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About Stacks

  • Name: Stacks

  • Symbol: STX

  • Circulating supply: 1 368 527 600 $

  • Max supply: 1 818 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 45

  • Volume 24h: 102 773 270 $

  • Percent change 1h: 0,17 %

  • Percent change 24h: -0,6 %

  • Percent Change 7d: -7,7 %

About Bitcoin

  • Name: Bitcoin

  • Symbol: BTC

  • Circulating supply: 19 333 937 $

  • Max supply: 21 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 1

  • Volume 24h: 16 939 939 000 $

  • Percent change 1h: 0,24 %

  • Percent change 24h: 2,3 %

  • Percent Change 7d: 3,4 %

STX to BTC calculator

As cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity all over the world, people more and more often raise questions related to how, where and under what conditions it is possible to quickly and safely exchange digital money. And even with several options available, an online exchange remains one of the simplest, and therefore demanded, ways to exchange digital assets. 

If you are looking for a place to conduct your STX to BTC exchange, Godex is your perfect option. 

When exchanging STX to BTC, clients primarily want to know exactly how much BTC they will receive after converting. With Godex, and its convenient interactive calculator, the customer can make all calculations instantly. The STX to BTC converter will do everything for you literally in several steps:

Step 1. In the drop-down menu, you need to select the currency you want to exchange and the currency you want to receive. The calculator offers a wide selection of coin pairs, including STX to BTC.

Step 2. Specify the amount of STX you want to exchange in the “You send” box. In the “You get” box, you will immediately see the amount of BTC you are going to get after the transaction. Click “Exchange”.

Step 3. Now you need to add the wallet addresses of the recipient and the sender. Make sure all the information is correct.

Step 4. Press the “Exchange” button again.

Step 5. Deposit your STX coins to the unique address provided by Godex.

After that, your transaction will start. You will see a green tick next to the word “Complete” when it is all done. The money will land at the destination address within 5-30 minutes.

How to Convert Stacks to Bitcoin?

Our service is one of the few that allow you to make crypto exchanges without registration and the necessity to create your personal information on the platform. It means that you can do all the transactions on the site anonymously. It is one of the main attractions to those crypto holders who want to remain incognito and protect their funds from hackers and cyberattacks. 

Another benefit of our online service is the high processing speed of all operations. Your transaction will be completed within 5-30 minutes. 

Live STX to BTC Price

Cryptocurrencies are known for their high volatility. Their rates are influenced by many factors — from the staking and the introduction of tokens to the exchange to acquisitions and obtaining funding. But one way or another, everything depends on the ratio of supply and demand. If the buyer's interest in digital currency grows, then it becomes more expensive, and vice versa. Therefore, you should closely monitor the market situation with STX to BTC price before trading big sums.

The Godex service allows its users to track the market tendencies without leaving the site. You can follow two interactive graphs that display a certain coin against USD in a live mode. The green lines on the candlestick graphs are associated with the price growth, while red lines are indicating price decrease. A candlestick graph gives you a good summary of a coin's price behavior. On the same page, you will find the most essential information on the coin in question – its value, market cap, etc. 

Convert STX to BTC at the Best Rates

Our service fixes the rate at which you made the exchange of cryptocurrencies at the time of the transaction. You will not lose money if the exchange rate changes significantly during the processing of the operation. Besides, for every exchange the site will offer you the best rate possible on the market for the moment of request.

Use Godex to convert STX to BTC at the best rates.

Stacks to Bitcoin Exchange Benefits

Our exchange is customer-oriented. We do everything possible to make your time spent on our platform efficient. You will enjoy the following benefits working with us:

  • Full anonymity of all your transactions;
  • Access to 200+ coins;
  • No restrictions for the number of transactions and their amount;
  • All your activity on the site is protected from DDOS attacks by LSS certificates;
  • Automatic selection of the most optimal exchange rate;
  • Lightning-speed transactions;
  • Affiliate programs for partners.

STX to BTC Price Details

Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency ever created, and it remains number one in the crypto world. It was launched in 2008 and its original value was lower than $0.1. It went through different ups and downs, and for today its price is $29,420 and the market cap is around $550 billion. 

Stacks Token (STX) is the cryptocurrency of the Blockstack decentralized computing platform, based on its own blockchain. Blockstack is not just a blockchain platform for building applications, but a whole ecosystem of products. It includes storing information on a decentralized cloud, writing smart contracts, making payments, and even a user identification system. 

You can earn STX by staking. This token is also used in the Proof-of-Transfer mining and allows to earn BTC.

Currently, its price is $0.5142. It has 1.15B coins in circulation. The highest recorded price was in April 2021 — $2.82.

How STX to BTC calculator works

The Godex STX to BTC calculator makes the exchange process very easy. The algorithm includes five simple steps.

  • Go to the exchange page and select the coins. There will be several fields to fill in — you need to select the STX coin and specify the amount you want to exchange to BTC. A built-in calculator will instantly show the amount that you can get. If you accept the offered rate, you can proceed by clicking the “Exchange” button.
  • The next step is to specify the address of the wallet where you want to receive BTC. At the same time, the service will provide you the deposit address where you will have to send STX. It can be an official wallet for BTC or any multicurrency wallet.
  • By sending STX to this address, you activate the exchange process. Note that blockchain transactions cannot be canceled after this step. So take time to recheck all the details.
  • After receipt of your funds, the platform sends them to the destination address. Normally, it takes 5 to 30 minutes.

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How to convert Stacks to Bitcoin?

There are several options to exchange cryptocurrencies, but using online exchanges is the fastest and the most convenient method. And if you also want to preserve your privacy, Godex is the right place to exchange your coins. 

The procedure is very simple — visit the site and open the page with the online converter. It operates with a built-in calculator — you need to select STX as the input coin and BTC as the output coin, state the amount you want to exchange, and enter the recipient’s wallet address.The transaction will be carried out based on a fixed rate.

What is the Stacks to Bitcoin exchange pair?

Currently, 1 STX to BTC is $0.5142 to $29,420. How to convert STX to BTC at the most efficient rate? It is advisable to use the Godex site for this exchange transaction. Note, you will need to sell at least 172 STX to activate the operation.

You can exchange any currency for Bitcoin on the Godex site. Currently, the service works with more than 200 coins, including Stacks.

How to compare Stacks to Bitcoin?

Like all financial assets, the crypto coins prices constantly fluctuate. So it is important to follow their main characteristics on a regular basis if you are interested in investing in a specific currency.

Stacks is $0.5142, its market cap is $592 million, and max supply is 1,818,000,000. Currently 1.15 billion STX tokens are in circulation.

BTC is $29,420, its market cap is $550 billion. Its max supply is 21,000,000, and the current circulation reached 18,740,500.

What is the limit for STX to BTC exchange?

Unlike other similar exchanges that set up limits for anonymous transactions, Godex has no restrictions in this respect. All site visitors can convert any amount they want as many times a day as they wish. And every operation will be carried out using live rates for the moment of conversion.  It makes the platform stand out favorably from its competitors.