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Graph (GRT) Price Prediction 2022-2028

GRT Price Prediction

The world has loved Ethereum as the best blockchain technology it has ever seen. At least, for now. It has left behind many ventures. Let us introduce the protocol – the Grath – which is an indexing one for quavering systems like Ethereum. It allows anyone to create and publish APIs, dubbed also “Subgraphs”. 

The technologies used by the protocol offer great opportunities for emerging sectors, such as Web 3.0. The Graph enables to create Defis, new marketplaces, governance protocols, etc. GRT is its native asset aka an Ethereum token, that is supposed to run resources inside the whole ecosystem. 

The token should be considered for investing. Is it a good investment? What’s GRT price prediction for the years to come? Let’s find out.

What is Graph cryptocurrency?

Since blockchain technology first showed up, we used to think that blockchain data is all about transparency and accessibility. Yet, there’s a flaw back here, and this is what Graph came to address as a smart contract data supervisor, bringing more security and benefits to the blockchain world. 

Ordinarily, when creating dApps, engineers must pick between performance and decentralization, and in this context blockchain apps cannot get a proper balance. Once launching the ecosystem, the Graph tackled this issue. It builds a global API that devs exploit to facilitate their activities. The apps built on the graph perform well without undermining decentralization.

The Graph turned out to be a godsend as technology. Within a short span, the coin grew by leaps and bounds. Removing any decentralized intermediary from the equation, the Graph delivered on data indexing and security, which makes the GRT price prediction quite positive.

The team states that if smart contracts and decentralized apps are about to replace their centralized counterparts, there should be a more viable way of requesting the data needed to create and maintain them. In the meantime, the Graph brings its own contribution to data indexing. By adding new layers of verification to the blockchain of smart contracts, The Graph protocol has done a great job, and the driving force of the whole process is the Ethereum token.

Figuring out the network

The following features of the Graph, such as query and data pointing, where it ranks first of its kind, made the Graph comparable to Google. By indexing blockchain data from well-known networks like Ethereum and Filecoin, Graph then organizes it into open APIs aka subgraphs that any user can query applying GraphQL. Enabling smart contracts and bringing data to the Ethereum blockchain, the Graph network promotes decentralized apps and turns out to be a champion in the DeFi sector.

As a lot of networks joining the Graph, now it works with indexing data from POA, Ethereum, and IPFS. As of now, 1700 subgraphs were deployed for dApps, Uniswap, Gnosis, Balancer, Livepeer, Synthetix, and Decentraland. Its major competitors also suggest Alchemy, StreamingFast, Tatum, and QEDIT, which does not make any damage to the GRT price prediction

The actual intermediary aka facilitator of the protocol is its utility and native token – the GRT, which originates decentralized indexes and API feeds for blockchain-related businesses. By the way, the co-founder of this endeavor Yaniv Tal speaks out on the platform rolling out soon. The project will have a big deal of impact on Web 3.0. It will rise as a champion when it’s about scalability and flexibility provided to multiple dApps, performing a middle layer role. 

What fuels development?

Two years ago, Edge & Node software was welcomed to add to the blockchain protocol development. Right after the announcement, the price skyrocketed by +100%. The team behind the project enthusiastically rewards developers and respectful hackers for spotting any shortcoming and tackling it in its protocol these days. Traders can easily find the token on many cryptocurrency exchanges today with the current GRT price prediction.

The other aspects that drive growth and token’s momentum are:

  • Advancements and improvements

As mentioned before, the launch of Edge & Node which is designed to help blockchain protocol development made the value skyrocket. The team behind the project has given two grants – a $60m one going to Semiotic AI whose pros will work on the protocol’s R&D, and a $48m one given to the Guild to develop the just same and also subgraph. 

  • Beneficial partnerships

The token is pretty important in this whole DeFi ecosystem, which increases its user count. Additionally, the company supports blockchains, such as Solana, Polkadot, and Celo. To do it efficiently, they hired a lot of delegators, curators, and indexers. By the way, Tim Frost, CEO and founder of DeFi-oriented fintech Yield App once stated that the token’s role in the Defi ecosystem is undeniable. He underlined the role of the Graph as it has started working with such protocols as Polkadot.

They also support Arweave, the foremost decentralized protocol that enables users to save data in the long run after just paying a one-time upfront fee. How is it beneficial for the system and the GRT price prediction? It allows indexed data coming from open APIs backed by the Graph aka subgraphs to comprehend and arrange Arweave’s stored data. Simply put, they will read the data held on its protocol, enabling fast and effective access. 

Speaking of Solana, the collab with it was announced in November last year at Solana’s Breakpoint Conference. It was actually about its hosted service incorporating Solana. This will allow faster indexing. The event happened right before another big announcement – the Graph’s prepping to support the Cosmos network. The Figment-led incorporation will allow dApps created on the Cosmos network to exploit subgraphs when requesting data.

The Graph (GRT) Current Market Status

As of the time of prepping this piece, CoinMarketCap states it’s sold at $0.117 with a 24-hour volume of $85,751,153. Over the last 24 hours, the value of GRT went up by 7.52%. The current circulation supply constitutes 6.90 B, which is awesome. You can find nowadays top crypto exchanges trading this token, so is These are rather fees and rates that define the success of a good partnership with an exchange. Do not go for the well-known, go for what offers the most favorable conditions for partnerships. 

Now, let’s find out the price dynamics in the past, which also speaks volumes about the GRT price prediction today.

GRT Price History

The project saw the world in late December 2020 coming with the value of $0.17. Right a few days after coming to the market, the price surged, hitting a $0.68 price point. On December 26, the price went down to $0.35 since the bears were prevailing in the market. In late December, the price got its support level of $0.36.

In early 2021, the market was bearish making the price of $0.35. On February 12 already, it recovered and achieved its all-time high of $2.88. In mid-May 2021, the market collapsed, and the price went from $1.23 to $0.75. After a sideways trend, in the third quarter, the last one started in the bullish surf. Yet, the bears took over the rally bringing a $0.65 price point by late 2021. Let’s get to the very GRT crypto price prediction right now.

Price Prediction for GRT from Experts 

We’ll provide a few opinions here for you to understand the overall picture. So, based on the algorithm-based price analysis, the guys from expect the price to be $0.19 by late 2022. If a bearish trap occurs, it can shift to $0.16. One by one, the value is predicted to skyrocket to its max, which is $0.61 by late 2025. In the scenario of average buy and sell pressures, the ordinary worth can be fixed at $0.56. Otherwise, it can go down to  $0.54. 

The folks from Trading Beasts also provide their GRT coin price prediction. So, by the end of 2022, they predict the max price point of $0.168. In the opposite case scenario, trend reversals could decrease the value to $0.114. If average buying and selling pressures occurred, the trading would be at $0.114 – again, by late 2022. 

Digital Coin Price has their opinions as well: the worth might constitute $0.16 by 2022 and by 2023 – over $0.18. They say by 2025, it could be $0.23.

Speaking of whether to invest or now, let’s outline a few opinions, based on the GRT price prediction that each of these experts says. So, walletinvestor considersit as an unfavorable. high-risk one-year investment option. What’s more, the price now being $0.566 can devalue in the near future. 

The News Crypto predicts that the value will be rising and soon with cross its ATH worth ever. It has all the chances to hit a $3.5 price point in case there’s a buzz  from investors to put money in it in 2022. 

Gov Capital is also witnessing a rising tendency. The future value of the coin is expected to reach $0.748817 after a year, according to their price forecasts. Another expert – CoinQuora – states that its long-term the Graph prediction 2022 is bullish. If the uptrend remains, the token’s value can run along with the bulls, overcoming the resistance level of $0.86 and going higher.

Graph Price Prediction 2022

At the beginning of this year, the price made $0.6409 while there were no bullish alerts, amidst solid sell-offs. Since the Relative Strength Index dropped to incredible bottoms, the token hit its 5-month low of $0.5484 by mid-January. Boosted sell-offs later increased the price to a $0.397 price point by late January. The price fluctuated in a sideways corridor until February 3, and then rose to $0.524.

But the turbulence in the market under the influence of geopolitical tightness and skyrocketing inflation caused another drop. This made the asset cost at  $0.3145. The quarter later ended up at $0.5275 thanks to the ongoing uptrend. The second quarter was not easy on the whole market, so was for the GRT coin price prediction. In the second quarter, the altcoin’s value dropped by 80%.

If the bullish stance continues in the third quarter, the price could be $0.1197.  Developments and partnerships based on API network and Web 3 initiatives can boost the token’s price to its quarterly high of $0.1382. While the balance in trading activity could set the price at $0.1225, the loss of protocol in business and negative criticism could bring the price down to $0.1039.

If the promised blockchain protocol extension happens to Bitcoin and others this year and if new integrations attract investors, the price has all the chances to go up and settle at $0.1803. If the protocol falls victim to negative opinions and mass liquidations, the value could plummet to $0.1274. A linear price forecast without the intervention of any critical catalysts would result in the price being fixed at $0.1529. 

Graph Price Prediction 2023

If the token remains firm around the support level of the 200-MA (the 200-day long-term moving average), traders will secure enough time to plan the next attack on the vital $4.5 level, making it play steadily rather than fall.

The Graph can boast about its fast and trustworthy network and deals with the user experience of the solution provided. Investors are optimistic about this cryptocurrency because its characteristics can help the GRT coin show tremendous growth in the future. If this push for functional crypto continues in 2023, the value might even experience a paradigmatic peak in the first six months of the year and even reach $0.99 next year

As for the GRT price prediction from other opinions, they also praise the network and its agile platform. In 2023, expect the token’s max of $0.3018. In the meantime, with new competitors showing up on the market and the lack of user interest, the price might be just $0.1607. Thus, the average price can be $0.2381.  

Graph Price Prediction 2024

Into The Block, a data science company, states that the whales retain a huge part of GRT tokens, which makes around 56.76%. Then come the investors with a 33.99% share, and finally – the retailers with a 9.24% one. The concentration is sufficient for investors who are interested in less risky digital assets. This is confirmed by the average holding period of tokens, which is “1 year. 

Consistently rising holdings could push the price of the digital token to a possible high of $0.4914. Meanwhile, a decrease in the reputation and offers of The Graph could bring its value down to $0.2576. Vice versa, a lack of fueling initiatives could bring its price down to $0.3668. 

Around 2024, a lot of events are expected: developments, partnerships, and integrations. All of that can boost the value of the token in the market. This can happen to be the best investment as the value can skyrocket and reach up to $7, based on our GRT coin price prediction.

Other predictions state that the price might get its ATH of $1.12, provided it crosses its past biggest resistance level and makes technological upgrades to the whole system. In general, the Graph is a promising project. However, cryptopreneurs always need to make their own research. By late 2024, the token can be traded at $0.80.

Graph Price Prediction 2025

GRT is deemed that currency that will embody the idea of a decentralized world. If the network concentrates on investing in some other projects and empowering more the blockchain architecture, then the GRT coin price prediction 2025 can state a novel culmination of $0.7638.

From another perspective, after the previous market crunch, the Graph experienced some volatility. If volatility levels keep prevailing, then the price can plummet to $0.4144. What’s more, if the altcoin is like to reverse the downward tension, it can shift in a linear range of $0.5827. Let’s go further to the GRT crypto price prediction for 2026.

Graph Price Prediction 2026

As there is a growing awareness of cryptocurrencies, the value of GRT could reach $20 by 2026. But that’s too optimistic. In 2026, the worth is more likely to hit a $1.2 price point, while the average one for trading can constitute $1.15. A 5-year plan might bring about great returns from current investments.

Four years from now, the price can go up to $12. In the meantime, attaining this level might not be that complicated for the token, since extra medium, medium-, short- and long-term price goals for purchasing or selling can be identified. This translates the following: the token has all the chances of getting up to a new ATH during the next five years as expected. 

The Graph is also actively involved in community initiatives. Given that they continue to gain momentum by gaining considerable market capital, their projects on education, advocacy, and innovation could boost the GRT price to a tangible $1.27, in line with our GRT price prediction.

Graph Price Prediction 2027

Here’s another prediction forecasting $0.80 this year and $1.19 – just before 2023. If taking these standing points and predicting for the next 5 years, the price can skyrocket by 1087% and make up to $5.58 in 2027.

Again, the latest upgrades, developments, project advancements of the platform speak volumes: in 2017 GRT investors can expect a lot of partnerships and integrations, which will increase the price significantly, making it 40 bucks. What about the GRT price prediction 2030?

Graph Price Prediction 2030

Eight years from now, GRT prices can go up to $100. Yet, getting to that level may not be that super hard for the token since extra goals during this whole journey could be spotted to buy or sell orders. This means the digital asset has a lot of possibilities to reach a novel ATH over the years to come. 

Another opinion says that by mid-2030, the price will make $2.11 and  $2.22 – by late 2028. Obviously, a future expansion will bring about more massive usage and therefore – a higher price. This year, projections see a possibility of bullish trends, which signals good returns on investments. Yet, considering the token’s volatlity, the real results of the Graph GRT price prediction in 2030 should be estimated closely. 



Is Graph (GRT) a good Investment?

For this year, it is considered a good one. Based on our price prediction GRT, now it’s high time to purchase the token. Just a couple of days ago, the value of the token was experiencing a bearish trend, and it dropped below $0.6. Luckily, now it’s getting back on track and might even have a big deal of a hike. 

Also, the Graph GRT price prediction of some forecasts says the price can hit a $100 price point in 2028. The very through seems attractive but again – one should consider its volatility and weigh up the risks before investing. 

How much will the graph GRT be worth?

Opinions differ for each year. We’ll outline a few of them: by 2024, the price might be around 7 bucks, while by 2025 and 2026 – $12 and $20 respectively. In 2027, you can expect $40 and in 2028 – $60. Finally, in 2030 the price can reach 100 bucks but again – those predictions are as volatile as the crypto market is.  

How to buy The Graph cryptocurrency?

It’s never been that easy as now to purchase any crypto, especially this popular. So, it is traded on any crypto exchange. We won’t name the most reputable one. You can pick the smaller ones but still get benefits from fixed rates, low fees, and high-level security. Also, you can always find the most updated GRT price prediction on such.

Also, consider the storage options. You can hold assets on exchanges, but it’s not that safe compared to cold wallets. They represent offline wallets that only their owners can have access to. Also, there can be hot wallets aka software that needs the Internet connection. It is less safe as can be hacked. 

Will GRT reach 5$?

GRT is quite active and manages to keep this uptrend position for quite a long time. Provided the bullish trend goes on, the token can make a leap from $1.2399 and hit a $3 price point. Obviously, it has all the odds to happen if the bullish trend prevails for the sake of this crypto. Last but not least, always check for the GRT price prediction on multiple platforms.


Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the content of this article is not financial or investing advice. The information provided is the author’s opinion only and should not be considered as direct recommendations for trading or investment. Any article reader or website visitor should consider multiple viewpoints and become familiar with all local regulations before cryptocurrency investment. We do not make any warranties about reliability and accuracy of this information.

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