DGB to ETN Exchange


About DigiByte

  • Name: DigiByte

  • Symbol: DGB

  • Circulating supply: 15 701 469 000 $

  • Max supply: 21 000 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 156

  • Volume 24h: 2 776 374 $

  • Percent change 1h: -0,24 %

  • Percent change 24h: -0,24 %

  • Percent Change 7d: 1,6 %

About Electroneum

  • Name: Electroneum

  • Symbol: ETN

  • Circulating supply: 17 930 007 000 $

  • Max supply: 21 000 000 000 $

  • Cmc rank: 359

  • Volume 24h: 70 401 $

  • Percent change 1h: -0,18 %

  • Percent change 24h: -4,3 %

  • Percent Change 7d: 3,5 %

DGB to ETN calculator

How to Convert DigiByte to Electroneum?

Follow these steps in order to convert DigiByte (DGB) to Electroneum (ETN) on Godex exchange platform:

  • Step 1 -Go to the Godex main page and select on the left and right fields of the online converter DGB to ETN respectively. Next, enter the amount of DigiByte you would like to exchange. The system will automatically calculate how much ETN will be credited to your balance.
  • Step 2- Type your ETN wallet address in the respective address line with a view to get the DGB to ETN exchanged amount. When sending a cryptocurrency, you need to check a lot of data. Make sure the data is entered correctly and click the "Exchange" button.
  • Step 3- When you click on the “Exchange” button, Godex will generate the deposit address where you have to send your DGB, and instead of them ETN cryptocurrency will be credited to the address that you specified at the beginning of the exchange process.
  • 4 step Godex protects you from market instability fixing the DGB to ETN rate from the beginning of the transaction till its full completion.
  • 5 step - Consequently you will get ETN to the indicated wallet address along with the order details.

Converting cryptocurrencies has never been easier! Get started now!

Live DGB to ETN Price

Godex makes available the live tracking of the DGB to ETN rate changes. Please check here DigiByte Electroneum real closing rates by now. Trace the factual DigiByte Electroneum volume and please find  real-time DigiByte Electroneum volume as on today.

Convert DGB to ETN at the Best Rates

Godex crypto exchange service is a very cool platform which allows converting both top and brand new cryptocurrencies in various directions. Today, anyone can buy and sell the assets of more than 200 coins and 40,000+ trade pairs on Godex without overpaying excessive commissions. The exchange service is relevantly new, but it has already gained the trust of users.

Fast and safe exchange, high-quality support service, and favorable and fixed rates briefly characterize this exchange platform.

DigiByte to Electroneum Exchange Benefits

In general, if you are looking for a reliable and profitable exchange service, welcome to Godex. Automatic mode allows exchanging as quickly and conveniently as possible. Sometimes there may be delays in making payments, but this is not due to the work of the exchange service, but to the chosen payment system. Unfortunately, not all cryptocurrency exchanges work automatically. But for clients, this is the most beneficial mode. Having made several transfers, you can make sure that this platform works with amounts of any size and without hidden fees.

With Godex you can make a secure online exchange 24/7. It is also worth noting outstanding  technical support, which instantly answers all questions that arise during the conversion.

The advantages of this service are the following:

  • Confidentiality (it does not require identity documents);
  • Speed;
  • Currency is not stored on the site, but it is immediately transferred to the wallet address;
  • Safety.

In addition, Godex has a good affiliate program, which becomes an additional pleasant bonus to exceptional and fast provision of the services.

DGB to ETN Price Details 

 If you want to convert  DGB to ETN, just make use of the inbuilt Godex online calculating tool, which at once displays the amount of Electroneum coins you are going to get as a result of the conversion.

Please see for your attention the highest exchange rate and the least exchange rate With the view to guarantee the best rate for the clients Godex interacts with top well founded crypto exchanges in order to provide the relevant trading details including exchange rate comparisons. ETN price grew up by in the last hour and had increased by in the period of the last 24 hours.

DGB to ETN exchange volume has been fixed at in the last 24 hours, affirming the immense request for this trade pair.

How DGB to ETN calculator works

Godex's simple and convenient converter will help you keep track of the current price of cryptocurrencies and calculate the DGB to ETN rate. The DGB to ETN converter can be used without any restrictions. 

Godex cryptocurrency converter has several useful features:

  • allows you to convert DGB to ETN and other coins;
  • works with more than 200 cryptocurrencies, taking into account the current rates;
  • helps to simplify calculations;
  • clearly demonstrates several quotes and rates at once, which is convenient for comparison.

An online cryptocurrency calculator is a handy tool. You can select any amount of DGB in the left field and find out its value in ETN in real time. The converter is especially useful in moments when time is of the essence or a lot of calculations shall be done.

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How to convert DigiByte to Electroneum?

So, how to convert DGB to ETN on Godex? 

On the main page of the service you will find the online converter, then select the DigiByte to Electroneum pair for the indicated exchange direction. Specify the DGB amount which is subject to conversion and get the proper result on the display, i.e. the amount in ETN that will be credited to your correct ETN wallet address indicated in the separate line of the converter. Then just click the “Exchange” button. But that's not all, after that Godex will generate an address to which you must send your DGB coins and as soon as the exchange service receives confirmation of the funds receipt, it will immediately start the exchange operation. Godex is considered one of the fastest exchanges, so you won't have to wait long for the result. If you have never changed electronic money via using exchange services and you seem to have some problems during the exchange transaction, please use our detailed instructions in the FAQ section. If you still did not succeed in exchanging DigiByte to Electroneum, we recommend that you inform Godex technical support about this situation.

What is DigiByte to Electroneum exchange pair?

The vast majority of cryptocurrency investment portfolios have one or more leading currencies. There is no serious portfolio without a solid share of Bitcoin. But the launch of new altcoins and the natural flaws of the flagship cryptocurrency reduce its investment attractiveness. Many investors see DGB as a promising cryptocurrency with good growth potential as well as consider Electroneum a pretty interesting and promising coin which takes the best from Bitcoin and Monero.

It is necessary to invest in different assets in terms of risk reduction. Among several thousand cryptocurrencies, an investor chooses the coins that are familiar for everyone, and tries to turn a few cents into several thousand. And if you have already collected a balanced investment portfolio, remember: it is better to rely on a long-term strategy for large assets, and new altcoins can be traded aggressively so as not to miss a profitable moment.

How to compare DigiByte to Electroneum?

Digibyte and Electroneum are two relatively new cryptocurrencies with a few similarities, having both a maximum supply of 21 billion coins.

DigiByte cryptocurrency is gaining more and more popularity in the digital market. This asset appeared relatively recently, in 2014, however, there are very positive views among the community about it. Digibyte being a fast secure currency, while Electroneum is a private mobile currency with a leg up in mainstream adoption. Perhaps the fundamental difference between Electroneum and Digibyte is that Digibyte offers more transparency.

DigiByte is a payment system that largely repeats the BTC. It is still difficult to say anything about the prospects for it. Most likely, for now, the coin will remain at the same positions and will not dramatically grow in the near future. 

ETN goal is to conclude an agreement with all mobile network operators in the world, thereby attracting smartphone users to the digital economy in order to become a single world currency, to pay for mobile communications, as well as to be an electronic currency for the purchase / payment of goods or services. It is worth noting that at the moment more than 2 million ETN users are registered all over the world. If developers are able to implement all the plans, including the creation of cooperation with such titans as Google and Facebook, then the rise in the value of Electroneum will be inevitable.

What is the limit for DGB to ETN exchange?

Godex helps quickly and anonymously change digital funds in different directions in an automatic mode. Godex provides immediate unlimited conversions between many pairs of cryptocurrencies, guaranteeing transactions at the best price thanks to its state-of-the-art system. The backbone of Godex business includes fast, transparent and low cost transactions.