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What Is ElonTech Coin (ETCH)?


Understanding ElonTech

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most famous and accepted cryptocurrency around the world. However, there are thousands of other crypto coins claiming their place in your investment portfolio, and  the fast-growing cryptocurrency ElonTech is among them. What is (ETCH) ElonTech cryptocurrency? It is the first Tech Valley Crypto Token. If you are familiar with the Silicon Valley concept where every single major technology company is based or was created then it is a pretty much similar idea. Silicon Valley is known for information technology in the technology sectors as a whole. 


How does ElonTech (ETCH) work?

As the project Whitepaper states ElonTech is “primarily concentrating on Blockchain, ElonTech will offer its coin with IDO and ICO by linking with major platforms (Polka starter, Pancake swap, Uni swap) for trade in the crypto market. Aiming at fetching Information Technology gaps, ElonTech will focus on Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Visualization, Robotics, and Advanced automated formulas to make a revolution with regards to efficiency and effectiveness in the Blockchain and IT industry. It is really a fascinating project which is trying to move underdeveloped and underprivileged countries to a more positive way of life allowing them to become kind of hubs of Information technology and blockchain. 


ElonTech (ETCH) History

ElonTech is a young project, which is only 4 months old. The ElonTech IDO was held from 1 to 10 May this year at half the rate. On May 10, it was launched on PanCakeSwap. As it stands right now, this cryptocurrency is sitting at about $ 0.00000393. It did start at $0.000001 four months ago. In fact it is already jumping up and it was event number one trending on CoinmarketCap. It is pretty notable that this thing does have some momentum behind it. There are partners that are looking at this cryptocurrency very seriously to cooperate with them. A lot of people who are considerig to become holders of ETCH cryptocurrency and looking at it with extremely bullish outlook. The total coin supply of 34,979,803,438,049 is pretty large. ElonTech wants to reach $ 1 point by December 21, 2021 which is less than 4 months actually. It is a pretty bold claim and obviously can be massive gains for anyone who gets in now. They actually state that they will spend 5% of the Tech Valley revenue to burn the coins each and every single month to decrease the supply and potentially increase the token value. Weekly token burn is 2 – 2.5% (Monthly – 10%). In fact they are committed to doing that until this crypto coin reaches $1.


ETCH Coin Advantages

The project has a solid road map and it is already in action on this road map. ElonTech have some diversified utilities in terms of what they want to do with this cryptocurrency. 

Among the current advantages are the following:

  • 100% Presale Successful
  • CoinMarketCap Listed and trending multiple times (Trending #1)
  • Coingecko Listed
  • Coinhunt Listed
  • Coinmooner Listed
  • Strong and Unique Use Case 
  • Active community. They have active communities on both Twitter and Telegram (52K+ TG users, 60.5K+ Twitter followers)
  • The holder number is going up. Сurrently they have 23K+ holders. They are running some contests and some prizes putting a lot of money and attention to get people to not only purchase ETCH but also hold it. 

The project is going to be 100 % community owned. 


ETCH Coin Disadvantages

The project is very young and the number of holders is quite low because it is too early to say. It is a matter of more advertising and marketing as there is not enough news for potential investors. They are charging no taxes for transactions as other tokens do, having a small Liquidity provider (LP) yet. In order to improve it they built the lottery for this purpose. All the benefits on the lottery go straight to the LP after the valid draw.


How to Mine ETCH

The situation with ElonTech mining is not clear yet as the project documentary movie about the coin is on the way.  


What is ElonTech Coin used for

What is ElonTech cryptocurrency? ElonTech is a non-custodial Binance Smart Chain (BSC) based platform for exchange, profitable farming using BEP-20 tokens. In order to invest in Tech Valley and to buy assets you need the ETCH tokens.


How to Buy ElonTech (ETCH)

Where to buy ETCH coin? Right now you can buy ETCH tokens on PanCakeSwap. It was listed there on May 10th and the team is pushing to have it listed on the ETCH coin exchanges (World’s Top 3 crypto exchanges) in the near future. It is already listed on CoinGecko which is pretty impressive as well. 


Bitcoin vs ElonTech

How is ElonTech different from Bitcoin

While Bitcoin remains the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, new altcoins are starting to compete with it. The world is watching the bitcoin rally, which rises and falls due to tweets by Elon Musk. But in “peacetime” the cryptocurrency market is mainly based on classical market laws, and investing in tokens is the same as investing in company stocks. Bitcoin turns 12 in 2021, it is a huge success, it is included in the investment portfolios of world famous companies Tesla, MicroStrategy, Voyager Digital LTD, Marathon Patent Group, Square Inc.

Elontech is a young project, which is only 3 months old and at this stage it has a growing community, more and more developers are working on the project and on expanding the partnerships.

If you compare these 2 cryptocurrencies in terms of where you can buy and sell them, then in the case of Bitcoin, there are many exchanges and trading platforms (online sites or applications) where investors can buy and sell their Bitcoins. As for Elontech, it is only in the process of being listed on large exchange platforms and at the moment it can only be bought on PanCakeSwap.


ElonTech’s Future

ElonTech is a fast growing cryptocurrency. ElonTech has a growing community,  and the developers are working on the project. All this means that more people and companies will use ElonTech which is ultimately very positive for the price in the long run. Predicting ElonTech price expectations is very difficult, but by looking at the implemented developments, new plans that affect the price, you can see where this might go. It is impossible to give an accurate price prediction for ElonTech, but it is obvious that a price increase of 100% – 300% is very realistic within 1-2 years.

Real investors also look faster at time frames of about 5 years, when investing is always the safest way in the long run. That’s why it is worth looking at ElonTech 2025 price prediction. Because in the short term, there can always be obstacles, for example, failure to meet deadlines, but in the long term, the project is always developing. 


Is ElonTech Coin a good investment?

Why is ElonTech gaining momentum? The cryptocurrency rate usually rises when there are positive events and news about what it will be like in 2021 and further. It is expected that it will be used more by individuals and organizations, which will lead to an increase in ETCH price. Therefore, it is always a good idea to take a look at the current ElonTech news to see what impact it is going to have in the long run.

Many crypto enthusiasts also believe that this project could easily grow in value by 10, which means that every $ 100 investment could end up costing $ 1,000 in a few years. We recommend you to hold whatever you have and invest as per your risk analysis. The final decision in any case will be yours.

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