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How many confirmations for Ethereum are needed?

block confirmation on ethereum

All Ethereum users have ever had to wait for confirmations. But how many block confirmations Ethereum needs? It’s a good question. Let’s imagine the situation: you’re designing a particular application in the blockchain and generating logs through transactions. You also crafted an event listener that informs when new ones are being released. Of course, you’d prefer the time between logs generation and this listener’s reaction to it to be as short as possible. But the time needed to create a block here is about 12 seconds while getting 7 block confirmations suggests all 4 minutes. Obviously, it ruins the whole venture. We’re not here to give you the solution to this, but rather to give you a good grasp of what Ethereum confirmations are and how they work. 

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

They call themselves a home to digital currency, worldwide payments, and applications. It is a blockchain portal that possesses its own programming language and cryptocurrency – ETH. As a network, it represents an unregulated by third parties or intermediaries ledger, open-source and accessible to anyone. It is used for tracking and registering transactions. 

The users of the network can do anything with applications on the platform and use ETH as payment. Since the portal itself is decentralized, apps being created, published, and monetized on it are called ‘dapps’. As for a cryptocurrency, ETH takes second place in terms of market value after Bitcoin (May 2021).

Now, how many confirmations for Ethereum are necessary? Let’s find out in detail what they mean.

What is a Block Confirmation on Ethereum?

When transferring ETH to another wallet address, this happens when the Ethereum wallet is waiting for blocks. First, a sender puts in a transaction to the Ethereum blockchain. It is placed in a queue and later is included in the blockchain by participants. They are called validators or miners. Once the transaction joins the block, it is now considered its initial block confirmation.

In other words, a block confirmation means a block in the blockchain has a transaction joined to it. Thus, if a transaction has 15 block Ethereum confirmations, then validators had 14 blocks mined as the block was mined that comprised a transaction.

Why is it crucial? After the transaction is included in the block, the more blocks are suggested to the blockchain, the bigger the likelihood that it is executed. So, how many confirmations does Ethereum need? In general, a transaction is finished after six Ethereum confirmations.

Why are confirmation requirements necessary?

There’s an issue of double spending every crypto developer faces nowadays. To ensure that this won’t happen, funds are not credited to the point then a particular number of confirmations have been made. 

For the record, double spending is only a digital currency-related issue. This means that when paying with BTC, for example, copying the transaction details and rebroadcasting it might happen again. Thus, the same currency can be spent a few times by one holder. 

So, how many confirmations Ethereum needs? The more confirmations obtained, the more irrevocable the transaction is. 

How long do Ethereum confirmations take?

ETH confirmation time depends on a rate that is required by the blockchain. For example, on the Bitcoin one, it takes on average 10 minutes to mine a block. And some crypto exchanges credit BTC holdings to a user’s account after 5 confirmations, which takes around 40 minutes. Yet, sometimes Bitcoin validators need 30 or 60 minutes to mine one block aka 1 confirmation, which cannot be regulated by the same exchange. 

Usually, currency exchanges do not provide public information about the exact number of confirmations needed to secure a proper deposit. Still, this cannot be much. Most ones close in a minute or two. Thus, it’s quite impossible to anticipate how much time pending confirmation Ethereum takes.

How Many Block Confirmations Does Ethereum Need?

The founder of Ethereum explained ETH confirmation time in one of his blog posts. It includes graphs showing how many confirmations are mandatory for a transaction considering the average block time confirmation. According to his statements, a 17-second blockchain will need 10 confirmations aka 3 minutes to ensure 99.99% of security. Ethereum is in the 15-second average block production time range, meaning that for the transaction confirmation Ethereum will take 12 confirmations for completion. 

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