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Telcoin Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040

telcoin price prediction

The development of cryptocurrencies is moving in interesting ways. In our new article, we will make you aware of a cryptocurrency that has the name Telcoin. Based on this name, you can comprehend that this cryptocurrency is related to phones. The Telcoin project is designed to partially replace fiat money and combine blockchain technology with the capabilities of cell phone operators. To make sense of it, let’s take a look at Telcoin in a bit more detail.

Telcoin Overview

The money remittance sector continues to see increasing blockchain integration. For many places in the world, remittances serve as a financial lifeline. They can account for a significant portion of a country’s GDP. To give an example in Somalia, remittances account for 35.3% of the country’s GDP. At the same time, El Salvador recently became the first sovereign country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal currency. Many factors, including rising inflation and a growing reliance on remittances, drove this decision. Unfortunately, the remittance sector is currently dominated by large centralized service providers. These firms continue to raise their rates by passing on fees accrued from the numerous third parties required to process international remittances. Telcoin leverages the existing mobile payments infrastructure to provide lower fees and a more efficient user experience in the marketplace.


The team is headed by Claude Eguienta, who is a founder of the Japanese company CyberAgent (video game development) and the Kabotip social app.

Co-founder and chairman Paul Neuner created the Mobius telecommunications company and has been in the business for 12 years.

Territorially, the project involves promotion in Asia and the countries of South Africa. 

What is Telcoin (TEL)

The project is aimed at customers without an open bank account to use digital currency as a regular payment via smartphone. The goal of the Telcoin platform is to start actively cooperating with mobile operators and to digitize payments. 

The project aims to make cryptocurrency payments available everywhere and gradually switch from traditional banking to mobile cryptocurrency. Telcoin (TEL) operates as a decentralized cryptocurrency and money transfer system. It was designed to optimize global money transfers by seamlessly integrating the blockchain and telecom industry. 

The growth potential of this strategy is easy to see when you find out that there are five times more cell phones in the world than active bank accounts. Many places around the world have mobile infrastructure but lack the financial infrastructure needed to provide traditional banking services. For these remote locations, Telcoin can be a game changer.

Telcoin characteristics are the following:

  • Instant transfers. Using blockchain technology and mobile money infrastructure, the project allows users to transfer funds around the world in seconds.
  • Affordability. Including fees and currency margins, the average global cost of sending a transfer is over 7%. Telcoin targets an average total total cost of less than 2%. 
  • Mobile convenience. Telcoin works with mobile operators and e-wallets around the world, allowing them to reach a wide user base with their contactless service. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Telcoin combines the power of a decentralized network with multi-value cryptocurrencies. The project aims to make a money transfer delivery as easy as sending a text message. Using the Telcoin application now means that a user doesn’t have to travel long distances to get to a physical location, there are no more queues or waiting lines, nor are there delays to process transactions.

Telcoin does not provide for its mining. The issuance of a new Telcoin is carried out following the Proof of Stake protocol. The main difference is that mobile network operators will be responsible for emitting electronic money. This is somewhat contrary to the principle of decentralization.


The platform provides customers with a row of advantages, as a result of which many investors see prospects in the acquisition of tokens. Specialists highlight the following advantages of cryptocurrency:

  • Large audience coverage. Digital coins have the benefit of holders, due to which the total capitalization of the altcoin regularly grows. The number of subscribers of networks is blooming, profits will increase with the issuance of tokens.
  • A big team of experienced developers, who have disclosed personal data and not hidden from users. Specialists regularly appear in the media with interviews. Telcoin experts maintain a blog, where information about the situation in the payment system is displayed.
  • Reliable systems and mechanisms are used, which exclude attacks from interested parties. Developers in tandem with mobile operators use combined security systems.
  • The altcoin e-wallet uses the multi-signature method to conduct secure transactions. It also supports the instant conversion of fiat assets to digital TEL coins.
  • Provision of personal information about users. Operators have the necessary data about their subscribers to control the turnover of assets.

Information about a large number of partners is another advantage. Some projects hide information about the existence of agreements, but every visitor to the Telcoin website can familiarize himself with the list of partners and investors. True, this list does not yet include popular mobile operators.


At this stage of the startup’s development, we should remember its three main problems:

  • lack of innovative ideas;
  • large operators have full control over the current issue of tokens;
  • abandonment of the idea of decentralization.

TEL is a valid token that will be used on the Telcoin platform. It is built on the ERC 20 (Ethereum) standard and is distributed among the system participants. Telcoin (TEL) will allow users to make many financial transactions through a smartphone. The developers announce the possibility of mobile payments, payment for telecommunication services, issuance of microloans or small loans, and access to other blockchain projects through an ordinary smartphone.

The ICO release took place on December 11, 2017. A total of 100 billion TEL tokens were launched into circulation. The first addition to the exchanges took place on January 15, 2018, for 1 TEL =$0.0046$.

Telcoin (TEL) Fundamental Data Analysis

Fundamental analysis helps assess the intrinsic value of an asset, while technical analysis involves studying the price dynamics and trading volumes of that asset. Both methods are used to determine where the price will go in the future.

For TEL, it is easiest to analyze supply and demand. In addition, you can look at the size of the market capitalization (USD 172 million) and the amount of supply in circulation (70.3 billion TEL tokens). These indicators will help to assess the prospects of the cryptocurrency. Demand dynamics will show on-chain data, such as the number of active and new addresses, as well as the number of transactions.

Telcoin Technical Analysis

The TEL rate forecast is based on various trading signals and technical indicators. To understand where the market will go, it is not necessary to use all the tools, but there are key indicators that should be taken into account. Telcoin support and resistance levels help to understand what is happening with supply and demand in the market, as well as identify potential trend reversal points.

Traders also use chart patterns to identify trend lines and determine where the price will go. Various indicators such as RSI, moving averages and MACD help determine the direction of a long-term trend.

Telcoin Price Live Data

The Telcoin live price as of November 16, 2023, is USD 0.002449 and the trading volume in 24 hours was USD 1,340,094. In the last 24 hours, the exchange rate has declined by 5.72%. CoinMarketCap’s current ranking is #241 and the real market value is USD 172,073,762. The circulating supply is 70,253,762,192 TEL coins and the maximum supply is 100,000,000, 000 TEL coins. More than 97% of all trades take place on the Kucoin exchange.

Telcoin Price Prediction

The Telcoin platform is quite original and therefore has no direct competitors. It is based on the integration of mobile technologies with blockchain algorithms. The hybrid system will allow participants to carry out a variety of financial transactions over the phone, which could previously be done only through Internet banking or directly through banking organizations. We are talking about transfers of real money, making payments, paying for loans, and so on. It is not surprising that Telcoin future price predictions are of keen interest to users.

Telcoin Price Prediction 2024

Buying Telcoin cryptocurrency in 2024 is the best time. Of course, the value of Telcoin is currently in a downtrend. However, we’re betting on Telcoin’s explosion, in the long run, thanks to the exploitation of 6 billion smartphone users and distrust of traditional money transfer companies. The Changelly team stops at a figure of $0.00280 as far as the 2024 exchange rate is concerned. Wallet Investor believes that in 2024 the price of TEL will decrease, and it’ll be $0.000159 at the end of the year. Gov Capital’s forecast is very optimistic. They believe the TEL price will get to $0.0113 in a year and $0.0618 in 5 years.

Telcoin Price Prediction 2025

Telcoin will be valued at $0.007718 in 2025, which confirms an upward forecast. Some opinions are even more positive and suggest that the Telcoin cryptocurrency could reach $0.02 by December 2025.

As per the Changelly team`s TEL forecast in 2025, the TEL fee will reach $0.007. DigitalCoin states that the coin`s rate will fluctuate within the range of between$0.00730-$0.00888 in 2025. CoinCodex is not very optimistic and signals that the price will remain unchanged all these years at a maximum of $0.002786.

Telcoin Price Prediction 2030

For 2030, experts’ opinions on the potential of the Telcoin cryptocurrency differ. On the one hand, some argue that the price of the cryptocurrency will not grow and may even drop to $0.000633. On the other hand, analysts estimate that the cryptocurrency will grow and reach $0.13.

The Changelly team in its Telcoin price prediction 2030, highlights that the asset’s utmost rate is approaching $0.051 in the mentioned period. Meanwhile, CoinCodex predicts a downtrend and a maximum rate of $0.000855.

Telcoin Price Prediction 2040

Looking even further into the future, many analysts predict that the value of Telcoin could reach astronomical values by 2040. ConmarketCap believes that in 2040, the price of TEL coin will surpass the $0.06522 mark. This prediction is based on the fact that the limited supply of Telcoin tokens means that their value could continue to rise as demand for them increases. As more individuals and organizations begin to use Telcoin as a store of value and medium of exchange, its scarcity could lead to significant price increases. Considering all previous highs and lower time frame forecasts, the prediction for 2040 by CoinLore is $0.0598328.

Will Telcoin reach $1

Some experts are positive about Telcoin. They believe that in the next few years, the coin can reach the $1 mark and more. They point out that the global money transfer market is estimated to be worth trillions of US dollars and that Telcoin has every chance to take a significant share of this market.

Other specialists are more cautious. They believe that Telcoin is still a risky investment and that its price can fluctuate greatly in the short term.


It is important to note that some price forecasts may seem contradictory. It is impossible to unambiguously and accurately determine the future value of the cryptocurrency. This is because the price of Telcoin is influenced by many factors. Sometimes one piece of news can dramatically turn the coin value in the opposite direction. The price of Telcoin is influenced by market sentiment in general, as well as local technological updates and news on the project.


Is Telcoin a good investment?

To realize their goals, the Telcoin team needs to partner with one of the well-known mobile operators and start testing their technology. After the agreement with the operators, they will have to help distribute TEL tokens. Despite its advanced age, the mobile market is still developing very well, so Telcoin certainly has prospects for growth. Because mobile payments are made for small amounts, users should not be afraid of using digital currencies in this environment.

What factors influence the price of Telcoin?

Several factors in the cryptocurrency market can affect the rise or fall of Telcoin’s value. Supply and demand are the main driving forces behind the value of Telcoin. In turn, the demand for TEL depends on the mass adoption of the asset. In addition, significant events such as a protocol update or a hard fork can also affect the dynamics of Telcoin. Another important factor is whale activity. Large holders of Telcoin can strongly influence the price: a single sale order may be enough to collapse the coin’s value. In addition, institutional players and regulators can also influence the Telcoin exchange rate.

Should I consider long-term or short-term investment strategies for Telcoin?

The project has chances to receive solid infusions from investors. The digital currency was developed for constant household use, not to be held for the long term with a chance to make money out of it. The outlook mainly depends on the reach of the user audience. Worldwide, there are more than 6 billion cell phones in use today. Compared to the number of banking customers, this quantity is about 6 times more. Therefore, there is potential for the development of this platform, provided there is close cooperation with mobile operators.


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