuitive for everyone. Go in, choose the right coins, change them, compare them and make the most interesting and profitable exchange for you.

How our cryptocurrency calculator looks on the phone

Godex is fully adapted to any type of device. From whatever device you go to exchange, the site will adjust and give you the correct format. Therefore, if you are used to making transactions with cryptocurrency from your phone or you need to have access to the exchange at any time, there will be no problems with this.

The mobile version of the site retains the same structure, works just as fast, and contains tips to help you convert funds.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Calculator

Speaking about cryptocurrencies, everyone first of all remembers Bitcoin. Because it is the main and most popular coin today. And the most frequently requested cryptocurrency exchange rate is, of course, the Bitcoin exchange rate. Also, Bitcoin is always in the list of the first currencies in terms of trading volume.

Therefore, the cryptocurrency calculator is most often used to check the benefits of buying or selling Bitcoin. Someone for long-term investments, someone for trading.

In any case, the most convenient option is the crypto converter calculator. It allows you to check the rates of different cryptocurrencies in a matter of seconds and quickly make a transfer if necessary. At the same time, the Godex exchanger will select the most favorable exchange rate on the market and freeze it for the duration of the exchange operation.

Crypto to USD Converter

The exchange of digital currencies for dollars, euros or other traditional currencies is not possible on all platforms. However, it is not much more difficult to withdraw funds to your bank card than to exchange crypto tokens. There are only two important differences:

  • exchangers that provide the opportunity to withdraw cryptocurrency in dollars to the card require mandatory registration on the platform. You need to create and verify a personal page, while on Godex you do not leave any personal information, do not confirm your identity, and do not spend time creating an account.
  • When withdrawing cryptocurrency to the card, the funds received may be taxed. Be sure to read the tax laws of your country regarding the conversion of digital coins into traditional currency.

In addition to web sites, you can find and download cryptocurrency converter app. To do this, simply type in the search for "crypto converter app", read the user reviews and choose the one you like best.


Can you convert crypto to cash?

Without a doubt, you can perform an operation to exchange cryptocurrencies for a cache. However, this way you can convert not all the desired cryptocurrencies, but only the most popular ones, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and others.

Therefore, if you have other tokens in your wallet, then first you should exchange them through a crypto exchanger. For example, on Godex. Next, you can find a platform or a convenient crypto converter app to make a cash out.

What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts?

There is no limit on exchanging tokens on Godex. Translate as much as you need – there is no upper limit here. There is only a minimum value for Bitcoin, which is 0.003 BTC, and for very inexpensive coins that are represented on the platform. However, all these limits are very accessible to the user.

Are there any trading fees?

Any crypto coin converter exists at the expense of fees for transfers. Whether it is a standard exchanger, a crypto exchanger or a service that allows you to exchange digital coins for cash.

Godex offers its users minimal fees – some of the lowest on the market that you can only find. Taking into account all the advantages in the form of complete incognito, ultra-high security and speed of transactions, this is definitely one of the best solutions on the market. You can't go wrong in choosing the best crypto price converter.