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Pivx vs Dash: What’s the Difference?

pivx vs dash

Dash and PIVX are cryptocurrencies that prioritize the confidentiality and safety of users on their blockchains. Both have something in common and in the meantime have significant differences. For example, PIVX mining is proportional to the amount of coins a miner has, while Dash one is related more with computational power (as it is with Bitcoin mining). Respectively, reward systems differ. 

The circulation supply is another point of difference. Also, both differ in price significantly.  Not to mention the advantages and disadvantages both have. So, let’s get deeper into the subject and find out everything about this PIVX vs DASH couple.

Pivx Overview

The abbreviation stands for Private Instant Verified Transaction. In 2016, it came out from DASH as a fork in the attempt to set a new privacy standard. It is a proof-of-stake currency, making it possible to conceal PIVX coins on the blockchain and get payoffs. 

The coin took some great features from Dash and integrated some extra ones into its blockchain infrastructure. At foot of its work is a privacy protocol “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge” (zk-SNARKs). Such coins as Monero, zCash, and, of course, Dash are using it as well. 

What does this protocol mean? Some participants are able to prove to another one that they have a particular set of information without unveiling anything. Simply put, the scheme works this way: miners approve transactions without identifying the sides involved in them. This makes it totally different from almost all systems of proof where at a minimum one side has to know all the information. 

ZCoin, by the way, works by the same principle, exploiting an adopted and tailored version of the Zerocoin protocol. That way, in this PIVX vs DASH, PIVX took the elements from DASH and ZCoin, along with confidentiality and proof of shares (PoS). Actually, the coin is recognized to be the only crypto that has met all the conditions described in the Zerocoin whitepaper.

As for the time of writing, the current price is 0,296996 $, therewith, the circulating supply is 68,301,669. The market cap is $20 267 853. 

Dash Overview

Dash is a baby of Evan Duffield, an Arizona-based developer who saw the need for faster transactions and more robust user privacy. Released in 2014, it quickly got fans as it became a favorite among cryptopreneurs, regardless of early statements about it turning to “pump-and-dump” strategies.   

So, Dash issues its Bitcoin-based, payments-oriented cryptocurrency pursuing a few goals. 

It wanted to address the sluggish network confirmation times as it was inefficient for point-of-sale (POS) situations. Additionally, a peer-to-peer relationship turned out to be not that private as it should be. So, Dash vs PIVX wanted to tackle the issues of sped primarily with its 2-tiered masternode infrastructure. 

Considering the transactions tied to the rate of blocks released on the chain, it is possible to conclude that an average Dash block time lasts about 2.6 minutes. So, this makes about five times the transaction speed of Bitcoin. 

To ensure financial privacy, Dash suggested CoinJoin – a procedure when one’s dash wallet is “interblended” with other users, splitting the one-to-one chain as it is on Bitcoin. Also, Dash has the same mining approach as does Bitcoin, but with a few differences in PIVX vs DASH reward system. 

The same name coin is the native cryptocurrency maintaining the Dash application. As for the time of writing, the current price is $129.81, therewith, the circulating supply is DASH10,583,280.16. The market cap is $1.06B. 

Advantages and Disadvantages Pivx (PIVX)

Dash builds its work on the PoW scheme, where computer resources define the verification of the transactions. The one of  PIVX is different: it works by the PoS system. It defines mining power proportionally to the amount of coins a miner possesses. The more they have, the more mining power they have. This makes Dash vs PIVX so different!

Actually, PIVX doesn’t require mining at all. Novel PIVX coins are procured as a payoff for staking. The more tokens you stake, the more significant your reward is. Another great asset of PIVX is that it delivers fast transactions with super low commissions. 

Other great benefits of the coin:

  • Energy efficiency due to the consensus mechanism of PoS.
  • A master node network ‘backs up’ the PIVX blockchain.
  • A master node runs the network and defines potential improvements and updates
  • Present-day “self-funding treasury” contributes to the evolution and quality growth of the blockchain.

Advantages and Disadvantages Dash (Dash)

Here’s why Dash can stand out in this PIVX or Dash competition:

  •  They say Dash could have survived because of the great team behind the project. It includes the following main directions: Dash Investment Foundation, Dash Core Group, and Dash Roots that are behind its promotion, development, and usage. 
  • Unique privacy feature PrivateSend: transactions are performed through the mixing of denominations allowing people to stay anonymous
  • Secured network and great job with getting Consensus: dual network mining and support system brings about excellent security and changeability. 
  • Great scalability and high rates of daily usage: master nodes streamlined the process of transactions are verified and approved. It’s about 30 to 56 transactions per second, while Bitcoin does 4.6 per second.
  • Feature InstantSend allows users to send and approve transactions almost immediately.
  • Great partnerships that add to mass adoption: across the USA, the crypto is about to be set as a payment method on 155K merchants and 75 retail websites. Other great partnerships are StakeHound, Secure Digital Markets, Coinbene Exchange, and so on.

So, what is the better PIVX or Dash? Let’s get to this through the purchase chapter. 

How to buy the Pivx coin?

Well, it’s a piece of cake, and we will guide you through the whole process. First of all, find an exchange that accepts both fiats and cryptos to make the purchase simple. 

  • Compare such exchanges in the light of commissions, the safety of use, payment methods. If you’re a newbie in the field, you don’t need huge functionality. 
  • Get your account on one of them. Some exchanges ask for your personal info to create an account and use the service, others don’t. Godex.io does not ask for any credentials input and in the meantime provides a full spectrum of services. 
  • Make a deposit. You can use a bank transfer, pay with cards, or deposit cryptos from a wallet to purchase the coin.
  • Purchase as much as you want. 

How to buy Dash coin?

Purchasing PIVX versus Dash is pretty the same:

  • Find the wallet compatible with it
  • Purchase the coin on exchanges. Please keep in mind the factors that make a great exchange work here too. Have a look at the previous chapter!
  •  Transfer dash to a wallet if you don’t want to keep it on your exchange account.

By the way, you can stumble upon cold and hot wallets, hardware wallets, paper wallets, mobile, desktop, web wallets. As it’s not the subject of this piece, do your research and decide what kind of a wallet works best for you. 

Which one is better – Pivx(PIVX) or Dash(DASH)?

Both projects are exclusive in their goals and working schemes, each having some differences. Let’s outline the most pivotal ones:

  • Purpose of creation and focus

Dash was the ‘flesh and blood’ of Bitcoin, being created on Bitcoin software to apply the Proof of Stake methodology. It is relatively light-speed, more affordable, and decentralized. It’s peer-to-peer digital money that performs like a fiat. 

PIVX focuses on privacy that helps participants conceal coins and get rewards. Its protocol is zk-SNARKS, meaning the transactions are validated without the parties involved knowing about others involved. 

  • Protocols

PIVX uses that kind of PoS where master-nodes are key elements, and not miners approving the transactions. Dash is still oriented on the miners and is 50% PoS compliant. PIVX is more advanced in terms of technological solutions and mechanisms.

  • Reward system

PIVX works by the progressive mechanism of block rewards distribution, where 90% goes to stake nodes and master nodes, and the rest – to the community projects. The worth of the Dash Masternode is flat-out higher than PIVX.

  • Adoption and popularity

Comparing PIVX coin vs Dash coin, PIVX is new to the whole crypto world. Obviously, Dash is more popular on exchange platforms. Dash’ circulating supply is something to $9 million, and the one of PIVX is around $56 million. 


Is Dash a fork of Bitcoin?

It represents open-source crypto. It is also an altcoin being forked from the Bitcoin protocol.

Is Pivx a good investment?

The worth of PIVX is foreseen to boost in the future. Keep in mind that investing suggests risks. Do your homework and check price dynamics, current value and everything that defines it as a great investment. 

How High can Dash go?

Experts say the ATH can be achieved by 2025 with a price point of $400. Even if between 2022-25 there could be a dip as a possible positive.

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