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Nano Price Prediction – Is XNO a good investment?

nano price prediction

Nano is not the only cryptocurrency seeking acceptance on par with real money. But, to be fair, it’s probably one of the few digital currencies taking steps towards making you forget about your dollars or euros when paying for your morning coffee. Users sympathize with nano for fast and feeless transactions, merchants for its innovative payment integration system, and eco-activists for its energy efficiency.

If you are also thinking about expanding your crypto portfolio with XNO, you will definitely be interested to know how market experts assess its prospects.

Nano (XNO) Overview

Nano (formerly RaiBlocks) is a digital currency featuring high throughput, scalability and outstanding performance. It is based on an advanced blockchain architecture, thanks to which network maintenance does not require high costs, and the transactions themselves are carried out almost instantly and without fees.

The XNO project is aiming for global adoption, becoming as much of a user’s choice of payment method on a daily basis as a familiar currency such as the euro or the dollar. To achieve this goal, it is not enough to offer users a convenient and secure payment system, but it is also necessary to comply with the standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). One of the requirements is to have a currency symbol. So, for example, the US dollar has a $ symbol, the euro has €, and the nano has Ӿ. The nano currency symbol consists of the latin capital letter X and an equals sign (or alternatively a single stroke) symbolizing equality and stability.

Nano is among the top 200 cryptocurrencies. It has gathered around itself a very conscious community involved in charity and environmental issues, which also says a lot about the project itself. You can learn more about how to effectively manage XNO coins, as well as about the project itself and its technology, on the official website.

XNO Price$0.7375
Price Change 24h+ 3.16%
Price Change 7d+0.52%
XNO Market cap$98,625,287
Circulating Supply133,248,297.20 XNO
Trading Volume$1,522,540
All time high$37.62
All time low$0.006658

XNO Price History

The RaiBlocks project with the proprietary XRB coin began its history back in 2014, but in January 2018 it was renamed Nano (XNO). Nano didn’t have an ICO, as is common when launching such projects, but instead, users received coins by solving complex CAPTCHA puzzles. 

In the beginning, the value of NANO has mostly stayed around the same level, rarely rising above $0.16 per XNO coin. But by the end of 2017, the coin reached $4.97, and in January 2018 it hit its all-time high, skyrocketing to $37.62. At the end of the same year, the nano again fell to $1 and for several years its price did not undergo significant fluctuations.

At the beginning of 2021, XNO began to show an upgoing trend, rising in price first to $4, and then, in the middle of the year, to $12.38. On the eve of 2022, the coin again fell in price, starting its downtrend since then, which continues to this day. Today, nano is traded for around $0.74.

Nano Coin Price Prediction from Market Experts 


At present, experts at Walletinvestor do not really believe in the success of nano, concluding on the basis of technical analysis that in 2027 its value will decrease by 422% at best. During 2023 and 2024, the XNO rate is expected to rise to $7 – $8, but then it will still steadily fall down.


Forecasts on the Digital Coin Price website are more positive, suggesting that XNO will not fall below its current value ($0.74) but will continue to rise incrementally. In 2025, the value of the coin is expected to fluctuate between $1.80 and $2.12, which would mean a 186% return on investment (ROI). It is predicted that the coin will show a step-by-step growth in price until 2030. Users will be able to buy and exchange an asset worth $3.95-$4.27. And those who bought the asset at today’s price will be able to get a 433% return over seven years.


Analysts at TradingBeasts do not see rapid growth potential in nano over the next few years. By 2025, the most positive forecast for the coin is a 250% increase in value, that is, from the current level to $2.59.


Analysts at PricePrediction, using a custom algorithm based on Deep Learning, predicted a good rise in nano prices. The 7-year target looks the most positive, with forecasters expecting a 2363% gain from the present level to $18.23.

Nano Price Prediction for long term

Long-term forecasts are the most unreliable, since it is difficult to predict the situation on the market tomorrow. But overall, analysts are not suggesting extremely bullish nano price predictions. The experts at PricePrediction have the most optimistic forecast, believing that in more than 8 years, the nano price will skyrocket to $26.90. At the same time, most crypto analysts do not expect that XNO will be able to reach the value of $6 in such a period of time.

Nano Price Prediction 2022

According to the technical analysis of crypto experts, the XNO rate will not change much until the end of 2022, but will most likely fluctuate in the range from $0.7 to $1. Some crypto enthusiasts suggest possible short-term ups to $4 – $7, but in general, the price of the token will stay at the same level.

November 2022: XNO price prediction

Next month, the price of nano is not expected to drop below $0.64. In general, the coin will be traded at $0.8, and the maximum possible rise is up to $1.01.

December 2022: XNO crypto price prediction

In December, no significant rises are expected in the price of the nano. It will be traded for $0.65 – $0.96 per coin, with an average exchange rate of $0.76.

Nano Price Prediction 2023

The expected price for the nano to enter 2023 is around $0.78. During the year, and most forecasters agree on this, the crypto will be traded in the range of $1 – $1.36. However, the experts at Walletinvestor suggest that in the Q1 2023, the price of XNO will experience an uptrend, reaching over $9. At the end of the Q2, the coin will sharply lose 6931% of its value, dropping to $0.128. At the end of Q3, the token will rise again.

Nano Price Prediction 2024

Through technical analysis and AI-based algorithms, experts have figured out that XNO will continue to rise in price step by step in 2024. Expected minimum and maximum prices are as follows: $1.46 and $2.04. The average trading price will be about $1.71. 

Nano Price Prediction 2025

For 2025, the opinions of experts are slightly divided on how much XNO will cost. DigitalCoinPrice announced the most down-to-earth forecast, stating that the cost of the nano will be able to break a little above $2, and on average the coin will be traded for $1.97. TradingBeasts believes that XNO can go higher, reaching $2.59. And colleagues at PricePrediction presented the most optimistic forecast of $2.54 as the average price, and a maximum of $2.88.

Nano Price Prediction 2030

One of the most long-term and inaccurate forecasts is for 2030. Therefore, few analysts give their assessment for such a long time, and those who do are usually very divided in their opinions. For example, DigitalCoinPrice suggests that XNO will most likely be available for $3.95 – $4.27 in 2030. Whereas experts at PricePrediction believe that the nano has every chance to break through the $18 mark.


Nano is a very promising project looking to bring some real world value. And in general, analysts agree that XNO is going to show a bullish trend in the near and far future. However, even forecasts from reputable sources can not give a 100% guarantee of making a profit from investing in XNO. You can buy a nano at a price that will drop in the future and you will lose some or even all of the money invested. This can happen with any even seemingly promising cryptocurrency, so you need to invest based on your market and project research.


Is Nano a good investment?

Nano has shown fantastic growth in value more than once, so there is every reason to believe that she will be able to recover and repeat her ups again. In addition, the technology and idea behind the project can be useful and applied in the real world, which is also important. Nonetheless, in order to determine whether it is a good idea to invest in XNO or not, one needs to collect the maximum amount of information about the project and carry out a fundamental analysis.

Does XNO have a future?

The project is trying to do everything so that its ‘supranational’ currency is accepted on a par with traditional currencies. Which means it has real world utility. Still, even the most powerful projects have crashed in ways no one expected. Therefore, no one knows for sure what will happen to nano in the future.

Will Nano (XNO) reach 10$?

Some experts believe that in 2030 XNO will be able to reach $10 and even higher. However, often the forecasts of even the most experienced and knowledgeable analysts do not come true due to many factors that can negatively affect the value of crypto or even depreciate it altogether. Therefore, the best answer to this question would be: no one knows if the nano will be able to reach $10.

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