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Crypto Transactions News

6 minute read
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies With Fast Transaction Speed

A couple of years ago, everyone had a friend who dreamed of getting rich on bitcoins or made plans to create a mining farm. Alas,

Peter Moore
Crypto Currencies
4 minute read
How long does Bitcoin take to send?

Living in a world with its changing trends, moods and events, we are used to fast pace and fell in love with speed. It made

Linda Larsen
bitcoin transaction time
Crypto Currencies
3 minute read
How many confirmations for Ethereum are needed?

All Ethereum users have ever had to wait for confirmations. But how many block confirmations Ethereum needs? It’s a good question. Let’s imagine the situation:

Peter Moore
block confirmation on ethereum
Crypto Talks
3 minute read
Best anonymous crypto exchange in 2021

If you have ever traded on crypto exchanges like Binance you know that these transactions are not completely anonymous. Whether you use blockchain for small

Alex Tamm
Best Anonymous Crypto Exchange in 2020
Crypto Tips
4 minute read
How to secure your crypto transactions?

In recent years cryptocurrencies found their place among other financial assets within customers wallets all over the world. However, the security of crypto transactions remains

Alex Tamm
How to Secure Your Crypto Transactions?