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SiaCoin Price Prediction 2023-2025


SiaCoin is a native cryptocurrency behind an interesting project of a decentralized data storage platform. Safety and more user-friendliness are its distinguishing features. Besides, there’s a blockchain, and the token can be mined. The team secured great partnerships and still is working on new developments. 

The token had its ups and downs but, in the long run, it could be deemed an excellent investment. Anyway, everyone should do their own homework and decide if it is so. But we’re here to share all the knowledge about the venture, the token, the price dynamics, and particularly the Siacoin price prediction for the years to come. So, without further ado, let’s get busy now!


What is SiaCoin (SC)?

Imagine you’re looking to store some data and you’re after some cloud platform. Safety is your key priority, so you want it to provide encryption. After surveying a few options on the storage market, you stumble upon a decentralized platform that works by the blockchain principle. That’s what SiaCoin is. Therewith, SC is a native utility token through which all e-comm processes are done. 

In other words, Sia represents a safe, reliable e-comm website for cloud storage where people let out on lease some extra or inactive storage space. The relationships are regulated via smart contracts with no intermediaries, and you pay the hosting fees with Siacon for carrying and distributing things within the system. In general, the project aims at turning into the cornerstone storage platform of the internet. 

What’s great, the opportunity to lend out storage space contributes to the evolvement of decentralized storage on this open-source platform. Thanks to this fact, cloud storage technology becomes mainstream. Besides, it allows encryption of information, splitting it, and distributing it in nodes. Thus, data is kept securely and even reassembled. 

Now, before getting down to the SiaCoin price prediction, let’s have a look at price dynamics.


Price History of SiaCoin (SC)

In spring 2015, the beta version saw the world, and in summer, the whole live network was released to users. Since then, the project’s team has gathered $6.4 million. 

On the market, the digital asset showed up in late summer 2015 with a worth of $0.000042. It kept a similar value for almost two years with relatively light fluctuations. In late 2017, the worth changed a bit and reached a $0.0009 price point. Then, it increased to $0.0188 and then crashed to $0.007 in November 2017. The value went up and got a worth of $0.0296 right at the end of the year.

In 2018 during the first two months, the Siacoin price prediction constituted $0.0303. Then, it got to $0.094 in January and then reached its ATH with a $0.1117 price point. In February, it cost already $0.0237. However, in mid-March, the value plummeted to $0.0097 but by early May it regained its value with a $0.0283 price point as the token appeared on the most reputable exchanges. However, the fact didn’t prevent it from falling, and at the end of 2018, it was already $0.0027.

Throughout the whole 2019, the coin is sold at the price of $0.0027. The situation was stable until the end of the year when it plummetted to $0.0013. This very price was in early (January) 2020. The month of February ended up with a value of $0.002. But, because of the pandemic and overall collapse of the market, the token’s value crashed to $0.001 by mid-March.

In early fall 2020, the worth was $0.004, then it began declining again. The e-comm price varied between $0.002 and $0.003 and this fluctuation continued to fall. The year ended up with a value for traders of $0.003. 

Sia coin price chart

What are the benefits of using SiaCoin (SC)?

In many ways, a positive Siacoin prediction for the future depends on whether it is beneficial for the target audience. The greatest benefit of the platform is its decentralized nature. As a cloud-based storage service, it can become a common use practice. First and foremost, it is more secure than the same centralized systems. If the latter experiences cyber threats, the outcomes can be horrible, especially when financial and personal data is exposed. 

With the decentralized alternative, safety is way better thanks to encryption. The process suggests encrypting inputs, dividing, sharing them, and keeping the bits in different nodes. In this case, the holder of the encryption key can access information. This user can actually see all the information.

Decentralized storage boasts time and process efficiency. So, transacting data doesn’t take much time and full transactions are performed more quickly against the systems held in the typical setting. 

Transparency and integrity also make the benefits of decentralized storage clouds. It creates a sort of authority for users as they are not obliged to engage third-party in their deals. It’s not that simple to compromise data that is kept in nodes!


SiaCoin Factors of Growing and Technical Analysis

The positive Siacoin prediction often leans on the services and the convenience the venture delivers. Sia dares to come near with such giants in the cloud storage domain as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. The business’s biggest advantage is a decentralized concept, which promises affordable storage fees. 

As for the way of storage itself, files there are categorized into 30 sectors. Every sector is placed in a special host for redundancy. The settlements between uploaders and hosts are held on Sia’s blockchain and enabled by smart contracts. As previously stated, their relationships are regulated with digital assets. 

The agency Skynet that rolled out Sia and the token has promised a few products within the network – SiaStream and Skynet network. The first one represents a cloud-based media streaming app. The network delivers flagship content and allows file sharing. 

Additionally, the venture is supported by such giants as Paradigm, INBlockchain, and Bain Capital Ventures. What’s more, every transaction suggests a 3.9% fee, which is shared with owners of the venture’s second cryptocurrency – SiaFund. Skynet possesses about 85% of it. 

Now, let’s get busy with the technical review of the token. 

As for the date of writing, the token’s value is about $0.01887. Most technical and price  overviews signal a positive future for the token. The value is somewhere below the 100-day Moving Average and above the 50-day Moving Average. So, we can see a sideways tendency. Thus, analysts expect that the worth will even climb these days. 

When suggesting price predictions, some traders count on the possible market cap and the current coin value. The market cap benchmark and moving averages can give a hint on what to expect. Without further ado, let’s get down to the Siacoin price prediction for 2022.

How to Obtain SC?

It doesn’t take much time to acquire this cryptocurrency. First, you should find a trustworthy exchange that supports it. The next thing to do is to sign up and create an account. Some exchanges ask for identity establishment and credentials, but you can always opt for those that don’t and in the meantime are as secure as possible. 

After the registration, you want to pick the desired market and make a purchase. You can acquire Siacoin with BTCs or fiat currency. You can trade by picking the amount of the coins you’re willing to get and the rate of the purchase. Then, you’ll get your coins on an account. Make sure it is secure enough to store. Otherwise, transfer holdings to a Sia wallet. To do it, set up a Sia address and transfer the crypto from an account (exchange’s wallet) to the address.

Another option to buy the coins is to use developer integrations for a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway. You just buy the number of coins with your bank cards. Find out about some extra fees you’ll have to pay by using such services. 


SiaCoin Price Prediction 2022

The Siacoin future might be bright if the bullish wave remains. In early 2022, the fast growth is foreseen up to $0.085. Then, it can hold back but no significant falls are anticipated. In late 2022, the worth can hit $0.07. Considering the current support it has from giant companies, developments, and demand, the future seems optimistic for the project and the token. 

2022 Aug -11.65 %$ 0.0035
2022 Sep -24.37 %$ 0.0033
2022 Oct -23.98 %$ 0.0031
2022 Nov -22.78 %$ 0.0034
2022 Dec -13.00 %$ 0.0035
2023 Jan -12.56 %$ 0.0038
2023 Feb -2.43 % $ 0.0042
2023 Mar +3.79 % $ 0.0041
2023 Apr +9.00 %$ 0.0045
2023 May +8.96 % $ 0.0048
2023 Jun +18.14 %$ 0.0051

SiaCoin Price Prediction 2023

There will hardly be less zeros after the decimal point, however, the price of the SC coin is expected to rise to at least $0.008, according to PricePrediction, and up to $0.00635, according to DigitalCoinPrice. 

SiaCoin Price Prediction 2024

The highest SiaCoin may rise to in 2024 is $0.014, providing its investors with a 193% ROI. DigitalCoinPrice expects SC to fluctuate from $0.00752 to $0.00851, and it will not go below $0.00587 per coin.

SiaCoin Price Prediction 2025

In five years from now, according to the Siacoin price prediction 2025, Siacon can turn into a more convenient, secure, and convenient platform. If newer versions happen to improve user experience, this can add to the token’s worth increase. If the user base grows, the value can rise respectively. In five years, Siacoin can achieve a $1.5 value point.

SiaCoin Price Prediction 2030

SiaCoin expects big growth in eight years, compared to today’s value. Most likely, investors will be more interested in the asset and the community of the project will expand. The highest expected rate is up to $0.14 per coin. On average, a coin will be traded for $0.12. ROI in this case will be 2833%.

SiaCoin Price Forecast: Conclusion

Should I buy Siacoin? There is a fair question. The existing tendency is bullish, making prognoses positive and promising. If the team keeps moving forward with evolvements and the pandemic does not bring surprises, cryptopreneurs can witness SC skyrocket. 

In 2025, it can hit the $1.5 mark. Back in 2020, the price was predicted to be $0.08 in 2021 but it didn’t happen, and now it’s $0.0211. So, before jumping into the game, do your research, check price dynamics and make a well-thought decision.



What are the Advantages of SiaCoin?

The biggest one is safety due to encryption and decentralization. The platform is less vulnerable to cyber attacks, which promises a secure user experience. Plus, only a key owner can access all the data. Another game-changer is time efficiency. However, there are commissions for storing data. 

How High can SiaCoin go?

In five years, the token can go up to $1.5 if the bullish trend continues and the pandemic or any calamities bring unexpected things. 

Can SiaCoin be Mined?

Yes, it can be mined, but it cannot be halved. 

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the content of this article is not financial or investing advice. The information provided is the author’s opinion only and should not be considered as direct recommendations for trading or investment. Any article reader or website visitor should consider multiple viewpoints and become familiar with all local regulations before cryptocurrency investment. We do not make any warranties about reliability and accuracy of this information.

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