Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate programs how to earn with

Best crypto affiliate programs

How to earn with affiliate program

The most reliable companies on the crypto market offer the best crypto affiliate programs. Just a minor effort and you will get the additional income from some everyday routine activities.

Best crypto affiliate programs

Most major exchanges, exchanges and platforms related to cryptocurrency trading have their own referral partner programs. This allows users to get even more benefits from the site, and the site itself to get new users. Terms of affiliate programs vary from service to service: 

  • a different percentage of the fees of users invited by you; 
  • the payment period may be limited in time or permanent;
  • it may increase depending on whether new people are invited by those whom you invited;
  • different limits and conditions for withdrawing funds.

You always have a choice: to study all affiliate programs and choose a platform for the best conditions, or to use the program of the service that you use and trust. The second option is preferable, since this is how you offer your friends and other people what you are sure of.

How does an affiliate program work?

If you are not a newbie in the web, you probably have some personal digital resources. Whatever you want – a page in a social network, one-page landing, and a giant internet portal – everything is suitable for a partner program. The more visitors you count on your page, the better. It would be reasonable to consider some promotions to attract new users and increase the target audience. Then monetize the traffic with the help of the affiliate program. 

Use your internet capital to get some extra money. Place the widget or link to Godex on the website, Facebook page, Instagram profile, or any other popular online resource. You can also use API and integrate it with third-party resources. Popularize the idea of cryptocurrency exchange with this service. Get the commissions from their exchange deals. Enjoy!

Why partner with

Among many respectable cryptocurrency companies, crypto affiliate program includes the specified terms that are flexible and suitable for most potential partners. 

  • Use one or more different types of affiliation – for services, for wallets, for rate trackers, and for coins. Choose the most appropriate option for your business!
  • Choose the adjustable, well-designed widgets or white-label API with the detailed certification. 
  • Enjoy 24\7 dedicated support line for the affiliates. Our support technicians will help to solve any issue related to the partner program. 
  • Turn your traffic to the profit – there is no limit for the number of attracted newcomers, their exchanges deal, transfers, and other activities. Invite as many new users as you can. You can grow it up to the Moon! 
  • Withdraw the revenues whenever you want – it is a fast and easy option, and you can calculate your earnings on the Godex site.  
  • Recommend the seamless crypto-exchange service to your friends and get their gratitude.

Godex has best cryptocurrency exchange affiliate program

The referral program is thought out to the smallest detail so that it is as convenient and customizable as possible for each partner. These are not just general conditions that may be beneficial for some and unsuitable for others. You can easily customize the conditions for yourself to get the maximum profit from cooperation.

Partners not only do they receive a “welcome” bonus to their account immediately after registration, but they also receive unlimited time (unlike many other services) up to 0.6% of the transaction amount of the clients they attract. 

That is, you get an excellent opportunity for a lifetime of passive earnings of the most popular cryptocurrency, which is projected to greatly strengthen its position in the coming years and grow in value several times.

Benefits of our cryptocurrency affiliate programs

First of all, I would like to note that you are joining the partner program of a reliable, reputable and high-quality exchanger, which offers excellent services for users, complete security and anonymity, ease of use and one of the lowest commission rates.

As a partner, you get a lot of benefits, which include a dedicated support line, the possibility of unlimited earnings, as the service does not put restrictions on attracted customers and the amount of your earnings. You can also calculate how much you can earn on the program and withdraw the profit when you want.

Four steps to becoming an Affiliate

  1. Register on Create your unique ID and password to protect your data. Surprise: immediately, you get the bonus 0.005 BTC!
  2. Use widgets or links. You will find the widgets on the same page, or you can copy the URL address. Place it at your places on the Internet and inspire your friends to use Godex. 
  3. Start earning! Popularize your Internet-resources, invite more people, and get the commission from their activities in Godex service.
  4. Get the highest reward. The more money you attract to Godex, the higher is your commission. The most significant possible reward is 0.6%. Withdraw your money anytime!

Check Step by step guide how to exchange crypto fast and secure with Affiliate program Balance

I want to be Affiliate!

Congratulations! Here is the link for partners. 

Register now, become an affiliate, create noticeable crypto-related content, and start earning!


How do I attract referrals to my website?

If you have a website that is visited by a certain number of people, a page in a social network with subscribers or any forum, portal on the Internet – you need to offer them ервис and place a referral link. With the correct description of the benefits of using the service using your link, periodically updating information and attracting new users through advertising, you can very quickly monetize this traffic and attract a large number of referrals. The main thing is to choose among the best crypto affiliate programs.

How can I get free referrals?

First of all, you can attract your close circle: relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Also, don’t forget to ask them to share the links with their friends and acquaintances. This is the fastest and easiest method to get free referrals. You can also use social media pages to attract your followers, who follow you and also trust you enough. An effective but time-consuming way is to create a blog or website where you post a link and share information. It is best to keep an expert blog in the niche of crypto investment or blockchain technologies. Since in this case, potentially interested users will come to your site.

How do I get my referral link?

First, as soon as you register, you will be given the opportunity to create your first link quickly and according to the instructions. Then you can create several referral links in your personal account after registering in the affiliate program. This is convenient, as you can use a unique link for each resource where you will post them. So you will see the statistics of where the referrals came from.

How do crypto affiliate programs work?

After registering in the affiliate program, you will be able to create your own referral link – this is a unique URL with your personal ID. This allows you to track that the user who clicked on it and used the Godex exchange service came from you. And as soon as such a person makes an exchange, you will receive a percentage of the volume of his exchange to your account. The more often such transactions occur and the larger the volume of exchange, the more profit you get.

You can use our API to integrate Godex’s instant messaging features into your own service, widgets and buttons, or just referral links. Choose the right option for you and start using cryptocurrency exchanges best affiliate program. 

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