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December 2020 and early January 2021 turned out to be the best times for the cryptocurrency market since the 2017 bull market. Only this time everything is developing at a much faster pace and no one knows how long it will last. This growth attracted a large number of new users to the market. And all this together speeds up the development of the infrastructure.

With the coming of the Godex decentralized platform, the exchange of BTC to XVG and any other cryptocurrency pair is performed in just a few minutes.

Many users prefer the Verge cryptocurrency for its anonymity and functionality. In fact, it is just an improved version of the original Bitcoin. We are going to tell you about all the advantages of the Godex decentralized platform. Also, we will describe the entire process of converting BTC to XVG using the calculator tool step by step.

Note that absolutely all Internet users can deal with the Godex exchange. Even if you have never exchanged cryptocurrencies before, the platform’s interface will seem absolutely simple and straightforward to you. Everything here is done in such a way that there is no chance to get lost or do something wrong.

How to Convert BTC to XVG?

To give a detailed answer on where to buy XVG, we will show you the whole process of exchanging cryptocurrencies from beginning to end. Coinswitch on the Godex platform consists of three simple steps.

First, you need to indicate the coin you want to sell (BTC) in the left column of the cryptocurrency calculator. After that, in the right column, you should select the cryptocurrency to buy (XVG). Also, the service will ask you to enter the required number of coins to sell or buy.

Live BTC to XVG Price

Based on the information received, the platform analyzes Verge Bitcoin rates on all cryptocurrency exchanges. Prices vary on different sites, while Godex tools provide you with a unique opportunity to see the whole picture. This provides you with better conditions so that you can significantly increase the profit from trading.

These are all the actions for you to complete in the primary step. Once the platform provides you with a rate in real-time, you can decide whether it is okay for you or not. If you wanted to buy XVG at a better price, you have to wait until the market situation changes. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, so the situation changes literally every second. Thanks to the calculator tool, you can keep track of what is happening in real-time. As soon as the conversion from BTC to XVG becomes profitable for you, press the button and move to the second step.

Convert BTC to XVG at the Best Rates

Cryptocurrency trading requires meticulousness and accuracy. Therefore, when converting, it is important to know in advance the exact amount of coins that will be credited to your XVG wallet. This is what the profitability of a trading strategy depends on. Working with Godex, you will know the exact amount of exchange, up to satoshi. The terms of cooperation with the platform are transparent.

BTC to XVG Exchange Benefits

Godex decentralized exchange has a huge number of advantages, now we will briefly describe only the most important ones:

  • High work speed
  • Simplicity and functionality of the interface
  • High-security level
  • Analysis of the entire cryptocurrency market in real-time
  • User anonymity
  • Bonuses for affiliate partners
  • No additional payments or hidden fees

BTC to XVG Price Details

As of writing this piece, 1 BTC can be bought for 2,536,704 XVG. But by the time you read this article, the rate will most likely be different. Therefore, you better find out the exact price of BTC XVG using the Godex calculator.

How BTC to XVG calculator works

Once you selected a cryptocurrency pair and specified the number of coins to exchange, you will need to provide your billing information. That is the address of the XVG wallet to which the coins will be credited. It is important to enter it correctly, otherwise, you risk losing these funds forever. And the last step is to confirm the application, do it by clicking on "Exchange". This completes the process of converting BTC to XVG, now you just need to wait while Godex is processing your application.

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How to convert Bitcoin to Verge?

Conversion of cryptocurrencies is easier and most convenient to do using the calculator tool on the Godex service.

What is BTC and XVG exchange pair?

When you want to convert one coin to another, you create a cryptocurrency pair. There are tens of thousands of them on the market, and BTC/XVG is just one of them.

How to compare BTC and XVG?

Verge was launched in 2014 under the name DogeCoinDark. In February 2016, creative managers changed the name of the cryptocurrency to Verge. In total, 11 developers are involved in the project, all of them are hiding under nicknames.

Verge is written using the source code of the Bitcoin network. The main difference of XVG is that it uses TOR, i2P networks, and RingCT protocol for ultimate encryption and IP change. Thus, complete confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed during transactions.

Verge’s (XVG) main priority is the privacy of payments and users. Essentially, Verge is a more confidential version of Bitcoin.

What is the limit for BTC to XVG exchange?

Godex decentralized exchange does not set upper limits on cryptocurrency exchanges. But the minimum exchange amount still exists, it is 0.005 BTC or the equivalent in any other cryptocurrency.