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Voyager Token Price Prediction

voyager price prediction

Voyager describes itself as a cryptocurrency broker which is designed for every backer. Connecting to more than a dozen cryptocurrencies, Voyager Smart Order Router gives customers an access to the virtual asset market.

Voyager Token (VGX) encourages customers in the Voyager crypto-broker ecosystem generating a 5% -share when held in the Voyager app, and it will soon offer cash rewards and other exclusive features. VGX, (formerly Ethos (ETHOS) can also be stored in its native multi-currency Ethos Universal Wallet. 

What is VGX?

Voyager is a trading and financing app for retail as well as institutional investors. It positions itself as a major chance for earning a passive income of up to 12% per annum by holding certain assets in an account. The project was launched by the Wall Street and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Voyager Token (VGX) is a token which is a rewarding mechanism tool incentivizing clients to perform actions on the platform. It is planned to expand its functions further in DeFi infrastructure with regard to ecosystem development when using debit cards, etc. VGX token allows platform customers to upgrade their status and thereby reduce fees, earn an increased income, and receive a cashback. Paying with tokens can reduce a wide range of fees: for withdrawals, trading, and for using future products that are developed by Voyager.

There are three user levels such as an Adventurer (from 500 VGX on the account), an Explorer (from 5,000 VGX on the account), a Navigator (from 20,000 VGX on the account).

  1. Cashback bonuses on transactions. A special mechanism, the Order Router, means that Voyager searches for the extending the market for each transaction to find the best price. For Explorer and Navigator levels, you can get a cost increase of up to 2 or 3 times that of a regular customer. Cashback is paid with VGX and allows you to build up your savings even faster to go up a tier.
  2. Cashback on debit card transactions (in the future). (0.1% for an Adventurer, 0.2% for an Explorer, 0.3% for a Navigator). In addition, a card will be free of charge for all referral program participants.
  3. Bonuses for new users invited. ($30 for an Adventurer, $35 for an Explorer, $40 for a Navigator). All payouts are made with VGX.
  4. Withdrawal fees. An Adventurer saves 10% commission, an Explorer saves 20% commission, and a Navigator saves 30% commission.
  5. An increased yield on BTC, ETH, USDC, and other crypto assets. (+0.5% for an Adventurer, +1% for an  Explorer, +1.5% for a Navigator). Stacking bonuses are equal for all the users and are fixed at 7%.

All referral program members will get a free entry to the Voyager desktop app, and the Navigator level participants are provided with early access.

Technical Analysis of VGX

The real-time Voyager Token value as of May 1, 2022, amounts to $1.16 USD with a 24-hour trading capacity of $9,788,503 USD. Voyager Token sank by 7.84% in the last 24 hours. The VGX ongoing CoinMarketCap ranking is #147, with a relevant market cap of $323,559,687 USD. It has a disseminating supply of 278,482,214 VGX coins and a paramount supply of 279,387,971 VGX coins.

Volatility is presumably to influence giant rates, with Bitcoin and other leading altcoins demonstrating related fee shifts. Crypto specialists assume that VGX has real value for initiating purchase orders as its rate is within reach of the August 2021 highest points.

Pros of investing in VGX

The Voyager fund aims at upgrading the experience of crypto traders by rendering more structured services. This project seems to have all the classifications of a yet-to-be-successful program, hence supporting the ecosystem by purchasing and keeping VGX tokens could evince to be a effectual investment for crypto experts.

Besides, studying the VGX actual price, it seems undervalued, thus it is the right moment for crypto fans to play on and buy Voyager tokens while its value remains low-cost in order to get more returns in the future. Investing in altcoins at different levels can potentially be far more beneficial than investing in Bitcoin at the cost of higher risk of losing money through drawdowns or a gradual “slide” in the price.


Along with the discounts which customers get in terms of withdrawal fees and real-time trading commissions, they will have access to a unique bonus system based on the ownership of VGX tokens. Not only can customers trade without commission, but they can also earn cashback every time they trade.

Interest earnings

Voyager is one of the few brokers offering interest-free accounts along with competitive trading offers. Users are granted basic interest rates along with the option of increasing interest by way of token features.

Additional benefits

As Voyager adds products such as debit cards, margins, and credits and integrates a universal wallet into the Voyager apps, VGX token holders will receive additional profits.

On 11 February 2022 Voyager Digital began trading on the Canadian markets as a public company under the symbol VYGR. The public company is the first combined cryptocurrency broker and a deposit solution, allowing consumers and investors access to a revolutionary new product. The level of trust and openness provided by the public company is invaluable. New customers can be assured that the company is a legitimate service provider having a complete crypto-ecosystem with a people-based mentality, and everyone has the opportunity to be part of it from the start.

Voyager actively works with regulators to adhere to the highest standards of compliance. It has developed a regulatory strategy that looks to the future by obtaining state licenses, implementing deep banking relationships, acquiring a FINRA registered broker/dealer, and actively seeking BitLicense approval in New York. As the regulatory framework strengthens, developers will be prepared to comply with new standards. Voyager will operate with the same level of rigor and trust as financial institutions. A user can expect only the highest quality products and services with 24/7 support.

Cons of Investing in VGX

Blockchain technology is as a rule deemed to be a risky investment. Virtual currencies do not provide a guaranteed source of income. The main income is based on the exchange rate differences, and it only depends on chance.

Another disadvantage is hacking attacks. Even large exchanges often fall victim to hackers and lose customers’ money. There is no single crypto police in the world yet, and if you lose digital assets, all you can do is just hoping for a successful outcome. Another reason to have fears is forgetting or losing the passwords to the crypto wallets which may lead to complete loss of all virtual assets.

The problem of excessive government regulation, as well as the explicitly prohibitive policies in some countries, is quite relevant to the crypto sphere these days. To one extent or another, the flip side of its legalization lies in excessive contrarianism.

VGX Price Prediction for long-term

By the end of 2022, the rate is about to grow above $2.66, which is still quite high compared to the current price.

Some forecasts anticipate the brokered token to eventually jump to a new all-time record level. By 2030, VGX could be worth as little as $16, while Price Prediction suggested that the token’s price would gain $40 closer to 2030. 

Voyage’s future basically depends on the broader crypto market but with its attractive loyalty program and a wide range of traded cryptocurrencies, it could still have a strong future. 

Algorithm-based forecasting sites have given positive Voyager coin price predictions suggesting that VGX could trade at around $14 in the upcoming years. 

VGX Price Prediction 2022

Gov Capital 2022 prognosis for Voyager token estimate remains below $4.

Price Prediction is more ambitious saying VGX is about to grow from $2.23 this year to $6.71 by 2025. 

With reference to Voyager token price prediction 2022 by CoinQuora, i.e. an independent media organization that aims to inform and educate blockchain enthusiasts with the latest news and updates, if this bullish tendency goes on, Voyager Token will end up at $4.90 by the beginning of 2023. 

VGX Price Prediction 2023

Due to Gov Capital`s 2023 prognosis, VGX rate will get $6 mark in early 2023.

Following CoinQuora`s survey, if VGX holds resistance to the near 200-MA, the long-term moving average, buyers will have enough time and stability to mount their next attack on the vital $28 level, forcing it to rise consistently instead of falling.

VGX Price Prediction 2024

Meanwhile, DigitalCoinPrice thinks VGX will cost around $2 in the upcoming several years. 

As per CoinQuora`s latest update, VGX investors can hope to develop multiple partnerships and integrations around 2024. Moreover, this could raise the price of VGX to around $35.

According to the Tech News Leader`s statement, there is an expectation that the midpoint of the VGX price will jump up close to $5.25 by 2024 if it attracts more investors.

VGX Price Prediction 2025

As stated by Price Prediction`s Voyager token price prediction 2025, VGX is anticipated to cross the medial price level of $6.83 in 2025, with an awaited rock bottom Voyager Token price of $6.64 by the closure of the same year. Moreover, VGX could jump to a upper -level price of $8.09.

While WalletInvestor’s VGX price forecast says it’s a “terrific” investment, it’s far from that optimistic. The site predicts that VGX will remain at $1 next year. The 2025 price forecast for the Voyager token is between $4 and $7.

DigitalCoin’s price forecast for VGX values it at only $3.21 in 2025.

VGX Price Prediction 2030

DigitalCoin’s Voyager price prediction 2030 evaluates it at $7.26 in 2030.

Price Prediction’s 2030 price forecast for the Voyager token puts it at $39 and races to $59 next year.

Tech News Leader accepts a huge potential in VGX. By 2030, it could reach the utmost value of $54.87.

Will Voyager Token have a future?

It remains to be seen what exactly is driving the price of Voyager higher today. Voyager price forecasts range from $3.45 to more than $14 per token. What is clear is that the entire cryptocurrency market continues to experience high volatility and large price swings. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, currently trades at $38,746, about half the level it was at in November 2021. Given the ongoing volatility, investors should be wary of VGX and other cryptocurrencies. A sharp rise could quickly turn into a fall.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets, making them too risky. Whether VGX is the right investment for your portfolio depends on your personal circumstances and risk tolerance.


Where to store your VGX token?

The easiest way to buy Voyager Token is through the following methods:

  • On the leading centralized cryptocurrency exchange Binance.
  • On the decentralized AMM exchange Uniswap.
  • Directly on the Voyager app.

You can also use either the native app or the balance of the centralized exchange for storage or any decentralized wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. Examples of such wallets are Metamask, Trust Wallet, MathWallet.

Will Voyager Token reach 10$?

Meanwhile, DigitalCoinPrice does not think the token will get up above $10 by the next decade. 

Gov Capital, on the other hand, believes that VGX go can well beyond its current price record of $60 in the next five years.

PricePrediction is confidently calling a price above $40 within 10 years.

Some forecasting sites have foretold that the VGX token will trade at $10 by 2025, while others believe it may take a few more years to reach that level. 

Tech News Leader says there is a strong likelihood that the price of the Voyager Token could surpass a minimum price of $65.77 and a maximum price of $80.05 in a decade.

Is it profitable to invest in VGX for Beginners?

Most estimates anticipate VGX to emerge above its present value of $1.50. DigitalCoinPrice believes VGX will climb to $7 by the next decade, while Gov Capital expects it to run into $60 in five years. Should beginners invest in the Voyager token? It depends on the circumstances. After two years of inactivity, Voyager Token has shown that it is capable of more breakouts. But VGX has recently been hit by a bearish trend and has fallen below $2. Both beginners and advanced market participants should always do their own research before investing in any crypto assets.

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