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The best Bitcoin mining software 2021

the best Bitcoin Mining Software 2020

If you read this article, you are probably familiar with the essence and purpose of Bitcoin mining and the main terms. Also, you have your Bitcoin wallet, and you probably have already installed some free software to mine. Let us suppose you are not satisfied with the efficiency of your Bitcoin mining software or are just interested in new amazing solutions. 

There are a lot of free products for Bitcoin mining on the market. How to choose the best Bitcoin miner to manage your mining hardware effectively? Fortunately, we tried the most popular software solutions, scored it, and created the list of best available options by its rate. All you need is to read this article and to choose your perfect Bitcoin miner.  

Choose your best Bitcoin mining software


CGMiner is one of the best Bitcoin miners on the market. It is going strong for many years, and for many users it was the first solution for Bitcoin mining. It became famous and popular because it runs on operating systems Windows, Linux, and Mac. Also, CGMiner is compatible with the popular hardware types for Bitcoin mining: GPU, FPGA, and ASIC, the popular mining chip. CGMiner is an open-source solution, and it is often updated by numerous contributors for better compatibility with modern technology, but its textual interface looks too old-fashioned for 2020.

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BFGMIner is another rockstar in this market. Like CGMiner, this software solution runs on the most popular Operating Systems, and it is also compatible with Bitcoin mining software – Asic and FPGA.  

BFGMiner is, probably, the smartest solution in the niche of Bitcoin mining because of the extensive functionality and perfect customization. This solution can do almost everything for Bitcoin mining: it can separate threads and mine several cryptocurrencies simultaneously, restart idle threads without crashing the machine after failure, and even measure the temperature of the hardware. Probably, the only thing this best Bitcoin miner cannot offer is to make coffee. However, if you investigate the customization options, you will probably find this option, too.


Easyminer – its name tells the truth, it is the easiest Bitcoin miner for now. You can turn on the particular mode Moneymaker for a quick start. Another work mode is Solo that uses a custom hash algorithm and a separate process for each coin. This graphical GUI-based solution can mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other altcoins. The interface is good-looking and user-friendly and very easy to use. If you don’t like to work with command-line interfaces, you would like this one: it graphically shows your performance and statistics. Easyminer could become the best Bitcoin miner ever, but it runs only on Windows – though you can find the unofficial version for Ubuntu. 


Mulitminer is another easy-to-use solution. Most of its functions are available without any configuration. Besides, it is known with its versatility: it runs on all popular platforms and works with almost all types of Bitcoin mining hardware. It can also automatically detect your network devices. Some users call it “easy BFGMIner for beginners.” It can mine the most profitable coins and show your planned profits – a lovely option. 

This Bitcoin mining solution is rather new on the market, so its weak sides are unknown for now, probably we will hear something in the future.

Awesome miner

Awesome miner is the best Bitcoin miner 2020 for multiple mining rigs. Using this robust solution, you can manage different types of Bitcoin mining hardware while running several mining pools. However, you should take in mind the electricity price: if the energy is expensive, the power cost can reduce your net profit.

Awesome miner directly runs on Windows only. Not too awesome, but you can use the web version, which is available from any gadget.

Diablo miner

Diablo miner enters this list because of the cool name. This fast solution for solo or pool Bitcoin mining demonstrates it is rather efficient but on Mac only. To run it on other platforms, you need the additional drivers.

Summarizing our investigation, we can conclude that Bitcoin mining solutions develop from the strict and plain command-line managed textual interface to modern technology, data visualization, preconfigured settings, and direct connection with API. Both mature and fresh solutions become cross-platform and compatible with different types of Bitcoin mining hardware. Besides, modern Bitcoin miners can mine not only Bitcoin but also altcoins, often doing this at the same time.

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