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How To Exchange XRP For BTC?


Dozens of sites offer XRP to BTC exchange. But taking the first one on the Internet, clients often get unfavorable conditions and risk getting caught by scammers. Therefore, monitoring exchangers and analyzing these platforms will help you avoid troubles and be satisfied with the outcome of the transaction. 

To save your time, you can use one of the exchangers below, which provide a reliable service on favorable terms:

  2. Changelly;
  3. Binance;
  4. Huobi Pro;
  5. Bitfinex.

It usually takes up to 5 minutes to exchange XRP for Bitcoin, or vice versa. The process of exchanging XRP and Bitcoin on different exchangers is also almost the same:

  • get a wallet for your new crypto, in case you don’t have the right one;
  • select and go to register on the exchanger website for XRP-BTC transaction;
  • select the required crypto pair, enter the number of coins you want to sell;
  • look through existing offers and choose the best one;
  • specify the wallet address for your BTC;
  • confirm the transaction and wait for your account or wallet to receive new coins.

If the sale of currency is carried out automatically, this does not mean that the wallet can be replenished instantly. The duration of the transfer depends on the specific payment system.


1. Changelly

Changelly is one of the most popular exchanges and it deserves it. If you don’t want to waste time filling out long registration forms, you will appreciate the simplified registration on the service with no need for KYC.

The exchange offers competitive exchange rates and a user-friendly interface. An account will allow you to keep a history of all your transactions and will also allow you to track your activity. 

In addition to Ripple, Bitcoins can be purchased for other crypto, the choice of which is great here. In addition, Changelly accepts fiat currency payments by credit or debit card.


2. Binance

This platform is a favorite place for many active traders. Let us see what attracts them so much. Binance has something to offer its users, and it is not surprising with a stack of more than 140 cryptocurrencies, which is constantly being replenished with new altcoins.

Being not the first year on the lips of crypto traders, to be exact since 2017, this giant has become an ideal platform for both large investors and novice users. Registration is as plain sailing as for Changelly, you only need to provide and verify your email, which can be a one-time, if you want to maintain confidentiality. 

By registering on Binance, you generate a wallet that needs to be replenished with Ripples by clicking on the “fund” button. You must specify the number of coins that you need to exchange for Bitcoins.

The process of exchanging XRP for BTC is very simple and does not require special knowledge or skills, and the mobile application will allow you to carry out transactions on the go.


3. Huobi Pro

Using the services of the Huobi Pro service, you understand that this is not just an exchange, but a large company, and the corresponding level is felt in everything. The company runs many different projects and provides financial services in the field of cryptocurrencies. Huobi Pro supports over 248 cryptocurrency pairs on its platform, including Ripple.

Such a scale, of course, instills trust and confidence in the safety of users’ digital assets. The complexity of registration depends on the volume of the trades you plan, for small transactions one email with a password is enough, for large transactions it is necessary to provide some documents for KYC.


4. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is among the top three exchanges in terms of volume and liquidity for the XRP/BTC pair. That is, it is almost an ideal platform for buying Bitcoin for your Ripples. 

An unusual feature is the Honey Framework, a tool that allows you to automatically create several limit orders in a specified price range. The idea is for traders to be able to focus on strategy instead of constantly wasting time manually entering all orders.

In addition to trading, Bitfinex offers other types of income, such as deposits and staking, which bring good returns. So, the acquired Bitcoins can be staked.

Cons: registration process and KYC verification, which usually take 15-20 business days. But thanks to this, Bitfinex has a very significant advantage, since thanks to thorough verification, it is one of the safest exchanges.

You can sell your XRP not only through the website, but also using a mobile app that allows you to trade on the go.


Best ways to convert BTC to XRP

In order to safely and profitably exchange Bitcoins for Ripple, you must adhere to some basic rules. 

First, you need to choose a safe place, an exchanger that offers the best rate, has no hidden fees, and which will provide you with a user-friendly interface and high transaction processing speed.

Secondly, you need to take care of getting a nice wallet in which you will store the purchased Ripple. In no case should you leave your coins on the exchange, no matter how safe it is considered, especially if we are talking about large amounts. The most secure type of wallet is the hardware wallet, so it’s better to keep them there.

Thirdly, always check the data that you provide before confirming the transaction so that your Ripple does not go to someone else.



So, now you have complete information in order to carry out transactions with BTC / XRP and XRP / BTC pairs safely and most profitably. Always use trusted platforms for conversions or any crypto transactions, as with the development of crypto culture, more and more scammers or unreliable websites offer services of dubious quality.

Also stay tuned for the latest news, as it happens when a seemingly reliable exchange is hacked by hackers, as a result of which thousands of crypto users lose their deposits, as recently happened with Coinbase. Of course, no one is immune from this, therefore, always store your digital money in hardware wallets.

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