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ICX Price Prediction 2022-2030

ICX price prediction

ICX is moving towards its 52-week high and is more likely to leap to the market cap of $585,566,013.42. The last 24-hour trading volume constitutes $28,642,292.59. At present, the token’s rank is #116 among all cryptos out there in the market. However, let’s dive into the universe of this project and its utility token as well as find out the present-day ICX price prediction and the one for the years to come.

What is ICON (ICX)?

The ICON network makes the most of blockchain technology to record all events using a public ledger. Yet, the situation is complicated since there are thousands of cryptos out there and new projects coming up, each exploiting a different set of tokens and algorithms to perform. So, the idea was to make many blockchain platforms interact with each other by using a special communication protocol and connect their infrastructures with the aid of ICON.

What makes this crypto network unique is that many things inside it can be executed only with its native ICX currency. The team is set up to create the largest decentralized network that humankind has ever seen, which also impacts positively on the ICON price prediction.

To get the very idea of the project, let’s have a look at what its white paper says. So, the vision behind aims to introduce a brand new era of decentralization by revamping the very essence of communities and building a novel world by bonding them. The current concept of communities reflects social and political roles established by world nations and mere or no economic aspects factored in.

So, ICON has come to help communities go beyond and even avoid traditional economic systems by encouraging friendly value exchanges with other communities, which altogether adds to the overall utility of society. ICON goes beyond the real world, it interacts with the crypto one, creating the most powerful network that can expand with no borders. 

Before we dive deeper into the ICX price prediction, let’s figure out how it all works. It’s important to mention that the past performance shows price dynamics and the vitality of the project and does not define the future outcomes. 

How does ICX work?

The mission is pretty typical for decentralized systems – to streamline the interaction between independent blockchains with distinct governments without any intermediary. The high-performance blockchain makes the whole system super quick without undermining trustworthiness and quality.

Alternatives to Bitcoin have come to life in the market because it was specifically created for transactions and not smart contracts. Thus, Ethereum and others were created to meet this need. When cryptos showed up, the problem remained as all blockchains were still separate and couldn’t interact with one another.

ICON features the third-generation Blockchain Transmission Protocol that helps to address this, delivering great interoperability as its key feature. Thanks to it, protocols communicate easily with each other and, in the meantime, it delivers services like smart contracts and value transfer. Also, the protocol brags about ultra-fast throughput speeds. Any development always is a good thing for the ICX price prediction.

ICON represents a big digital republic with a complex governance system where participants say how the network works. The governance comprises two driving forces – Public Representatives aka P-Reps and ICONists. The latter are members of the ICON republic who ‘hand’ their ICX to the most resultful P-Reps, getting a high staking reward in the domain granted today. Also, P-Reps are validator nodes that shield the network and host activities that deliver even more value to the ICON network. 

The most productive P-Reps who are able to deliver tangible value to the community get the authority to attain consensus on changes in the entire network through voting. The system is dubbed Delegated Proof of Contribution, where the ICON ecosystem invites the most ‘capable’ P-Reps to the network, picking the best P-Reps and authorizing them to add changes that line up with their sentiments and purposes for the system. This approach reminds democracy in the true world. 

ICX Price Prediction 

As of the time of writing, the value is moving toward its 52-week high, but the token is shaping a consolidation close to its breakout. The Bollinger bands are unfolding, meaning volatility take-off since the accumulation has already started with insignificant spikes in volume.

At this point, the ICX/USD price is still, it feels like the breakout is pretty much close in the price. In September, for example, there was a huge spike in volume. This sign is positive for the technical analysis meaning the market is convinced that the present-day value of ICON is underestimated. Since volatility is not that big now, it is pretty safe to put money into ICX and remain invested in it for the long term. But looking at the ICX price prediction is pivotal here. 

If considering historical highs, the value is not even close to its previous highest price. The average worth of the token is well above the 50-day moving average. 

Since the RSI indicator is demonstrating an overbought condition, it is pretty clear why the RSI indicator signals that it’s time to actually sell ICON. Yet, it’s worth mentioning that RSI is great when the long uptrend line is not expected. 

The consolidation as a result of the current price change together with the accumulation growing and the investor sentiment demonstrated with the volume value action in September, it’s a big time to deal with the currency in the long run and see until a certain resistance level shows up. 

Now, let’s check how the market ‘feels’, which affects the ICX price prediction too.

Project’s value and market sentiment

To figure out what’s happening today in the market, let’s get to know how the market ‘feels’ today and what is the project’s state. 

ICON is a work in progress with strong support in South Korea. ICONLOOP is its main development partner that got the Ministry of Science and ICT Award for contributing to raising awareness about the blockchain domain in Korea. They also teamed up with industry big fish and government institutions. The staff headcount constitutes 140 employees in South Korea, making it one of the biggest blockchain companies in the country. 

The charge per transaction constitutes 0.01 ICX, but it will change according to a fee structure. The current network contains apps like Balanced and Omm, which means the team behind the project is building an ecosystem that will stick around for a long. Let’s have a look at dApps they offer as it all has an impact on the token’s development and, thus, value: 

Omm – it represents a money market, decentralized and operating via smart contracts, in which participants can provide assets to gain some interest, borrow them for temporary loans, and get Omm for that. OMM allows the user to use it as a share and vote for its future. 

Balanced – the place for ICX holders to secure loans, exchange assets, and deliver liquidity. Somehow, it is an open and shared bank that exploits the ICOn network and ICX as a utility token. As you can see, the wide use of dApps can also have a positive impact on the ICX price prediction in the future. 

VisitMe represents a visitor management solution built on blockchain. It is used to record visitors in Korea and a user base already makes 200 000. A lot of major hotels, cafes, and public places use it. 

Broof serves as another blockchain technology used today in this country. It represents a certificate issuance system designed around the ICON protocol. A big deal of universities and corporations use it in Korea.

As you can see the project is poised to provide value to a real-life society. This cannot help but influence its demand and, thus the price. Besides, the government support greenlights bigger usage, making the overall sentiment positive. There’s also a solid upward price trend and we’ll see the price surge in the near future. 

ICON (ICX) Price Prediction 2022

As of the time of writing, the price can go down by -5.09% and hit a $ 0.260371 price point by August 2022. The technical indicators tell the present-day sentiment is bearish, and the Fear & Greed Index is signaling 28 (fear). Over the last month, ICON 19 vs30, which is 63% green days with 4% worth volatility.  According to our ICON price prediction, for now, it is not recommended to purchase it. 

Currently, traders pay for it down from the 200-day simple moving average. Since winter 2021 and for the last 210 days, this indicator has been showing ‘sell’. Next month, it’s expected to drop and reach a $ 0.523869 price point by Aug 26, 2022.

Since July 20, for the last week, the value of ICON is again down from the 50-day SMA and it has been telling to sell. By Aug 26, the 50-Day SMA is predicted to get to a $ 0.277783 mark, as stated by our ICX price prediction.

In the Bitcoin market, the latest Death Cross was noticed 203 days ago, in January this year. Therewith, a Golden Cross was last seen on October 2021, which is almost 300 days ago. The Relative Strength Index is a momentum oscillator measuring the speed and shifts in price movements. It demonstrates if the token is oversold (<30) or overbought (<70). At present, its benchmark is at 44.01, signaling that the ICX market is in a neutral situation. 

The forecast for the next week becomes clearer when regarding positive and negative trends in the past 30 days. Therefore, on August 1, the value is expected to be at $ 0.335011, while on August 7 – a $ 0.348187 price mark.

ICON (ICX) Price Prediction 2023

Opinions differ on a possible price for the years to come. The token’s value might be growing between 2023 and 2025, provided the Internet and technological giants like Google and Facebook grow as well. In the best possible situation, in 2025 the value can hit a $ 3.39 price point if it goes after Facebook. If it goes after Internet growth, then the ICX price prediction signal $ 0.669060 mark. 

By 2023 from now, the coin might be trading at somewhere $1.32 (considering the fact of the huge return during these two years). Since South Korea is adopting this technology, governments will survey solutions in the markets, and as the public demand grows, the token can experience positive price shifts in the near future. 

ICON (ICX) Price Prediction 2024

Some price analyses for 2024 are not that positive, predicting the price fluctuating between $ 0.398043 and $ 0.689774 – in the best case scenario. Another prediction says it will be $0.96. The coin can get to the max level of its next resistance level, which is $1.39 and the average one is $1.16. Obviously, there’s always the risk of losing money, but still, cryptopreneurs can invest in the token now to get great returns in the long run.

ICON (ICX) Price Prediction 2025

Three years from now, provided the government supports the project and engages it more in the economy, the price has all the chances to go up, even beyond its prior all-time high. According to all the scenarios, it can reach $1.69, keeping this trend of growth.

Also, external factors have always had an impact on the ICX coin price prediction when it’s about a decade to come. For example, the war in Europe is expected to bring drastic changes. So, before jumping into the risky game, investors should do their own research, find reasonable investment advice, therewith keeping a bullish mindset. 

ICON (ICX) Price Prediction 2026

As you can ‘feel the mood’ of predictions described here, ICON is a pretty good long-term investment. According to our forecasts, its prices could show a bullish breakout. Moreover, the advancements in the ecosystem will boost productivity and the market reach as stated in our price analysis and forecast information. The good news is that the ICX value can go beyond the $1.52 price point in 2026.

ICON (ICX) Price Prediction 2030

Changelly says the price will be $3.11 (pretty optimistic, huh?) in 2022 and in 2024 – $6.56.

Their 2025 prediction constitutes $9.67, while for 2030 they foresee a $53.16 price point. Other analysts are more modest expecting the price to be $3.73 in 2030. The gap between ICON predictions is immense.



Is ICX a good investment?

The coin has all the chances to be so. Since 2020, it’s been firmly growing in price, even doubled since then, according to every ICON price prediction review. However, it dropped over 97% from its ATH and experienced hard times recently. In this changing crypto world and not only, cryptopreneurs should do their own research and decide here and now whether they are ready to lose that amount of money.

Is ICX safe?

Without going into technical details, but taking only an investor’s look, ICON is pretty safe and can bring a good return. The future seems bright with the government’s support and a committed development team in Korea. It looks like the team behind the project knows the drill, and they will make the project a success.

Will Icon (ICX) reach 100$?

Up to 2030, this seems merely possible. Even the most positive outlook predicts 53 bucks by 2030. For this year, the most probable case scenario is $3.73. So, the answer is rather ‘no’ for the next eight years. The best possible advice here is to look for the ICX coin price prediction in many sources.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the content of this article is not financial or investing advice. The information provided is the author’s opinion only and should not be considered as direct recommendations for trading or investment. Any article reader or website visitor should consider multiple viewpoints and become familiar with all local regulations before cryptocurrency investment. We do not make any warranties about reliability and accuracy of this information.

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