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Digibyte price prediction

Digibyte price prediction

Why might you be interested in the price forecast for Digibyte? Why should you pay attention to the Digibyte (DGB) cryptocurrency?

It is a unique currency. Usually, a cryptocurrency needs a single hashing algorithm. But there is an ecosystem where tokens can be mined using 5 different algorithms simultaneously. This is a Digibyte project. The special DGB architecture initially fixed all the known shortcomings of top blockchain networks, for which they were criticized by the entire world community.

The most interesting thing about this project is that the potential of the cryptocurrency has not yet been revealed and used 100%. And that’s still a long way off. In this article, we will tell you more about the project and what DGB price forecasts are made by global analysts.

What is Digibyte (DGB)?

This is an improved version of bitcoin. As we wrote above, the developers managed to combine several encryption algorithms, implemented the latest modern protocols to improve the performance of a decentralized network, and improved the blockchain using a very competent optimization method.

Simply put, the developers have created a unique payment method. The combination of all these stages of improvement made it possible to achieve complete decentralization and the maximum level of security at the moment.

In 2013, Jared Tate and his development team launched the project. In 2014, DGB coin first entered the market. What tasks did the creators set for themselves:

  • to achieve the highest degree of currency convenience;
  • implement the best blockchain for all characteristics: speed, length, security;
  • eliminate the disadvantages of other cryptocurrencies (high commission, low bandwidth, insufficient data and system security, limited scalability, etc.).

The result is really the most developed blockchain. A complex system that consists of several layers rather than one:

  • the external layer (for operations);
  • digital asset;
  • technical level, the supporting infrastructure of the project.

Digibyte was the first to implement the SegWit algorithm. This allowed us to ensure that the network scales well.

Of course, the main task of Digibyte is to continuously perform small transactions on a global scale. At the moment, the number of all DGB coins has reached 21 billion. This means that it has overtaken bitcoin by 1000 times in terms of issue volume. Almost all analysts predict that the cryptocurrency will take the first place in the field of micropayments.

This doesn’t seem unrealistic. 1.5 minutes is the time it takes to complete a single transaction in the system. For comparison, on average, a Bitcoin transaction takes from 20 minutes to 60 minutes, but at times of peak load, this time can be increased many times. The DGB transaction fee is only $0.001. How much do you pay for a Bitcoin transaction? At least 40 cents. The difference is colossal.

However, perhaps the most important characteristic and distinctive feature of DigiByte is total and unconditional security. No one will ever be able to hack, destroy or fake a digital asset. It is difficult to imagine a better way to store finances, as well as pay for something on the Internet and not only (as we hope).

Why does Digibyte provide 100% security unlike other cryptosystems?

To understand how this works and how to use cryptocurrency, you need to carefully study the technical aspects of the network. The developers claim that 51% of the attack on Digibyte, which was subjected to Verge, is impossible. The network under consideration changes the complexity of blocks dynamically. Active increase in computing power of the hardware will not allow malicious nodes to take control of the network through mining.

In Bitcoin or Verge, the complexity is recalculated too slowly, which makes them vulnerable to attacks. An attempt to seize control of the management of the Digibyte network will cost an attacker extremely expensive. Such attacks are not profitable.

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Price prediction Digibyte 2020-2025

The cost of DigiByte (DGB) is approximately $0.02431712.

There are a huge number of factors that affect the price of different cryptocurrencies. Not only events within the system, but also the General development of technologies, events in the world economy, etc. Therefore, it is difficult to make a 100% guaranteed forecast. However, we have collected Analytics and forecasts from the most reputable resources so that you can compare and decide on your interaction with the Digibyte cryptocurrency.

#1 WalletInvestor

WalletInvestor.com is one of the most respected services to predict the prices of cryptocurrencies. The service is based on artificial intelligence. A huge number of positive reviews and improved technologies allow you to trust this resource. According to WalletInvestor, we should wait for the price of DigiByte to Increase. Most likely, it will reach $0.0783 within 2-5 years. This is about a 220% increase.

#2 Crypto Gunter

Crypto Gunter, an independent analyst whose work you can conveniently follow on Twitter, considers the currency very promising. According to his extremely optimistic forecasts, next year we will see a price for DigiByte of at least $20. This is almost 82146% growth. It doesn’t sound very realistic, but the main thing for us is that this analyst also believes in the potential of the coin. All other sources agree with him on this. Only data on the scale of growth fluctuates.

#3 Digital Coin Price

This is a reputable platform that has been successfully predicting the price of cryptocurrencies for several years and making charts of the most interesting, popular and promising coins. Now we are most interested in their opinion on the future price of DGB. According to Digital Coin Price, the price can reach $0.1145 by 2025. This statement is much more realistic compared to the Crypto Gunter assumption. It is possible that the growth of the coin over 5 years will be 370%.

#4 Coin Liker

An even more optimistic forecast, but more restrained than $20 per DGB coin. Coin Liker believes that the coin will continue to grow. Realizing the potential of the project will lead to the cost of Digibyte in 2025 will be approximately $3.50. This means that the growth will be 14293%. It’s hard to believe that this can become a reality. However, it is worth noting that all experts and analysts believe in the potential of the project, and developers are actively engaged in its development.

Our conclusions on the prospects for growth in the price of Digibyte

In the spring of 2020, DGB showed stable growth – about 5 times more in relation to bitcoin. Stable improvement, initially huge potential due to a logically and technically thought-out system, availability and active interaction of developers with the community give reason to predict a qualitative increase in the price of Digibyte.

Many companies in the field of money transfers, real estate, trade, healthcare, logistics and other areas are considering or have already started working with Digibyte technologies. In the long run, this is one of the most reliable and potentially profitable investment options.

The world of cryptocurrencies is very unstable. This is largely due to the difficult situation regarding the legalization of the blockchain system and the lack of internationally approved regulatory protocols. However, factors such as strict security protocols and an innovative algorithm play a huge role in influencing investment. DigiByte puts the security factor above everything else, which is why it attracts more and more interest from investors.

DigiByte price prediction for 2025

DigiByte is becoming more and more popular, surpassing even Bitcoin in growth. We can assume that in 5 years DigiByte can remain undefeated against its peers and rise in the rankings. The speed of its implementation can increase exponentially around the world, and the DigiByte community can outgrow other crypto communities. By 2025, DigiByte could reach $0.5.

The main task for DigiByte today is to attract attention to its technology and platform, as well as attract investors. With the technical characteristics and features that they provide, it is difficult to doubt their success.

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Where can I buy Digibyte?

There are many exchanges where you can get Digibyte. You just need to choose the most reliable and convenient one.

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